AFC 18: Mayhem – Weigh-In Results


AFC-THUMBAggression FC 18 goes down tonight from the Bear Mountain Arena in Victoria, BC. The event will featured a Welterweight #1 contender bout between Michael Hill and Joel Powell.  The winner of the bout will challenge Ryan Ford at Aggression FC 19 in Edmonton this summer. In the co-main event, UFC Veteran Kalib Starnes takes on rising Middleweight prospect  David Perron. You can get a live stream of tonight’s fights HERE or keep it locked on Top MMA News for live quick results.

Here are the weigh-in results:

Pro Fights:
170lbs- Michael Hill (170.5) vs. Joel Powell (169)
185lbs- David Perron (185) vs. Kalib Starnes (186)
185lbs- Tristan Connelly (180) vs. Jonathon Dubois (186)
170lbs- Miles Anstead (171) vs. Ash Mashreghi (170.5)
145lbs- Dillon Brown (146) vs. Taylor Parker (146)

Amateur Fights:
160lbs- Alexi Argyriou (160) vs. Thomas Proppe (160)
145lbs- Shane Jung (144.5) vs. Guy Gauthier (146)
145lbs- Ty Daggis (145) vs. JR Cuevas (144)
148lbs- Jason Driese (148) vs. Marcos da Silva (148)

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  1. BigDaddyKane says:

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  2. Darren Owen says:

    BidDaddyPav I’ve explained it before but I will explain it again. Bear Mountain Arena is situated on West Shore Parks and Recreation Society land. Now you’re going to have to do some research on what Society land technically is. It’s not municipal land and it’s not native land. The land is joint owned by 5 different municipalities who have specifically created a society. Which basically means it is it’s own city governed by their board of directors. Their board of directors adopted the ISCF as their sanctioning body. The ISCF commissioner was on contact yesterday with Eric Hunter who is the Dawson Creek commissioner to confirm the status of DuBois suspension he received last Friday. So feel free to call Mr. Hunter and waste his time. This is the 10th event at this venue with the same commission in place. If it wasn’t recognized by any of the other commissions in Canada then how have previous AFC athletes been able to compete at your event in Edmonton, in Calgary, Quebec, Manitoba, Naniamo, Las Vegas, California etc. etc. etc.

    Now you have a great day, I know I will.

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  3. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    ^^^ BigDaddyPav lol! People need to have their facts straight before popping off, only makes them look bad!

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  4. big daddy poop says:


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  5. Donald Duck says:



    Way to support the sport boys.


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  6. AMLEHTC says:

    I think the 160 fight was on like a weeks notice so I don’t care about that one, but the 148 seems odd

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  7. Cody r says:

    Not a big deal when they both come in at that, it’s when ones 148 and the others 145 is when complaining makes sense, o and it’s Ammy

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  8. LOL says:

    Guys they are amatures,give them a break they are still learning.
    If it was the professionals then you could complain.

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  9. Darren Owen says:

    Both were short notice replacements.

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