Fight Xchange Episode 3 Recap – The Nova Uniao Shark Tank


Fight XChangeThis week’s episode starts with the three Canucks talking about their first training session with Nova Uniao. Brazilian Claudia Gadelha says she was impressed by the Canadians.

This episode continues off at Training Session 1 as Nate Stark is the first Canadian to head into the shark tank. Twenty rounds against different opposition for each one minute round with a minute rest after every five challengers. Nice to see Michael Imperato coaching his less experienced teammate from the sidelines. Nate is in tough with guys like the UFC’s Johnny Eduardo. Stark likes how this training will help bring his game up. Stark takes a couple good head kicks, gets tapped, and more which is expected in such tough training. Amilcar Alves, former UFC fighter, offers help during his minute break.

After eight opponents, Stark looks to take a break, but no one is allowed to quit. “You can’t stop”, yell the Nova Uniao students. “I just wanted to finish and die on the spot,” claims Stark after the experience. Stark wanted to quit but everyone was so supportive. “Training is hard. Life is easy!”

Imperato has not been invited to spar since passing on the shark tank earlier in the training session (which we saw at the end of Episode 2).  Stark survives the Shark Tank and is now an honorary member of Nova Uniao.  Imperato asks to go into the shark tank after passing on the opportunity earlier.

Kara Kirsh says Imperato “did not have any striking ability. He is hoping to slip a punch and go for the takedown and when that does not work for him, he gets resentful.”  Imperato is bleeding under his eye and Marlon Sandro tells him to get it looked at.  “I am throwing light jabs and these guys are throwing bombs at my face,” says Imperato.  “I got cut today.  I’ve trained four years and never got a cut.”

Kirsh says Imperato “complains he is beaten up, but everyone is beaten up. He is not unique in any way in how he was treated.”  Looks like the cut is “just a scratch,” says a Nova Uniao teammate.  No chance of a fight being cancelled for that.  Imperato goes back in the tank to face challenger #2.  These guys are quite bigger than the Canadian Bantamweight so it is hard to take him down.  Usually a week out of a fight, training is lighter as the weight cutting process has begun.  “It’s not the smartest way to train before a fight,” indicates Imperato.  Imperato says he has a bruised rib, so he quits the shark tank.  He is told to ice it up and rest for tomorrow’s training.

Kirsh goes into the shark tank next.  “It was intense.  It was overwhelming,” says Kirsh following the experience.  “You start feeling confused,” she says.  Obviously, the guys are not tagging her as hard as they were tagging Imperato and Stark, who’s bells were rung a couple time.  The team makes Kara’s last two rounds two and a half minutes as her conditioning is high.

The three meet with Andre Pederneiras.  He explains that training before a fight is very hard before the fight.  He does say the week before a fight, his fighters take it easier. Next session is grappling the next day at 9:00 am.

Three find WiFi and talk with friends back home.

Imperato does not have a fight lined up yet.  He has turned down an opponent that he says would have been “a war”.  He admits he “is not ready to take that big risk.”

Next Episode: Anderson Silva, Junior Dos Santos make appearances.  Imperato gets “mopey” and says he will “book his own trip home.”


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  1. Boooo says:

    Imperato sounds like a champ

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  2. Jamie Locke says:

    Sounds like a waste of an opportunity…

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  3. Peek-a-boo says:


    Nate gets beat up and lose’s his fight.

    Kara was getting beat up and pulled a hail mary submission to get a come from behind win.

    Imperato, does not fight.

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  4. BOOBOO says:


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  5. ?!?! says:

    Sounds like Imperato is the smartest one and doesn’t let anyone take advantage or walk over him. Can’t wait to see more of this kid

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  6. really ? says:

    ………….^………..says tapstar coach.

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  7. tap dez nuts says:

    Tap star is the Jersey shore of the mma world

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