Fight Xchange Episode 5 Preview


Fight XChangeHere is a preview of Fight Xchange Episode 5. You can watch it on Super Channel on Friday at 8:30 ET.

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  1. Shooter McG says:

    Wow, looks like the Nova team will be realizing the hopes and dreams of virtually every single poster here over the last week lol…

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  2. Stu says:


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  3. Peek-a-boo says:

    Wow…so nate is complaining about headaches/possible concusiion and imperato is getting pounded on at 0:54 seconds by Ronny torres(26-5) who is 2 weight class’s heavier then imperato.

    Looks dangerous training to me.
    all about fighter safety

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  4. False says:

    I notice Excessive posted a letter Imperato sent to them……… WHY would a fighter who did what he did only send a letter to the promoter of the show is supposed to befighting on and not the entire community of people he degraded and insulted????

    I will tell you why because he does not care about that he is just trying to save his fight on Xcessive which is BS

    And Darren from Excessive give your head a shake,, if he was remorseful you would NOT be the first person he is writing an apology letter to…..

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  5. False says:

    and not to mention yes this was over a year ago and that means it has been that long with no apology or remorse for the ignorant words until HE WAS CAUGHT IN THE SPOTLIGHT for all to see…. that’s what people do when they are sorry for actions face them not wait for a year then when your caught try to BS your way out ,,,, oh wait you have not even tried to BS your way anything all you have done is a fake apology to someone who has nothing to do with it just to try and keep your fight

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  6. O.J says:

    I think “false” is speaking for Ryan Brigham who is terrified and trying to help him find any way out of his fight with Imperato.

    Everyone can keep whining, making hypocritical posts supporting a clearly biased article(fanboys stick together) pretending their a journalist. Imperato is going to keep fighting anywhere he wants, all the way to the big show, regardless of every haters moronic, worthless opinions.

    But keep posting bs, while actual the truth and facts are being altered by mods. If you can tell by the responses or lack there of, no one cares what anybody has to say

    Apparently some people missed that kindergarten class about sticks and stones…get over it crybabies…clearly you belong outside the cage, way up in the stands

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  7. Gunner says:

    O.J. I beg to differ I very much care how this sport is perceived and the guys who take part in it hold themselves in the eyes of the average fan.

    I honestly am curious after all of this why has no Tapstar representative coach or team mate even attempted to ease the pain and talk out respectfully? All I have scene is obvious Tapstar guys trying to justify and brush off what actually happened and also very interesting that if it is true that Imperator only apologized to a promoter who has nothing to do with the situation with the exception of that is where Imperato risks losing a fight?

    I have never met any of the Tapstar guys so I try to withhold judgement I just know that if I was involved on any level with this situation as a coach, team or person responsible, this is definatly not the route I would be allowing for it to go.

    and no offence but again I don’t know anything about the show with exception of what is shown on here but the word “crybaby” well under the circumstances the only one acting childish in any of it and then running from it was Imperato which again only surprises me that this issue was not handled differently and far far sooner.

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