David Loiseau to Face Mike Kent in AFC 20 Main Event in Calgary


AFC-THUMBIt has been 3 years since Loiseau has fought on Canadian soil, his last being June 12 2010 at UFC 115 in Vancouver BC. Coming off of 2 wins “The Crow” will be looking to keep that streak going when he flies into the Telus Convention Centre in Calgary AB July 12 2013.

When the Tri-Star product and Montreal QC product, Loiseau was asked about signing for this fight he replied with, “AFC is a solid Canadian organization and I’m excited to be fighting on their show. Fans can expect excitement and fireworks from the Crow on July 12th!”

Mike Kent comes into this fight with a stellar 9-2 record. When the opportunity was brought up to Kent about the possible match up, he was ecstatic and immediately jumped at the chance to take on a legend in Loiseau.

Kent was asked about the fight and relied with, “I was thinking about taking the summer off but when the opportunity came up to headline an AFC event there was no way I was going to turn that down. Fighting a legend like Loiseau is going to be a memory I’ll have for the rest of my life and that’s the reason I will be 100% ready. That’s the reason I will train the hardest I ever have. I want to keep this fight on the feet and make it an exiting fight that myself and my fans will remember for forever. When I retire I want to be able to sit around with my buddies, have a couple pops, and say, “Remember the night I fought THE CROW in the AFC main event” I can’t wait!”

AFC matchmaker Darren Owen on the fight, “Loiseau has been that elusive fighter that I’ve always wanted to sign. Now with the growth of our organization we’ve made this a reality and we are extremely excited that we can bring this Canadian icon to our fans. As for Mike Kent we absolutely love this kid, he wants the big fights, he wants to test himself against the best. It seems like fewer guys these days really want to fight the best out there. I guarantee you he will come out guns blazing and will be looking to finish this fight.”

AFC 20 “Stampede Fight Night” Takes place Friday July 12 at the Telus Convention Centre in Calgary Alberta Canada. Tickets are available online at www.AggressionFC.com

AFC 20: Stampede – Calgary – July 12 Fight Card

Pro Fights:

195lbs- David Loiseau (21-10) vs. Mike Kent (9-2)
135lbs- Noah Ali (3-1) vs. Mike O’Neill (3-2)

135lbs- Owen Carr (3-2-1) vs. Brent Fryia
155lbs- Trent House (1-0) vs. Brandon Shorter (0-0)
145lbs- Nathan Wilkins (1-2) vs. Cory Houston (4-3)

175lbs- Elliott Duff (3-4) vs. Mariusz Ksiazkiewicz (3-0)

155lbs- Terry Nichol (2-2) vs. Dia Grant (7-9)
135lbs- Jesse Arnett (2-3) vs. Daniel Mark (2-1)

185lbs- Zach Manywounds (0-0) vs. Travis Cloud (3-2-1)
125lbs- Keegan Oliver (0-0)
vs. Kyle Oliveira (1-1)
145lbs- Hakeem Dawodu (0-0) vs. TBA

Amateur Fights:

185lbs- Dusty Kramps (2-0) vs. Carter Dumont (0-0)

135lbs- Louie Grover (2-1) vs. Will Monzon (1-2)
*Subject to change

20 Responses to “ David Loiseau to Face Mike Kent in AFC 20 Main Event in Calgary ”

  1. Hawkes says:


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  2. mike kent says:

    The Crow is a Canadian MMA legend and to share the Cage with him in the Main Event for an AFC is something a few years back would have never dreamed possible .

    Pretty shortly after the fog wore off from my last fight I realized my statement about retiring was stupid. What wasn’t stupid or a lie was me claiming that I was dedicating more time to my family . When this offer came up I took it to my wife and left it in her hands she thought I should fight and she fully supported me taking this and knew the gravity of a chance like this

    My last fight was all hard work and zero pay off. Never even got to put on a show for the crowd like win or lose I take pride in doing

    I’m very grateful to the AFC , David Loiseau and my family for giving me a chance to compete against someone I respect so much. Im coming to bang and I promise Calgary will get there $ worth

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  3. terry says:

    do you know how you get your fight record fixxed on this site? they have mine incorrect..thanks

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  4. Jeff Harrison says:

    Hakeem’s standup is world class. KO artist if anyone stands up with that kid they are brave!

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  5. Cody Krahn says:

    Un-fucking-real, The Crow by whatever he wants in rd 1.

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  6. Jt money says:

    This is a horrible main event the only thing good about mike kent is his record . Kent got Knocked out by Tim and let’s be honest Tim as horrible stand up then got beat up for 3 rds by Cody and just got finished in his last fight in the first 2 mins of the first rd . Not a good fight for kent.

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  7. mike kent says:

    Id say were probably pretty close to the same underdogs in our fights Cody because I don’t think anyone believes your fight with Clay will last a round.

    Id really love to know your problem with me ? I was super respectful after our fight and even said recently to protest the loss and I would agree to no contest, I offered u a rematch on May 11 and you refused . Every time I decide to fight or take a fight you have a problem and speak out.

    I was depressed about the way my last fight infolded and how I had to tap and stupidly said that I wasn’t gonna fight anymore , then quickly decided that was ridiculous and I wanted to and this fight came up so I jumped on it.

    Im done saying retire , or im done , im 29 its stupid and it came out of disappointment

    Darren named about 20 guys on another thread that turned down another huge fight with ford, some of there reasons pretty valid and some a little questionable. Why hate on me because I accepted a big one and want to fight great guys.

    I don’t have any ill will towards you and u and me will fight again , the first fight was a good one im sure the second will be better. I really don’t get your hate towards me , u were offered the fight against me on may 11 instead of Elias ?

    Relax a bit your fighting clay and im fight the crow. good luck in your fight .

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  8. mike kent says:

    I got KO by Tim yes , it was a decent scrap against a huge guy and I took all positives from it. Got controlled by cody for three rounds and then came back and won by TKO I know there is a lot of controversy around it but I proved to myself that I can come back from a bad start and have heart .me and elias fight never even got started , I hurt myself and tapped out.

    Its been three really unfulfilling fights and after a 8-0 start not the results I was looking for but that’s theres a steep learning curve when you step up in competition and Its not easy going from the east coast circuit to the better nationally ranked guys. Ive learned from my fights and want to keep challenging myself . If you don’t like it then come and support the legend and root for me to get KO’d ill never back down from fights and want to fight great guys which ive proven this year

    you can ask anyone that I train with ive yet to show what im really capable in the cage and haven’t translated the gym into the cage as well as I could . Im planning to take what I learned my last few fights and apply them here. I think if I bring my best ill surprise a lot of people .

    That’s all from me I think ill stick to training for the next 6 weeks .

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  9. Cody Krahn says:

    Setting up a fight with you has got to be one of the most painful processes I’ve ever gone through. You constantly change your mind or pulled out because you don’t know how to train without hurting yourself. You’ve also “retired” 3 times that I can count. You’re unprofessional and a flip flopper and frankly, pretty goddamned dumb.

    I don’t want my record changed, I’m over what happened in our first fight. i just want a chance to redeem myself before you get smashed and retire for a few weeks again.

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  10. mike kent says:

    I was very upset after last fight and said id retired . I agree that was dumb but think Im the last thing from dumb.. I hold a full time job , am successful , support my growing family and in my spare time compete in one of the hardest most grinding sports in the world. I fought you hurt so you didn’t lose a pay day and a fight with me again the fight was controversial so you were offered rematch with exact terms . I never flip flopped on anything , I demanded to peter that you get your chance and you said no fucking way. If you would have said yes we would have already fought. How am I unprofessional ?

    Your the type of guy that is a whiney little bitch and thinks the whole world owes you something , ive been nothing but respectful of you even while you run me down and openly root against me. I offer you a rematch over Elias and you laugh at the opportunity then come on here crying about not receiving your fight .,

    We live is alberta , there’s a fight card every week , We WILL FIGHT . I am not quitting fighting for a long time. I spoke out of disgust in what happened in my last fight . Focus on your next fight and ill do the same . I hope you win and I hope we fight soon ! cheers

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  11. mike kent says:

    i don’t even dislike you and from what i know think your a pretty good guy, i don’t want this back and forth banter. When i was 8-0 and thought like everyone at that point does there unbeatable wanted huge fights against top guys and not fights against tough guys like allen hope with lessor records, Well times change and ive learned pretty quickly there is a few different levels in MMA and its not always a smooth trasition when going from one to the other . Now with some losses i have changed my tune , and will fight anyone that interests me and that seems like a fun fight , before i retire id like to fight a lot more against guys i love watching fight and respect like

    Cody Krahn
    Allen hope
    Clay Davidson
    Misha C
    Andrew Buckland
    Matt Baker
    Luke H

    All great fighters and all tough tough fights .

    you cant blame a guy that’s 8-0 for thinking highly of myself but reality changes things and ive changed my tune , now i just want to fight , we will fight man ,

    now be nice

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  12. Keepin' It Real says:

    Stop putting a space before your punctuation marks. That’s unprofessional.

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  13. james says:

    Ive been reading some post on here and see some ppl are upset about the hill vs ford and kent vs Loiseau. I think its great for the AFC to have two guys like Kent and Hill who will fight whoever the AFC wants them to, lets not forget how many times we have seen ford on a card, then his fight gets cancelled because none wants to fight him. It must be hard to matchmake for the afc when half the fighters say ill fight anyone, but this guy and that guy, but ill fight anyone else. I give props to Kent and Hill because they didnt come to the AFC to pad there records, they came to challenge themself againts the best fighters in Canada!

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  14. David Letourneau says:

    Good luck Mike kent this is a huge fight and a great opportunity best of luck in your training camp.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 19 Thumb down 6

  15. PUCK says:

    Hey, all the power to ya Mike but…..Scary fight I’m thinking for ya as I’m picking David by Massive cuts from elbows 1rst or 2nd round tko or KO….Sorry Mike but I would love nothing more than to be proven wrong, but, its the crow?

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  16. mike kent says:

    lol yeah its not surprising to be the big underdog in this fight , Im ok with that. A lot of fighters will state publicly that they will fight anyone at anytime then behind closed doors be very selective of who they choose and im not hating on that but I literally will fight any body out there that will advance me up the ranks or be a huge challenge. I don’t consider this a “scary fight” I consider it and incredibly challenging fight.

    Im 9-2 with my losses being to Elias whos 7-0 and Tim whos a monster that’s Huge . While I haven’t been on a roll lately I still consider myself a threat and challenge to MW’s out there. I don’t need the $ and would never take a fight that I thought I couldn’t win just to lay down and get paid. I believe that I can win any fight I sign up for. Im in it for the sport and nothing else . not to get to UFC , not to fight for $ and not to make friends ( clearly )

    This is a huge and epic fight and night for me and im not afraid of losing I just wanna go out there and fight to the best of my abilities and put on a good show, if I do that and win the that’s great , Ive lost before Ill lose again so im not worried , I just wanna represent bowmans and my family well ! I think and so do a lot close to me that this could turn out to be a very different fight then some are predicting . Now its up to me to make that happen

    And yeah his elbows fucking suck ! ill try to look out for that

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  17. PUCK says:

    ha ha well said! Good luck Mike!

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  18. harry balls says:

    This will be a big opportunity either way, win or lose. Just tune out the bullshit and train, Mike.
    You’ll do great…

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  19. viciousbeast says:

    lookin at that list of guys you want to fight Mike, that would bring you to an even 9-9 record

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  20. Terry Martell says:

    Nothing but respect for you Mike. Tune out all the bullshit and do what you do. Anyone on here hating should pay more attention to their own fight careers instead of yours and they would be way better off.

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