Fight Xchange Episode 4 Recap – Fight Xchange Gets Racy; Imperato Gets Racist


Fight XChangeTo set up this week’s show, the producers start the episode with a montage of Michael Imperato clips and quotes. Some foreshadowing?

The team heads to Nova Uniao for a morning grappling session. Kirsh is looking forward to the session and Imperato says “he is hard on himself” for his performance on the first day of training. Stark wants to sharpen his ground game to become a complete fighter.

Imperato is paired with the UFC’s Johnny Eduardo. Imperato impresses on the ground.

Daniel Almeida and Claudia Gadelha are also at the session. Almeida is a rare heavier fighter in the Nova Uniao camp. He once again states he is fighting to better support his family.

During training, Imperato injures the knee of his opponent with a takedown.

Marlon Sandro talks with Imperato to see if he is doing better today. Imperato says he is training harder today. They joke around over who is uglier.

The five Fight Xchange teammates (Felipe Olivieri is absent) have lunch at the apartment. Stark gets weight cutting and fight advice. They then head to the beach to witness an MMA demostration from Nogueira’s gym – Anderson Silva, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, and Junior Dos Santos are all there.

Kara Kirsh is helping Nate Stark with his diet. The two get along well at the demonstration. Imperato is feeling left out. “They have been avoiding me and been kind of rude. I am a little upset with that so today I gave them the cold shoulder.” Kirsh says, “(Imperato) knows that we are not interested in talking to him because of his attitude…It’s a huge ego trip for him.”

Kirsh and Stark are enjoying meeting the UFC fighters, like Erick Silva, but Imperato keeps his distance from the MMA stars. JDS stops by to talks with Stark and Kirsh as well. He jokes with Stark asking him if he is coming to fight Jose Aldo. Mike does not like how Kirsh and Stark are acting like fanboys. “If you are a follower, you are not going to beat anyone…you have to be a leader. That’s why I stick up for myself and do your own things and lead your own path,” says Imperato. Stark calls Mike “mopey”.

They are bussing home and we finally meet Felipe Olivieri who they pick up on the way home. Olivieri is a knockout artist from the ghettos of Rio. He lives two hours away from the Nova Uniao gym.

We find out that Stark’s opponent is Jonas Bilharinho who has an 0-0 record. Almeida and Olivieri do not have any knowledge of the Brazilian.

Olivieri starts teasing Imperato while on the bus because Michael has been very quiet. Mike says to the camera that he just needed his own space. He says Almeida asked if he wanted to go out tonight and Imperato says he just wanted to do his own thing.

Kirsh says to the camera that Imperato was trying to get Olivieri and Almeida to go out with him and go to the strip clubs. She thinks he was trying to separate Stark and her from the rest of the Brazilian fighters.

Stark was not impressed either. Imperato tells the camera that Stark said, “These MMA guys think they are superstars,” directed towards him. “Shits about to hit the fan,” Stark recounts to the camera.

The narrator says that with the cameras turned off, Stark and Imperato’s bickering continued and they nearly came to blows. Once they were off the bus, Stark says Imperato “ran about behind him and started talking a lot of shit.” Imperato says that Stark did not want to talk about their issues and Stark was getting “all gangster and hard.”

After separating, Stark is sent upstairs to the apartment and Imperato cools down on the street. Imperato tells the camera, “It doesn’t matter if it’s in the street or in the gym, I am going to beat the fuck out of him anyways… If he thinks he is going to fight on Friday, he’s probably going to have a broken arm, so good luck. I am in game mode until it happens. I am not going to cool down and let this fucking faggot try to get a cheap shot on me…what if I am sleeping on my bed and this fag wants to come hit me.” Imperato is very upset, “I am away from people I love and my own training camp…and this is the shit that happens?”

Up in the apartment, the four fighters are around the table and Stark says Imperato “is not here to train. It’s either me or him. I can’t be in the same house as this guy no more.”

On the street, Imperato is saying he is “going up there to get my bags…I am not going to leave my shit upstairs with a fucking faggot, a fucking nigger.” A very upset Imperato gets on the phone to someone unknown who he tells he is going to “kill this fucking nigger. I am going to kill this black guy. He’s running his mouth like a fucking faggot.”

Kirsh and Stark head to the beach while Imperato packs to leave the apartment. Imperato talks with Olivieri and Almeida about leaving. He repeats that he is going to beat Stark up at the gym. “I am going to break his arm.” Almeida tells him not to do anything to Stark. “They are our team partners.” Imperato says he may return to Canada and Almeida says not to because “it’s a good opportunity for you.” Almeida says there is good training here. Imperato says the team he trains with is good too. “These guys are no good.” This gets Olivieri involved in the discussion and he says Nova Uniao is “the best gym.”

Imperato says, “I have job. I have money. I am not broke. (Kirsh and Stark) are here for a free trip. I can pay my own. I can come here tomorrow and stay five months if I want and that is better for me than being in an environment where I have a headache and can’t focus.”

To the camera, Almeida says, “So (Imperato) has money. I don’t care about the money. He needs to think more about fighter’s education. Not money.”

Imperato says he does not need to fight in a rush. He needs to leave, find his space, calm down, and think things through.

Watch the Episode 4 Recap:

Next Episode: Pedro Rizzo joins the show, Stark has a possible concussion, Imperato is still around, Sandro tells Imperato “I train with you. I punch you,” Imperato heads to the airport.

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  1. AMLEHTC says:

    Stfu Imperato

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  2. Hilarious says:

    Fact of the matter is WE ARE SPEAKING OF IMPERATO’s IGNORANCE…… not anyone else and absolutely nothing that anyone else has done ro will do will change the fact this is all about Imperato.. when someone else does something as dumb then they will get there own negative spotlight until then Imperato and the lets call Tapstar supporters and gym members all deserve every bit of bad light they get!!!!

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  3. Mike Imperato… feel free to send Top MMA News your apology letter to

    Post a letter supposedly from you from someone’s facebook wall is not something Top MMA News will ever post.

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  4. Hilarious says:

    The fact that Imperato and his gym mates are still trying to brush off the whole thing and only an apology to the promoter who he is supposed to be fighting for is just a stamp on how ignorant and useless everyone involved from Tapstar is……… cause I am sorry if any of the Tapstar members felt different than what Imperato voiced they would have spoken up LONG AGO

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  5. Hilarious says:

    TO LATE KEITH that letter sent to you will mean ABSOLUTLY NOTHING NOW ANYWAY

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  6. O.J says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  7. AMLEHTC says:

    So what your saying is that Imperato isn’t sorry and is still a dirtbag

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  8. Idolmaker says:

    Darren Owen has affiliation with xcessive? I thought he was an AFC guy? Get your facts straight orenthal!!!!

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  9. Idolmaker says:

    I still don’t get how it’s slander if an idiot is caught making idiotic remarks? As for contacting tmn, it’s more for the fans, as well as the industry PROFESSIONALS who would like accountability, not so much Keith. Pull your racist, homophobic heads out of your asses, and give them a damn shake moron!!!

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  10. Trollstar says:

    Sam why don’t you just post under your real name?

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  11. I stand behind these recaps as a solid representation as to what happened on each episode. If anyone doubts their veracity, you are free to watch the episode and read the recap and point out the inaccuracies here.

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  12. Trollstar says:

    As a coach Sam is the most immature person on this site, only t.j. Colletii could give him a run for him money. I’m sure he has not left his computer ever since this thing broke out, instead of apologizing for his fighter’s actions he choose the honourable way and just started bashing (under various troll accounts)anybody who had negative opinions of this whole issue. Good on you Sam you came off very classy.

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  13. Ashley says:

    Everyone just keeps sitting here bashing him. It honestly makes you guys just as bad ! Yes by know means does it change the fact of what Michael Imperato said & for it being totally uncalled for. But the fact of the matter is that it’s said and done ! Everyone makes mistakes and he truly isn’t a bad guy. He got caught up in the moment because he was very heated (not an excuse but pepole say things they don’t mean when there upset ) & was having an on going dispute with the guy. None of you know what was happening off cameras. He was trying the whole time, he was in the house with them trying to be civil (not that you can tell by the show) and when that didn’t work he spend time away from them and with the crew members.

    Michael Imperato has actually had friends of different races and genders his whole life. Does it excuse the fact of what he has said know ! But he would never purposely try and offend so many people. That one particular guy yes he probably did want to break his arm. But who cares? The feeling was mutual for the both of them, Mike was just more verbal about it. BIG DEAL! (Minus his words in a few comments) Did he do it No! Would he probably get in the ring and kick his ass Yes!
    Honestly which one of you have never said something you didn’t mean to say in a heated conversation ! if any of you say you never have your lying ! The only difference is he got caught on cam so he can’t lie about it. The severity of the comment may not have been as extreme but everyone makes mistakes ! Lay off him. People just love talking about it because people from TapStar are all talented and usually are the ones on top so now that one of them fucked up people are jumping on the opportunity to try and knock them down. Pathetic. It’s so unfortunate that people can only capitalize on a situation when they do something wrong. Fuck he’s probably one of my least favourite people in the world & these comments are making me sick. Your adding fuel to a situation that the producers are loving. That’s reality tv for you. They take a situation take bits and pieces and blow it up and that’s how they receive ratings ! Good editing.

    Give the guy a break !

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  14. Donald Duck says:

    Odd you’d use the word ‘editing’ at the end of your post when your rambling is in desperate need of an editing.


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  15. Donald Duck says:

    I’m awaiting moderation?


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