Fight Xchange Episode 5 Recap – Imperato Leaves Brazil


Fight XChangeFour days until fight day and the team has been split up as Michael Imperato has been moved to a hotel.

Kara is upset. She calls Michael “A piece of shit” and “ungrateful.”

Imperato hopes to meet Stark in the ring one day (a comment echoed by Stark in our Top MMA Radio show HERE).

Nogueira gym has offered a couple of opponents but Imperato has turned both down.  Imperato admits this saying one was a “tough opponent who was not right for me at the time” and one opponent who’s “record was not great but he fought a lot of really talented guys….he had a lots of experience and I am not ready for that…You have to be smart, it is a career.”

Imperato is shown grappling with Ronny Torres.  The session goes well.

Felipe Olivieri and Nate Stark are getting along well.  “They want to fight because it is important to them and it means a lot to them,” says Kirsh.  The team heads to the gym to hit weights.  Kirsh and Stark are really interacting well with the Nova Uniao team.

Olivieri introduces Kirsh and Stark to UFC Featherweight champion Jose Aldo.

Nova Uniao pros train up to eight hours a day.  Jose Aldo is running the BJJ practise.

Stark and Kirsh will attend Pedro Rizzo’s muay thai class.  Johnny Eduardo, who is Nova Uniao’s regular coach in the disclipline, calls Rizzo “The Best!  A legend!”  Imperato hits the beach and passes on Rizzo class to avoid Stark and Kirsh.

Stark then spars with Marlon Sandro, followed by Dudu Dantas.  Kirsh then spars with a Nova Uniao amateur woman who is going hard.  Kirsh holds her own.  Rizzo tells Kirsh to use her hands more and Stark has to move more.

Stark vomited in the change room and they are worried that he has a concussion.  He has taken heavy blows to the head.

Kirsh still heads to training while Stark sits out.  Kirsh gets a private boxing lesson from Nova Uniao boxing coach Giovanni Diniz.

After the session with Diniz, Stark and Kirsh head to the hospital. Stark does not have a concussion and is cleared to fight.

While the two are away, it gives Imperato a chance to head to the gym in time for a three hour pro only class. Imperato gets a minute with Ronny Torres who takes him to the mat and gives him a couple hard shots.

Imperato wonders if the guys are going a little harder in front of the cameras.   Sandro comes over to Imperato, who has been waiting for 45 minutes. Sandro wants Imperato to train in the ring next.  Imperato says he will train with a guy then go home.  Sandro gets annoyed by that and says “I train with you, I punch you.”  Imperato shakes his head. “Don’t cry,” says Sandro.  “You don’t cry,” responds Imperato.  Imperato is not asked to spar again.

Imperato leaves training as he is tired of waiting.  He complains that he has been “next for an hour and a half.”  “I am not helping them, if I am not getting any help.”

Olivieri is mad, “You are not just allowed to take your bag and leave.”  Imperato says to Gadelha and Olivieri that he will tell Sandro and Pederneiras that he is leaving.  Nova Uniao is a family to Gadelha and Olivieri and they feel Imperato is disrespecting their family.

Gadhela says, “I just didn’t like Mike…he didn’t respect our gym.  He was a little bad to us. He has what he deserves now.”

Imperato tells Andre Pederneiras that he is tired of waiting, he means no disrespect to him, then Mike leaves.

Imperato realizes that he is no Jose Aldo, but he feels he has to look out for himself.  “In this whole world, everyone is selfish.  Is it wrong for me to be selfish?”

Imperato packs his bags and heads to the airport.  This is the end of the Brazilian experience for Michael Imperato.  He says,

“I am going back home….It was a whole life experience, not just MMA…You make mistakes and you fix them next time.  Next time I come to that situation or have that problem, maybe I will handle it differently.  There are lots of things I learned, lots of things I take from this.  People will see lots of sides of me – good side, bad side…It is unfortunate that this is how they will find out about me or get to know me.”

Episode 5 Video Recap

Next Episode: Weigh-Ins, Stare downs, and fights.

17 Responses to “ Fight Xchange Episode 5 Recap – Imperato Leaves Brazil ”

  1. Booooo says:

    Imperato sounds like a bitch when it come to training and accepting fights.

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  2. O.J says:

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  3. Styles says:

    I am part of the bjj community and this is my first post ever on this site. No one has a worse reputation than this jerk.
    He has done things ike this for years and will only get worse. The dumb promoter who accepted his socalled apology has obvious no knowledge of this sport.
    Question for all the pros on this site. Have any of you ever had drama like this or been part of any of the things this headcase has? Drama and shame everywhere he goes. Do any of you go through these things? I think 95% of MMA pros are good people who bring class to the sport. And then there’s this pos.

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  4. Styles says:

    If anyone else was shown like this on tv maybe we would wonder if it was true or just tv bs but this guy shreds newbies knees in training and causes crap everywhere he goes and anyone in bjj knows this is all just par for the course.

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  5. Peek-a-boo says:

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  6. Styles says:

    Ask the 3 white belt level guys he purposeful injured in training with heel hooks. Plus the one that wrote on another thread. And prolly way more.

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  7. mike Kent says:

    Came to halifax to fight teamate mike mallott , acted like complete asshole. is coach sam screamed” get that mother fucker mike ” at weigh in like thug then when mallott went to tie his shoes imperato grabbed mikes head and pulled it into his crotch.

    The silver lining is mike mallot dropped him swelt up his eye then tapped him with armbar . Imperato was nicer after that . But in hindsight e never called anybody a n””*** or a faggot so it was above average weekend

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  8. showtying says:

    wow no surprise for years has not found himself.preschooler yall

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  9. Peek-a-boo says:

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  10. Fanatic says:

    Imperato sounds like a pussy lol…nothing but excuses.

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  11. update to post: Added video recap of episode 5

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  12. Update says:

    Hey Keith Grenkie, why hasn’t there been an article write up of the last episode of the Fight X-Change?

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  13. UFC 161 got in my way.

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  14. Update says:

    Lame excuse Keith. You weren’t to busy during UFC fight weeks of UFC 160 and UFC FX 8 to write most of the one sided articles regarding the show. This obviously supports my point you have intentionally focused on writing negative and clearly biased articles. I would hope you try to find your journalistic integrity in the future

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  15. update2 says:

    Lets face it Keith and that nuthugger robin black are not journalists and live in there only world defending racists and dirtbags and have repeatly posted articles and opinions based on zero research or fact. zero journalistic integrity

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  16. Gunner says:

    I think it may have more to do with the fact that all of the pre fight festivities which go all week long have been in Keith’s back yard and he is not just catching the actual fights on TV but rather trying to get in on each and every aspect of the whole week.

    I am just guessing though

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