UGC 32 Recap

Neelan Hordatt-Reece defeats Jonathan Belair

Neelan Hordatt-Reece (photo: Julian Cymbalista-Clapp)

The UGC’s patented combination of decisionless cards and uneven match-ups featuring foreign opponents returned to Montreal Friday, as the Ultimate Generation Combat held its 32nd event, titled Moment of Truth, at the Centre Claude-Robillard. Mixing boxing and mixed martial arts, the card held five MMA bouts that took place in a boxing ring before a crowd of approximately 550 fans.

Neelan Hordatt-Reece defeats Jonathan Belair by TKO (Punches) in Round 1, 3:40
In the evening’s main event, 23 year-old Torontonian Neelan Hordatt-Reece picked apart local fighter Jonathan Belair (2-3), in an impressive showing for the Grants MMA student. Chopping away with an unceasing leg-kick assault, Hordatt-Reece was forced to defend himself from Belair’s counter-game. As he continued to connect, Hordatt-Reece landed a series of clean hooks and straights in the corner. Dazed and about to get hit with more of the same, Belair was spared when referee Philippe Chartier stepped in to end the fight. Cornered by the UFC’s Sean Pierson, Hordatt-Reece moved to 3-0 with the win.

Lily-white, with a pronounced Michael K. Williams-like scar across his left cheek, Belair is for his part a curious case. While the majority of his fellow Ali Nestor Charles-coached teammates have benefited from advantageous bookings, Belair has been overmatched (skill-wise) against Ontario opponents (Hordatt-Reece, Randy Turner, Michael Imperato) in three of his four previous fights, dating the back to 2011. First-round losses were the result every time.

Romanas Siaudinis submits Massimo Rendinella at UGC 32

Romanas Siaudinis (photo: Julian Cymbalista-Clapp)

Romanas Siaudinis submits Massimo Rendinella via Americana arm-lock at 4:51 of Round 2.
Siaudinis, 21, riding an undistinguished five-fight losing streak, was one of a team of Lithuanian boxers and mixed martial artists flown in to serve as easy wins for local fighters. Up against experienced Sanshou practitioner Massimo Rendinella, who grandly entered to “Sunrise,” better known as Ric Flair’s entrance music, Siaudinis’s role was clear. Evidently, he missed the memo.

Getting taken down directly into full mount an astonishing four times by Rendinella (0-1) in the opening round, Siaudinis (2-5) ate a steady diet of short elbows and punches that had his left eye swelling shut and a series of cuts opening along his buzz-cut skull. Managing to sweep out of the final takedown as time ran out, Rendinella finished the first round down on the score cards.

As his teammate Sergej Drob shouted out an interminable series of instructions in Russian, prompting a lower-the-volume request from Commissioner Michel Hamelin, a battered Siaudinis continued to be taken down at will in the second round. Finally managing to sweep out from the bottom after ending upon his back for a third time, Siaudinis turned toward Rendinella from side-control and wrapped his opponent’s left arm around his leg, forcing the tap via an arm-and-leg Americana, much to the crowd’s chagrin.


Ali Nestor Charles defeats Sergej Drob via TKO (liver punch) at 2:42 of Round 1.
Entering the ring pre-bout with his two boxing titles in tow (because, Hey, why not?) promoter Nestor Charles (9-5) escaped utterly unscathed, patiently circling his opponent, landing jabs and blocking a takedown, before finishing Drob (2-5-1) with a single shot. Instantly collapsing the way fighters tend to after taking a clean punch to the liver, Drob, a visible half-foot shorter than Charles, was spared subsequent facial damage as referee Eric Phillipeaux stepped in. Having scored his eighth straight win over middling competition, Charles, 39, took a quick moment post-fight to admonish a heckler in the crowd.

Fritz Paul submits Rimgaudas Kutkaitis at UGC 32

Fritz Paul (photo: Julian Cymbalista-Clapp)

Fritz Paul submits Rimgaudas Kutkaitis via ankle-lock at 1:40 of Round 1.
In action for only the second time over the last six-and-a-half years, Fritz Paul (10-3) sunk in a quick submission in his first appearance since September 2009. After having an early kick caught by Kutkaitis (10-17), Paul was taken down. As Kutkaitis attempted to rain down punches from his feet, Paul wrapped himself around his leg, pulling his Lithuanian opponent down with a knee-bar attempt, which he subsequently transitioned into an ankle lock. After getting the tap, Paul, 35, displayed his exuberance with an old-school Ultimate Warrior rope shake, much to the crowd’s delight.

Speaking post-fight, Paul attributed his extended down-time to needing to raise his young children and evolving a fight style he feared had become predictable. Back in action after Friday’s tune-up bout, Paul said he was looking to resume a more frequent fight schedule going forward.

Kyle Nelson defeats Maxime Dubois at UGC 32

Kyle Nelson (photo: Julian Cymbalista-Clapp)

Kyle Nelson defeats Maxime Dubois via TKO (ground-and-pound) at 1:36 of Round 2.
In the evening’s opening bout, 22 year-old Muskokan Kyle Nelson improved to 3-0 with a vicious come-from-behind TKO. After appearing stiff on his feet in the opening frame, absorbing jabs, lefts, and a plethora of leg kicks from Dubois (3-1), Nelson looked to be five minutes into a decision loss. The second round seemed to be headed the same way until Nelson unleashed a strong left hook to the liver. Dubois, whose southpaw stance left him exposed, let out an audible moan and attempted to respond with a takedown. Fighting off the attempt, Nelson doubled down with a second hook to the liver, which instantly dropped Dubois. Wasting no time, Nelson pounded down on his cornered and crumpled opponent until the referee quickly put an end to the fight.

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