Two LHW Fights Anchor Fivestar Fight League Yellowknife Card in September

Peter Nolan wins Fivestar Fight League Light-Heavyweight title (photo: Darren Horn)

Peter Nolan wins Fivestar Fight League Light-Heavyweight title (photo: Darren Horn)

Fivestar Fight League is headed north to the Northwest Territories once again. Their newly announced September 7th event will mark the third time FFL has visited Yellowknife.

The last time Fivestar visited the city, Peter Nolan (5-1) won the promotion’s Light-Heavyweight title with a submission victory over Adam MacDonald. Nolan will return to the scene of his coronation to defend his crown against Nick Campbell (5-3).  Campbell fought his way to a 3-1 record in Fivestar competition to earn his title shot.  His most recent win was against Jonathan Dubois at FFL 6.  Fivestar Fight League confirmed the title bout with Top MMA News.

Nolan’s Tap Star teammate Misha Cirkunov (5-2) will also fight on the card.   Cirkunov was on a four fight win streak prior to his last bout where he suffered a first round submission loss to Aaron Johnson over a year ago. Cirkunov will be facing Jon Ganshorn (5-3) at the event.  Ganshorn was on a two fight slide before his last fight where he won a decision over Raphael Bergmann at FFL 4.


11 Responses to “ Two LHW Fights Anchor Fivestar Fight League Yellowknife Card in September ”

  1. Jamie Locke says:

    A win over Dubois to earn a title shot…. LOL…. You should of left that part out Keith…

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  2. Tyler Davis says:

    Got the word I’ll be fighting Eric Wilson for the Five Star Fight League Bantamweight Tittle on this card. Just want to say thanks to Mr Wilson for giving me a shot at his belt (ive lost three chances at fighting for a belt so far). From what i hear of his last fight sounds like it should be an all out war. Looking forward to returning to such a beautiful city.

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  3. Tyler Davis says:

    Lol gotta love it when you announce a fight against one of the scrappiest guys at 135 and there’s more hate than excitement. So that’s why i quit posting oh here. See you in yellowknife Peace and love y’all.

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  4. PUCK says:

    From what I heard Dubois was broght in on 3 days notice due to Cambells dude dropping out. So good on him for saving a guy from training for months for nothing. He fought really well too I thought for having a lossing record and bussing up from down south a day or 2 before the fight.

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  5. Johnathon says:

    I will fight nick again this time I will have training and u see how I fought with no training wait till u see me training lol then you will be like dam I will come in at 205 or 180 or 170 but I will win

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  6. Peek-a-boo says:

    I wonder how uncomfortable tyler is gonna be in yellownife after opening his big mouth. peter nolan is gonna be there lol

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  7. AMLEHTC says:

    What are all the 205 tapstar guys going to try and intimidate a 135er? Seems like a douchey move so it might be in their wheelhouse of things they would do.

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  8. Tyler Davis says:

    Oh I actually can’t wait to be up there, I love Yellowknife it’s a beautiful city. The fact I can go up there doing the sport that I love and fight for a belt…..finally!!!! What isn’t there to love. Now I know this might sound crazy but for some strange reason I’m not intimidated at all because (this might sound crazy to the trollstar guys) we are going to a professional sporting event. I intend to act like a professional athlete and condone myself in such such a manner befitting to exactly that, a professional. Can’t wait :)

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  9. Mr awesome says:

    Tyler is it professional to challenge a coach to a fight? Is that what you call professional behavior?

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  10. Demitri (trev) says:

    All this talk about how amazing misha is and he’s fighting ganshorn?

    Give your head a shake tapstar guys. You talk a lot about other guys not taking big fights and then this is announced. I like ganshorn, and no disrespect to him. But with all their agit talking you would think these guys would be fighting top 5s

    I guess it’s not surprising.

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  11. LOL says:

    It really is sad that you guys on here assume all the tap star guys and their coach are douchebags.
    Because of a cpl young hot grade guys.
    not once have I ever seem Misha or Peter, come on here and say and or disrespectful thing to anyone.
    And for Misha fighting Gnashorn,it has nothing to do with stepping up.
    Most say no to fighting Misha so someone finally agreed and their records are similar,should be a good fight for both!

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