Canadian Rumour Mill – May 13, 2013

photo: Rob Trudeau

photo: Rob Trudeau

Well, we ALMOST had “Ragin” Kajan Johnson back to action. Kajan, who’s been out of action since MFC 31 in October of 2011, had accepted to fight UFC vet Jason Dent on June 1st. But Dent seemingly was not as eager to take on Johnson and seemingly decided to go a different route. Where does that leave us? With one of Canada’s best Lightweight talents sitting on the shelf waiting for a fight, sigh!

  • Speaking of long layoffs, how about nearly three years! Good news, wait no longer as Ryan “The Lion” Diaz is finally back in action as he takes on Yusup Saadulaev at One FC 9 on May 31st in the Philippines!
  • Former boxing world champion Ricardo Mayorga’s win over Canadian Wesley Tiffer has been taken away.  The Nicaraguan MMA commission has overturned the decision to a No Contest and suspended Mayorga.
  • Anna Barone will compete in Florida for Championship Fighting Alliance on May 24th taking on Ashlee Evans-Smith (1-0).
  • Canada’s MMA Amazing Race’s is moving on from Ontario and its next stop is Vancouver, British Columbia. This untapped MMA hotbed is about to become open for professional MMA business by the end of May once the provincial commission starts up. Top MMA News has heard that both AFC and the MFC are looking into putting on summer shows in Vancouver and we imagine that Battlefield Fight League’s Jay Golshani must be knocking on the commission’s door as well. Who will be first? 

  • The inaugural Challenge MMA event was a success, so promoter Gary Chartrand will be holding Challenge MMA 2 on August 17 ​​at the Centre Pierre Charbonneau in Montreal. Look for Olivier Aubin-Mercier, who had Theo Toney pull out late from their Challenge MMA 1 fight, and Aiemann Zahabi to be on the card.
  • When Metallica comes to town Nothing Else Matters and that is why Xcessive Force Fighting Championship (XFFC) will push their second show up a week to July 20 as to not compete with the legendary band.
  • Sheldon Westcott’s next fight will most likely be at Middleweight and probably for Aggression. Two weight cuts in two months is enough so Westcott will give his body a break and fight at 185. Having seen Sheldon Westcott in action, I’m sure he’ll still be in sexy shape for his 185lbs bout.
  • Jon Henderson knocked out his opponent, Gustavo Rodriguez, in the 2nd round at Road 2 Glory USA this past weekend.

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115 Responses to “ Canadian Rumour Mill – May 13, 2013 ”

  1. Juat Sayin says:

    TIM, it was just some advice from a fan of yours,correction, from a fan no more of yours that has been around the fight game for 20+ yrs.
    That seriously wanted to see you make a come back and do well.
    TINKS right your a douche!

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  2. Idolmaker says:

    The Words spreading!!!!

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  3. Idolmaker says:

    Only a shirtless Facebook self shot can retain your fans now tim!!! Haha

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  4. t.r.o.n says:

    I cant believe this but im actually in complete agreement with Mr.Quinn! I really used to like Tim, The thing is it isnt like he didnt have haters before. Actually he did, But it was in the way he dealt with them that made it easy for me to like him. It was all part of his charm. Its too bad, cause in the past i’ve offered up his name to sponsors/fight biz people as someone they would be proud to have representing them. I can no longer say that i will do that. Some people cant handle the pressure of being in the spotlight.

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  5. 714nameless says:

    Should change “no one wants to fight Kajan” to “Kajan can’t find an opponent tha will give him an eazy W”

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  6. PUCK says:

    ha ha ya I’m kinda at a loss to with why he don’t fight more often too? I tend to think he gets a WAY too much props for what he’s done. Which aint too much. Not to be rude just saying?

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  7. TimHague says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  8. Sean Quinn says:

    I rest my case. You’re a douche. Make whatever excuses you want for being a prick, you choose what you say on here. You’re a fucking baby.

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  9. Idolmaker says:

    It’s easy to play humble, being humble is an everyday process. I agree with Quinn wholeheartedly.

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  10. Idolmaker says:

    I bet you’d be different if body by vi would have panned out….haha.

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  11. Judontknow says:

    Misha couldn’t finish a middleweight in Mokdad or a 1-0 fighter in Cherdivara. I don”t see him beating, let alone finishing Desilets, Bosse, or Valamaki.

    Chemelli would likely give him fits. We all saw how he did against a well rounded guy like Boughton.

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  12. WARDOG says:

    Thanks Vlad the pleasures all mine,looking forward to working with you again with my next fight.

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  13. Robin Black says:

    Misha would have zero trouble with Desilets. Desilets is exciting and I’m a huge fan but Misha’s strengths and Martin’s weaknesses.

    It’d be over pretty quick.

    I’d think Misha would fight 1 or 2 more times on the way to Bosse or Victor, he’s on the way tho.

    I’d love to see Bosse vs Valimaki!!

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  14. harry balls says:

    Misha could easily get ko’d by Desilets. I don’t think it’s a walk at all.

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  15. TapStars Nuts says:


    Please quit hanging off of us , it gets tired carrying you around all day!

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  16. Donald Duck says:

    @TapStars Nuts – Robin is three apples tall and weighs less than the change I have in my pocket. Maybe you need to be less sensitive.


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  17. RickRoll says:

    What has Hague really done besides the hail mary guillotine on Pat Barry?

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  18. Demitri (trev) says:

    I agree, mishas strengths are desilets weaknesses. Just like perosh’s strengths are te hunas weaknesses…

    We all know how that turned out…

    Robin, I wouldn’t hang off his nuts to much until he finishes a tough opponent. Which he has yet to do.

    Again. I have said it all along. I like misha. But this is getting crazy. He has yet to accomplish anything

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  19. Robin Black says:

    Literally just callins thems as I sees thems.

    I agree Misha needs a signature win.

    I think Desilets would be that signature win for him if the fight happens.

    Desilets is so fun to watch (and great fun to call, I’ve called a few of his fights and its big fun) but he is basically a heavy handed berzerker.

    As fans, we love those guys.

    But they fatigue so fast, especially when on their back.

    Of course Martin could ko Misha, he can literally ko a rhino.

    But more likely he would exhaust himself trying to get off his back then get choked.

    Please don’t get me wrong, I am a huge Martin Desilets fan, I would watch him fight every weekend if I could.

    Also re: nuts.

    Like I said, I calls them as I sees them. There’s lots of talent in this country and these guys are a fascinating example of a unique success based heavily on specialization. Which I find super cool.

    Also re: talent….

    Keep an eye on Chad Laprise man!

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  20. Robin Black says:

    Also re: nuts

    I’m friendly with the tapstar guys but have no bias whatsoever.

    Altho Sam is at the top of my list of coaches I want to do some privates with (there are so many great coaches- I wish there was more days in the week) but haven’t got to yet, I’m not often in a training room with these guys.

    I’m mostly interested in them because of HOW they’re succeeding.

    I’ve been interested in the concept of specialists being able to rise to the top in the sport again for awhile, and these guys are examples of it.

    A few years ago, “well rounded” was the buzz word.

    The way a lot of us started to view that was to start spending less time on jiu jitsu and to put that time into wrestling and striking and conditioning.

    Its a great idea, but how will we deal with guys who dove deeper into jiu jitsu during this era of even training time distribution?

    If we spend 4 hours a week on jiu jitsu (while distributing that time in other areas), how will we deal with guys who spend 12 hours a week on it?

    Over 2 or 3 years of this conflicting training distribution, how dominant will the specialists be over the “well rounded” trainers when the fight gets to their area of expertise?

    That’s been a concept I’ve been fascinated with for awhile.

    And these guys are a perfect team to watch to get the answers.

    Cool beans if you’re a fight nerd like me.

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  21. TimHague says:

    @Rickroll apparently I’ve done just enough for you to keep talking about me son.

    @SeanQuinn sorry that Im a baby. I hope you can get over it. Ill just keep on not caring in the meantime. ;-) pussy

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  22. Sean Quinn says:

    Right on tim. That’s why people don’t like you. You’re not even a heel. You’re just a douche that most people wish would retire and fade away.
    But good luck fighting middleweights. I’m sure it will work out much like the last middleweight fight did.
    ;) pussy

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  23. Jeff Harrison says:

    Jacare last night=Perfect example Robin! Wow.

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  24. EPerez says:

    Cant stand, ‘Its an honour to fight him’. Really? Was it an honour? Was it sweet? Fighters, stop.

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  25. Jeff Harrison says:

    For a fighter maybe it’s not an honour. For the martial artist or warrior it is. Keep it classy:)

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  26. Atom Tom says:

    Robin Black is a big supporter of mma and many schools/gyms, no one in particular. He tries to help everyone as best he can. I’m sure it is very much appreciated when he speaks so highly of the above mentioned gym

    I find it sad how Hague went from being the top heavyweight in Canada, to this trashy talker looking for all these big fights in a shameful way. You would get a lot further by showing some ethics and act like a former UFC fighter, instead of a petty meathead. But if he does lose to Starnes, he should hang up the gloves for good, though Quinn is in no position to tell anyone to give up fighting when their career is at the end, especially a lower level calibre fighter. The recent injury is a good example of reason to

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  27. Demitri (trev) says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  28. RickRoll says:

    Sean Quinn is correct. It is hard to be a fan of Tim Hague. Every time the guy opens his mouth he loses more fans. He is losing to middleweights in small Canadian shows then someone thinks calling out Frank Mir is a good idea. Hague is full of drama like a school girl. It seems he retires and then finds his passion in life every other week. The guy has mental problems.

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  29. Demitri (trev) says:

    Guys, I am serious. Who is Quinn to beak? 13 people thumbed down my comment but not one person told me what Quinn has done with the sport? That’s what’s wrong with this site.

    Hague has fought some dynamite fighters, some of the top in the world with mitrioni and barry. Real tough dudes.

    I don’t know Quinn all that much. Maybe he’s done something I don’t know. Literally, what has he done to call other people “pussys?”

    Theres no logic on this site. Just a bunch of goof offs. Probably most of them are the same person. Can’t imagine how many fake names there are.

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  30. Oilcity30 says:

    Tim Hague comes of as asshole that’s why people don’t like. Read some of his twitter posts some of those are also reasons. Tim Hague is 1-4 in UFC congrats on makin it he holds record for getting knocked the fuck out quickest maybe that’s what he will be remembered for. Ya he has some big fights lost almost all of them. I was a big Hague fan starte following him on twitter and reading his comments and realized not a fan at all of the new Hague. If your gonna keep fighting tim step up the completion that’s only way to get back to bigs. Starnes and Jordan Tracey ain’t doing nothing for your career but giving you an oversized undeserved pay check. Sadly it seems that’s all your in it for. Ido wish ya the best and I miss the old Hague that all just another goof off signing off lol

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  31. Idolmaker says:

    Why can’t he say anything about Hague. Because of who he’s fought, he’s untouchable? Fuck him!!! I agree with Quinn, most of the time, he speaks his mind, and that’s respectable. Is he always right? No, but he’s always honest, and his character doesn’t change, whereas Hague doesn’t have a polarizing character, but more of a bipolar character. I’m jadEd? Fuck off!!! :,(

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  32. LOL says:

    your just as bad all you do is come on here and slam fighters, coaches,managers,etc.
    who the fuck are you to say shit,what have you done that gives you more right than anyone else to voice your opinion!
    hypocrisy at its best!!!

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  33. Oilcity30 says:

    Awaiting moderation huh???

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  34. Joe Doerksen says:

    Last time I saw Quinn, he bought me breakfast. So I’m pretty much never gonna be able to hate him.

    Also never had trouble getting along with Hague.

    If they don’t wanna like each other, guess it’s none of my business.

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  35. Demitri (trev) says:

    I only slam wardogs coach and the MFC. Then Last week mishas fan base, which I believe was you “lol” for coming on here bashing everyone else and fighters from other gyms.

    Evidently you have not been around this forum long enough. I’m a big fan of all fighters, I know the work they put in, it’s insane. I rarely bash fighters, unless they are slamming other people I very rarely will jump in. I rarely even give my predictions when two good Canadian boys fight cause I don’t start drama.

    Get your facts straight moron

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  36. Sean Quinn says:

    Hague called me a pussy. I just thought it was funny to return the insult. And to be honest with you, from what I know of him from people that do/have trained and spent time with him… He is a pussy.
    But you’re right, who am I to have an opinion or to speak my mind?
    At least I don’t come off like a little girl with a skinned knee.

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  37. Sean Quinn says:

    Last remark was aimed at Tim, not Demetri .

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  38. Demitri (trev) says:

    I would imagine I’ll start jumping at people quicker though. Unfortunately my hatrid is increasing because of some people on this site.

    No one will give people the props they deserve. Our boys that make it to the big show don’t get credit because others are jealous. Jealousy spreads like wildfire on here. Not speaking about guys like Hague, but many others who get ripped on.

    Why so much hate? Be happy for people.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 5 Thumb down 6

  39. LOL says:

    Actually there are a few Lol’s on this forum, I never hate on anyone,I give my opinions on matchups I like and that’s it.
    As for Hudson, I’m a big fan,being I’m from Ontario and as for slamming his coach why would you. From what I know he has coached him to 2 titles now, the XCC Amateur Heavyweight Title and now a professional Title in the Fivestar Fight League Heavyweight Title.
    There’s not alot of coaches out there that could claim the same.He must be doing something right.
    As for calling me a moron thanx shows your intelligence, since I never Insulted you.
    And as for Misha’s fan base, they are entitled to their opinions just like yourself.
    Like I said Hypocrisy at it’s best!

    Well-loved! Thumb up 6 Thumb down 1

  40. just saying says:

    Dear Just Sayin
    You have claimed over 20 years in martial arts, i too can also make a similar claim. I have competed in the Karate tournament scene on and off for well over a decade, although i have never been close to the best i have always participated and trained in many aspects of martial arts. I believe that is is such a great lifestyle because of the astounding changes it can have on an individuals life. But you sir have apparently not taken it the same way i have, all i see of you on here is you insulting various fighters. Seems very pathetic to a man with that much time invested in this sport to be trying to bully some 20 year old kids or downplay the accomplishments of others. Maybe you need to start to compete again as you obviously are not satisfied with what you have done in the sport. As a man in his 40’s it just seams really pitiful to come on this site and just be so negative. Strong people help others up, not put others down….maybe its you who needs to grow up?
    Good Day Sir,
    Martial Artist
    P.S. love the site for the news, dislike the negativity from the 70% of the posters. Some people just love to compete….why is that wrong?

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 3 Thumb down 7

  41. Oilcity30 says:

    Why is it wrong to state opinion negative or positive nobody should ever have there feelings hurt by what they read on here. It all just Internet nansence it keeps everyone coming back I love this website. I believe the great Robin Black once said it actually kind of addicting. Some people really take this stuff to seriously every buddy just relax.

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  42. Just Sayin says:

    Tell me one time I as Just Sayin has insulted any fighter.
    I have not,I liked Tim as a fighter and was just giving him some advice,because I wanted to see him do well.
    It wasn’t until he was being ignorant to me that I said I was not a fan anymore and agreed with Mr.Quinn.
    You need to get your facts straight and make sure you are speaking to the right person as I’m sure more than one person uses this alias!

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  43. I'll Say It says:

    Hey Tim why is it you always have something to say until somebody brings up Wardog then you disappear?

    Why dont you take the fight with him?

    Well-loved! Thumb up 8 Thumb down 0

  44. TimHague says:

    Sure. Im down whenever, wherever. You guys sure talk about ke lots for being an “irrelevant fighter” keeps me paid though so thanks. Also I do have mental problems. Thanks for pointing that out. I was diagnosed with depression so yeah I probably am pretty fucked in the head, but Im gonna push through and try and make the nost of it.

    Doesn’t bither me that people who have never met me, hate me. You giys all watch me fight and I love you for it cause like I said, it raises my drawing power and paycheques :-D

    Much love

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  45. TimHague says:

    Bring on wardog fortin whomever. I dont care.

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  46. Sean Quinn says:

    Shut up already.

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  47. paul hudson says:


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  48. Stompin' Tom says:

    I’d really like to see that rematch. Wardog went into the first one on very short notice and way too much respect for Hague’s abilities(or lack their of). Hudson just has to fight the same way as his last fight and he will win

    Well-loved! Thumb up 5 Thumb down 0

  49. TimHague says:

    I better watch out. Sean Quinn apparently “runs this forum.” Hey man, congrats on your greatest mma accomplishment thus far. Im headed out to work on being a bigger pussy. Sean ill shut my mouth, or stop talking when you make me. Till then, ill be right here sir.

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  50. TimHague says:

    I’ve already said. Set it up. Whenever wherever. I was a fat mess in that fight.

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