Fight Xchange Episode 4 Recap – Fight Xchange Gets Racy; Imperato Gets Racist


Fight XChangeTo set up this week’s show, the producers start the episode with a montage of Michael Imperato clips and quotes. Some foreshadowing?

The team heads to Nova Uniao for a morning grappling session. Kirsh is looking forward to the session and Imperato says “he is hard on himself” for his performance on the first day of training. Stark wants to sharpen his ground game to become a complete fighter.

Imperato is paired with the UFC’s Johnny Eduardo. Imperato impresses on the ground.

Daniel Almeida and Claudia Gadelha are also at the session. Almeida is a rare heavier fighter in the Nova Uniao camp. He once again states he is fighting to better support his family.

During training, Imperato injures the knee of his opponent with a takedown.

Marlon Sandro talks with Imperato to see if he is doing better today. Imperato says he is training harder today. They joke around over who is uglier.

The five Fight Xchange teammates (Felipe Olivieri is absent) have lunch at the apartment. Stark gets weight cutting and fight advice. They then head to the beach to witness an MMA demostration from Nogueira’s gym – Anderson Silva, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, and Junior Dos Santos are all there.

Kara Kirsh is helping Nate Stark with his diet. The two get along well at the demonstration. Imperato is feeling left out. “They have been avoiding me and been kind of rude. I am a little upset with that so today I gave them the cold shoulder.” Kirsh says, “(Imperato) knows that we are not interested in talking to him because of his attitude…It’s a huge ego trip for him.”

Kirsh and Stark are enjoying meeting the UFC fighters, like Erick Silva, but Imperato keeps his distance from the MMA stars. JDS stops by to talks with Stark and Kirsh as well. He jokes with Stark asking him if he is coming to fight Jose Aldo. Mike does not like how Kirsh and Stark are acting like fanboys. “If you are a follower, you are not going to beat anyone…you have to be a leader. That’s why I stick up for myself and do your own things and lead your own path,” says Imperato. Stark calls Mike “mopey”.

They are bussing home and we finally meet Felipe Olivieri who they pick up on the way home. Olivieri is a knockout artist from the ghettos of Rio. He lives two hours away from the Nova Uniao gym.

We find out that Stark’s opponent is Jonas Bilharinho who has an 0-0 record. Almeida and Olivieri do not have any knowledge of the Brazilian.

Olivieri starts teasing Imperato while on the bus because Michael has been very quiet. Mike says to the camera that he just needed his own space. He says Almeida asked if he wanted to go out tonight and Imperato says he just wanted to do his own thing.

Kirsh says to the camera that Imperato was trying to get Olivieri and Almeida to go out with him and go to the strip clubs. She thinks he was trying to separate Stark and her from the rest of the Brazilian fighters.

Stark was not impressed either. Imperato tells the camera that Stark said, “These MMA guys think they are superstars,” directed towards him. “Shits about to hit the fan,” Stark recounts to the camera.

The narrator says that with the cameras turned off, Stark and Imperato’s bickering continued and they nearly came to blows. Once they were off the bus, Stark says Imperato “ran about behind him and started talking a lot of shit.” Imperato says that Stark did not want to talk about their issues and Stark was getting “all gangster and hard.”

After separating, Stark is sent upstairs to the apartment and Imperato cools down on the street. Imperato tells the camera, “It doesn’t matter if it’s in the street or in the gym, I am going to beat the fuck out of him anyways… If he thinks he is going to fight on Friday, he’s probably going to have a broken arm, so good luck. I am in game mode until it happens. I am not going to cool down and let this fucking faggot try to get a cheap shot on me…what if I am sleeping on my bed and this fag wants to come hit me.” Imperato is very upset, “I am away from people I love and my own training camp…and this is the shit that happens?”

Up in the apartment, the four fighters are around the table and Stark says Imperato “is not here to train. It’s either me or him. I can’t be in the same house as this guy no more.”

On the street, Imperato is saying he is “going up there to get my bags…I am not going to leave my shit upstairs with a fucking faggot, a fucking nigger.” A very upset Imperato gets on the phone to someone unknown who he tells he is going to “kill this fucking nigger. I am going to kill this black guy. He’s running his mouth like a fucking faggot.”

Kirsh and Stark head to the beach while Imperato packs to leave the apartment. Imperato talks with Olivieri and Almeida about leaving. He repeats that he is going to beat Stark up at the gym. “I am going to break his arm.” Almeida tells him not to do anything to Stark. “They are our team partners.” Imperato says he may return to Canada and Almeida says not to because “it’s a good opportunity for you.” Almeida says there is good training here. Imperato says the team he trains with is good too. “These guys are no good.” This gets Olivieri involved in the discussion and he says Nova Uniao is “the best gym.”

Imperato says, “I have job. I have money. I am not broke. (Kirsh and Stark) are here for a free trip. I can pay my own. I can come here tomorrow and stay five months if I want and that is better for me than being in an environment where I have a headache and can’t focus.”

To the camera, Almeida says, “So (Imperato) has money. I don’t care about the money. He needs to think more about fighter’s education. Not money.”

Imperato says he does not need to fight in a rush. He needs to leave, find his space, calm down, and think things through.

Watch the Episode 4 Recap:

Next Episode: Pedro Rizzo joins the show, Stark has a possible concussion, Imperato is still around, Sandro tells Imperato “I train with you. I punch you,” Imperato heads to the airport.

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  2. Gunner says:

    Marc the scary thing is you now what …..

    if that was not on a TV show and anywhere else Mr Imperato would be arrested on the spot for uttering death threats and numerous other things…

    So nope I do not see anything refreshing about it.

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  3. Danny says:

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  5. mike kent says:

    marc andre finds imperator’s comments refreshing ??? that has to be the stupidest thing anyone has ever said or here . Id rather watch a bunch of guys crying on tough yelling let me bang bro and telling the cameras for the 1000000 time that fighting saved their lives then them all running around the house calling each other N***** and homos .

    Im sure that mike isn’t a clan member or and outspoken racist all the time but when you look in a camera and say I wanna kill that N*** that’s not a slip of the tongue thats blatantly being racist and came out a little too smooth to be the first time hes ever said it

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  7. accidental racist says:

    There’s no excuse period for his comments.
    Being angry or what have you. He could have said it a million different ways to get his anger across,instead he chose racial slurs and bigotry.
    Plain and simple!

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  9. Danny says:

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  10. Lenny wheeler says:

    I don’t agree with racist remarks, but I guarantee everyone on this board has called someone a faggot in there life. But the N bomb is not cool. But like Robin said as for talent tap star is one of the best teams in Canada for grappling.

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  11. PUCK says:


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  12. I agree, if the people putting on the show were doing it for the benefit of the sport. But that’s not the case. They are doing a show for ratings and to get viewers, and ultimately advertising dollars.

    Doing their homework would make it essential to get a guy like this who can be hot headed and fly off the handle. It makes good tv.

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  13. AMLEHTC says:

    I understand his teammates coming on here and jumping to the aid of Imperato, but no one seems to be trying to make amends or say they are sorry, they are just trying to downplay what happened by saying he has a temper. So what if he has a temper, why is no one being accountable?

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  14. Jamie Locke says:

    I think we are discussing whether this is an appropriate representation of Team Tapstar and the MMA community (ref: Bobby K, Todd Stoute), not good TV.

    There’s some disgusting shit out there on the internet and television that brings in excellent viewership and ratings. This show happens to be documenting mixed martial arts, which many on this site are crying to have accpeted into society and not concidered brutal “human cockfighting”. The basis on which, that many argue anyway, is that MMA is filled with respectful martial arts athletes who desire a higher level of competition than a street fight.

    I think Imperato’s actions here are not what the MMA community needs for publicity to be more socially and politically acceptable. Just as many have said about other cases of physical and sexual assault on this forum.

    Racism, bigotry and murder threats are not acceptable. As stated above, if Imperato does ever get nabbed for assault, even if it is self defence, against an ethnicity or homosexual, than the headlines will reflect that it was a professional MMA fighter invoilved in a hate crime.

    Also was previously noted, in other professional sports there would be reprocussions against such comments aimed at another athlete. Suspensions, fines etc…

    My earlier question was simply asking whether his team would be taking diciplinary action against him. I understand they would stand behind him and support him through thick and thin, but they still must recognize that what he did was wrong and unacceptable.

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  15. Tyler Davis says:

    @ Mike K
    i agreed to fight mike Imperato for the championship belt at 135 the night before you fought. Go figure!!!! and if you say we didnt watch street fights in your hotel room after we watched your fight (which i taped for you) well then your just not telling the truth. why would i make that up? like i said i fight at 145 when i cannot book days off work to properly cut weight. anyway your interview said your are looking to fight the best(also bullshit). have i ever been close to the top 10 at 145? nope but im okay with that fact. As far as im concerned your still a 155er until you have a fight at feather. anyway have a nice day sir.

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  16. moms basement troll says:

    Other than being sick from those remarks I must say his coach and mike should make a public statement about this cause its disturbing and want to hear what they have to say. Know most gyms would kick someone out for remarks like that cause would make people feel uncomfortable in the gym, colored or not and gay or not people do not like racist its horrible.

    As for promotions, I would stay away from someone like Mike now. As a company your ’employes’ represent your company. They are the ones who leave a impression on fans who spend money to watch your shows and this is who you have representing you and your company is a horrible choice. he will be talking with fans, commission, hotel workers and other athletes and its all under you’re promotions name or you can sign and pay a respectable athlete who is more deserving. He has not posted a public apology and does not seem to be the type who does, so I would avoid him. As for this I remove all plans to make a trip to Xcessive Force in GP to watch that event cause he is on the card I noway will support a company which is OK with this.

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  17. Michael Karkula says:

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  18. Jamez Mean says:

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  19. wow..... says:

    if you think this kid dont deserve the hate……..just watch the video again. Death threats,racism, and bigotry all in one. Not the image this sport needs from the athletes.

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  20. McInnes says:

    I dont think this fight should happen.. Having a little mutual dislike before a fight is normal, but this much isnt good for the sport. Live and learn.

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  21. Gman says:

    Nate, check out xtreme couture on 700 Kipling.

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  22. Matt says:

    Who is Nate and why is he checking out Couture on 700 Kipling?

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  23. Idolmaker says:

    Anyone else think karkulas coming off like a douchebag as well? There’s a time to talk and a time to STFU!!!! You’re not doing your team any favors asshole.

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  24. Fight Xchange director Mark Johnston comments on episode 4 and the making of the MMA documentary in a letter to Top MMA News here:

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  25. Obviously says:

    I wonder what team mate Darson Hemmings thinks Of that!

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  26. Sparrow White says:

    Darson Hemmings trains at OpenMat, not longer teammates anyways.

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  27. Sparrow White says:

    *no longer

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  28. Obviously says:

    He left when he walked in on Mike and Mike dancing around oied up in their tighty whiteys with clan masks on worshipping a giant framed shrine to Edward norton’s curb stomp in American history X? That’s understandable.

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  29. Obviously says:

    I’m just messing around, its all water under the bridge how long ago was this filmed?

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  30. Obviously says:

    There is an imposter Obviously: I obviously never mess around when it comes to mocking douche bags. Get your own screen name you bum!

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  31. Obviously says:

    lol fooled you again. I should be a comedian

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  32. dalty says:

    While the mayor of toronto is amoking crack in the hood and no one cares.. you guys are tripping

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  33. RobFord says:

    Dalty is correct. I coaxed this Imperato kid into dropping homophobic slurs and racist remarks to cover my crack pipe scandal.

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  34. False says:

    I notice Excessive posted a letter Imperato sent to them……… WHY would a fighter who did what he did only send a letter to the promoter of the show is supposed to befighting on and not the entire community of people he degraded and insulted????

    I will tell you why because he does not care about that he is just trying to save his fight on Xcessive which is BS

    And Darren from Excessive give your head a shake,, if he was remorseful you would NOT be the first person he is writing an apology letter to…..

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  35. False says:

    and not to mention yes this was over a year ago and that means it has been that long with no apology or remorse for the ignorant words until HE WAS CAUGHT IN THE SPOTLIGHT for all to see…. that’s what people do when they are sorry for actions face them not wait for a year then when your caught try to BS your way out ,,,, oh wait you have not even tried to BS your way anything all you have done is a fake apology to someone who has nothing to do with it just to try and keep your fight

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  36. Booooo says:

    Only now he starts to show remorse…..his team sure didn’t. People only make those slurs if they believe those ideas, imagine what he says off camera? I can picture the headlines in the GP papers now XFFC brings in racist fighter. Don’t bring this bigot,racist, thug in he is bad for the sport

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  37. Baby says:

    The world got over mike Tyson, and he was also convicted of rape.

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  38. Mike Tyson says:

    No you did not just compare your boy (or yourself- u prolly wrote most of these dumb posts) to me.
    I’ll eat your ass you punk.

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  39. False says:

    Mike Tyson also spent how many years in Prison and has actually been doing many things for MANY MANY years to try and reconcile his wrongs….. Just a question but it has been a year what has Mr Imperato done to rectify or try to fix his wrongs??? NOTHING except just recently send a promoter a message apologizing just to try and save himself his fight!

    This whole situation truly shows what ALL OF TAPSTAR is about as not one of them has had the guts to speak up in a proper form and just keep acting even more childish about it

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  40. blah says:

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  41. Peek-a-boo says:

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  42. Tyler Davis says:

    yup that was me why wouldnt i hate on him after the tapstar attack on myself with the non stop posting of old vids and the grand slam of a picture of my brother at a after party with his belt? i wasn’t even on the card and you guys just hounded on me? karluka accused me of agreeing to a fight then ducking him then Kieth (thanks Kieth!) came on here and stated some facts… and mike had a tittle fight lined up for months(we were also going to one on the Pure card before that got cut)then he decided not too. And when it comes down to it look at all the negative attention this guy has brought! he is bad for the sport. But no need for troll names i see im not alone thinking this guy and some of his team are douche bags. Oh Karluka been pretty quiet ever since a guy your weight called you out. I wonder what clever troll names you guys come up with….personally i thought Tyler “the chicken” Davis was pretty original, some of the fighting rosters are pretty gnarly so ill take it as a compliment . Have a wonderful day gentlemen.

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  43. haha says:

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  44. Robin Black says:

    Jesus Christ guys I want to defend you because I’m a fan of your talent, I respect Sam’s mad skills, I get along with Karkula and I’m invested as sn analyst in your skills and your potential dominance.

    But ya gotta stop posting guys. This crap could overshadow the talent.

    Still a fan of the talent but the other stuff- c’mon you’re making this impossible.

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  45. Robin Black says:

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  46. ?? says:

    Weren’t you ganging up on Devon Neville, robin? Mike had a whole year to try to make amends. He never said a word until this blew up and he made a half ass attempt to save his fight.

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  47. Robin Black says:

    I don’t think we can compare a guy who bootfucked an innocent man to a kid who’s clearly going down the wrong path but might still be able to right his ship.

    I don’t think being a bigot and a dick is the same as attempting to kill a guy.

    Maybe that’s just me.

    Anyways just expressing my thoughts on an open forum. If people don’t agree and want to bury someone that’s their prerogative.

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  48. Donald Duck says:

    I’ve personally added Mike to the growing list of people who have done things outside of the ring that bring bad attention to the sport. Racist Rants are on par with the actions of Nevon and Booby when it comes to adding fire to the argument that we’re just a bunch of knuckle dragging morons. Some people seem to be under the impression that we’re beyond this point but there are still Provinces and States that don’t allow MMA.

    As a professional you’re an ambassador for the sport and need to conduct yourself accordingly. Mike had a year and a bit since his racists and homophobic rant in which he could have been doing things to demonstrate this as a simple ‘one off’ and ‘lossing of one’s cool’.

    Sadly he chose not to do this and as such we need to hold him at the words he spoke.

    Sorry Robin but Mike decided to ignore this and as such needs to be held accountable. Worse case scenario he told his team and they were also party to this.


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  49. O.J says:

    Funny how Keith Grenkie didn’t post the apology letter, but he was so quick write a one sided article showing bias. It’s obvious he’s not looking for the truth when posts are altered to strengthen his views. It is a news agencies ethical responsible to print both sides of a story, but this has not happened. If you want to make rules for posts, they should apply to everyone and not a selective few

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  50. O.J says:

    Example: Grenkie allowed people to post false accusations about knife pulling with no proof, evidence or anyone to collaborate this bs story. Yet when it is a fact that Nate stark has been kicked out of gyms for reasons I won’t mention, it is removed, which is why he can’t say a gym where he trains. I could care less about the dislikes, though altered, all it proves is that the truth hurts. I would hope this site is more than a tabloid

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 4 Thumb down 13

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