ECC 17 Results – Theodorou ECC Champ, Gross Tops Johnson


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Extreme Cage Combat is holding its Rise of Champions card at the Halifax Forum in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Derek Leblanc is cageside bringing all the results from tonight’s action.

Unfortunately, the Jon Williams versus Ken MacLeod fight is cancelled as MacLeod fell in the shower today and injured himself.

Here are the results:

Elias Theodorou defeats Mike Kent by TKO in Round 1, 1:54
***Theodorou is the ECC Middleweight champion
***Mike Kent announces retirement

Jesse Gross defeats Tristan Johnson by Unanimous Decision (30-27 x 3)
Pat Carroll submits Zack Quinlan by Arm Triangle in Round 2, 1:06
Morteza Shashi defeats Josh Walker by TKO (Knee strike) in Round 1, 4:35
Dylan Mercer submits Robin Smith by Anaconda in Round 1, 2:32
Tyler Lee submits Brian Johnson by Tapout due to Strikes in Round 1, 4:51
Chad Symonds defeats Matt Heim by TKO(ground and pound) in Round 1, 1:59


29 Responses to “ ECC 17 Results – Theodorou ECC Champ, Gross Tops Johnson ”

  1. J says:

    F^(k yeah grossey!! #3 ranked FW in Canada now bitches

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  2. Jeff Harrison says:

    Good to see Elias finish a tough guy! Congrats to all fighters

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  3. Cody Rempel says:

    Wow… Kent retired, seems a little pre-mature, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him back in the cage somewhere down the line! MMA retirements rarely stick! haha

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  4. Cody r says:

    Ooh I think krahn might not be too pleased about retirement, I don’t know you mike kent but sorry for your loss and hope your retirement goes the way u want it to

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  5. mike Kent says:

    Just wanna make a quick comment: first of all congrats to Elias on a great performance he’s the champ and is going far . Just to make things clear I am not retiring due to loss. I can no longer devote the ammount of time and effort it takes to be competitive with people like Elias and the rest of the best.

    This sport is not a hobby when fighting guys like that . U need to be fully devoted and now with a wife toddler and other baby coming I’m going to fully devote my time to my family , they have had the shitty end of things for a long time and deserve more .

    Fightings been great and I love it and will stay around forever helping out.

    As for cody krahn I know what happened to him was unfair and I feel bad for his situation . If he wanted to request a no contest I would agree to it so there’s no bad feelings , thanks for the good times :)

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  6. Robin Black says:

    Congrats to Elias.

    Just a great guy and a great fighter.

    Stay positive Mike lots left for you in this great sport if you still love it.

    Congrats on a great show all.

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  7. snyper mcgrath says:

    Spoken like a man. Proud of you Mike


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  8. Demitri (trev) says:

    100 bucks says we see kent back within a year.

    He’s emotional, it was a tough loss, but you can’t take the fighter out of him.

    See you soon mike. I don’t buy it for a minute

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  9. Mrs. Kent says:

    Win or lose this retirement was happening. If I have/had anything to say about it anyways lol
    Thanks to all of mikes fans, friends and family who have supported him through his amazing unforgetful journey.

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  10. Cody Rempel says:

    Well, the boss has spoken… happy retirement Mike! haha

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  11. mike Kent says:

    I did well with what I had . I’m from the east coast fought on the east coast and won fights against guys with similar records. The last year I’ve stepped up competition with mixed results am I ever going to be in the ufc ? No . Was I ever gonna be a world beater no .I knew that before this fight .it doesn’t mean that I didbt bring some skill to the table . Fightings a real tough sport . When your not on you get exposed. I have zero regrets and am glad to say I took part in it. Win or lose I’m Happyy to have competed ! Which is more then most can say. Retiring from here as well so bash away

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  12. snyper mcgrath says:

    Lol. Seeing that my post will probably get deleted, here is an offer to you, you psuedo poster. Peter ‘Snyper’Mcgrath. Edmonton Complete Fitness. Let s discuss what it takes to be a fighter.

    Keith you need to start implementing a systen where guys who want to expresstheir opiions here need to do so under avreal name.

    Posts like Lol are fighter bashing and should not be tolertated.

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  13. mike Kent says:

    No big deal snyper . One of the nicer things people have said about me on here lol . Its all good

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  14. There is no doubt that it is tough working full time at a career to support your family while trying to train for guys like Theodorou.

    Maybe we will see you back in the cage in a year just like Dwayne Lewis could not stay away.

    Or maybe we won’t.

    Either way, thanks for the fights Mike. Getting in that cage 11 times and winning 9 of them is impressive.

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  15. snyper mcgrath says:

    Ok Mike. But keith know two post deleted? Lol curious as to why? For calling someone out? That ship is sailing everyday areound here toward fighters

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  16. Snyper…one was automatically deleted due to a word used in your post.

    LOL’s was removed.

    I removed your’s that asked to remove LOL’s. I can re-add it if you want. It just did not make sense now.

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  17. snyper mcgrath says:

    Keith. I see you deleted Lol s post. Lol delete mine as well then . Props

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  18. snyper mcgrath says:

    Lol offer is still open above. Man up

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  19. Mike kent says:

    I don’t know if I didn’t work and if I was training full time if I would have anything to offer guys like Thedorou . I just new that I wanted to fight them , if fought three times since November and itt really started to take away from the time I could spend home and when I was home I’m just too tired to be a fun dad , I am never gonna say never , 3 or 4 years when the kids get a bit older and our situation is different then maybe ill reconsider , one thing for sure is I’m gonna keep training and learning and cheering for guys that do have the chance to train all day every day and will make it like Luke harris, Elias and the rest

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  20. Ryan Stewart says:

    mike nobody can take anything away from you because nobody gave anything to you .you fought hard and gave on lookers an entertaining bout everytime .enjoy your time away with your family

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  21. Woodrow says:

    Any play by play for grossey and tristans fight?

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  22. Tyler Lee says:

    Great job Mike Kent! Thank you, for the display of a great career.

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  23. Tyler Lee says:

    Great job Mike Kent! Thank you, for displaying an inspirational career.

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  24. War Gi says:

    How did Elias win? Sherdog says punches but on here it said injury?

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  25. Cody Krahn says:

    Sorry to hear Mike, totally respect you wanting to spend more time with your family.

    Plenty of other guys I want to rematch anyways.

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  26. Rino Belcastro says:

    Big wins by 2 Ontario fighters– congrats to jess and his camp, ATC- Ontario’s home of mma. And Elias for another win.

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  27. harry balls says:

    Late to this thread, but good luck and safe travels to you, Mike Kent. You took a lotta shit on here but you weren’t afraid to mix it up. Whatever you wind up doing, I wish you the best.

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  28. Kyle Stoltz says:

    Elias vs. Harris? What do you guys think?

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