Challenge MMA Play-by-Play – Garcia, Bossé Victorious


‘Big Win’ Don Wilson is at the Arena Isabelle Brasseur in St-Jean sur Richelieu, Quebec to see the debut event for Challenge MMA. Hit refresh to see updates as the fights happen!

Top MMA News

  • Fight of the Night: Ryan Dickson vs Alex Garcia
  • Submission of the Night: Michael Imperato
  • Knockout of the Night: Strahinja Gavrilovic

Here is the Play-by-Play:

Steve Bossé vs. Caleb Grummet
Rd1: Grummet looking to strike early but Bossé ducking and weaving. Bossé starts to light up Grummet with a big flurry that has him wobbly. Grummet shoots in for a big double and puts Bossé on the mat. Grummet lands a few shots as Bossé works his way back to his feet. Grummet dives for another takedown but Bossé stuffs it. Both men throwing down with Bossé getting the better of the exchange. Bossé grabs the plum and lands some brutal knees. Bossé opened a cut up on Grummet and the bout is halted for the doctor to check it out. Seems ok, let’s continue. Grummet comes charging out looking for the takedown but Bossé defends. Grummet forces the action against the cage. Bossé lands a takedown of his own and some ground and pound as the round finishes. It seems the cut is just too bad and the doctor calls the fight after the completion of the first round.
Steve Bossé defeats Caleb Grummet via TKO (doctor’s stoppage) at 5:00 of Rd1

Ryan Dickson vs Alex Garcia
Rd1: Dickson lands a jab to start us off. Garcia misses with a kick and haymaker right but backed Dickson into the cage, lifts him up, and slams him to the mat. Garcia in Dickson’s half guard staying heavy and tight. Garcia picking his shots on top a few to the body then one to the head. Garcia postures up and lands 3 big shots. Garcia landing a few more shots from top position as Dickson regains guard only to have Garcia pass back to half. Garcia stands and delivers two big punches that bounce Dickson’s head off the mat just as the horn sounds.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Garcia

Rd2: Garcia kicks to the body and Dickson catches it but can’t finish the takedown. Garcia wobbles Dickson with a right left overhand combo then shoots in and takes the fight to the floor. Dickson escapes back to his feet but eats a huge Garcia right hand. Dickson ducks under and scores a big ankle pick takedown, takes full mount, Garcia turns and Dickson sinks in the hooks and is looking for the choke. Garcia fights off the first attempt. Dickson more interested in position than softening Garcia up with punches. Garcia turns again and Dickson has full mount. Now Dickson with a couple of hammer fists. Dickson unloads a few more before the buzzer sounds.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Dickson

Rd3: Garcia comes out and dives straight for the single leg and gets the takedown. Big downward elbow from Garcia. Again Garcia staying tight while on top. Dickson trying to create space and even elevate Garcia but to no avail. Dickson while looking to get up gives his back but Garcia doesn’t take choosing to punch instead which allows Dickson back up. Dickson gets caught by a vicious right hand that opens up his forehead. The fight is halted so the doctor can check the cut, but it’s not that bad so back to it. On the restart, Garcia lands a sloppy double leg on Dickson right against the fence. A tired Garcia lands weak punches as the round comes to an end.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Garcia
Alex Garcia defeats Ryan Dickson via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-27?)

Strahinja Gavrilovic vs. Ben Gallant
Rd1: Two clubbing hooks from Gallant start us off. Both men exchange massive flurries at centre cage. Big jab by Gallant an even bigger hook by Gavrilovic. Another vicious exchanges of power punches by both men, Gavrilovic grabs the Clinch and lands some solid uppercuts. Gallant with another big overhand right and Gavrilovic responds with a powerful straight. Gallant tries to drag Gavrilovic to the mat but to no avail and now Gavrilovic is unloading shots on the downed Gallant. The ref jumps in and saves Gallant from further punishment.
Strahinja Gavrilovic defeats Ben Gallant via TKO at 4:13 of Rd1

Dominic Trepanier vs. Vanja Vojvodic
Rd1: both men landing some crisp shots to start us off. Trepanier gets Vojvodic to the mat and proceeds to unload a massive barrage of ground and pound. Trepanier transitions to side control and coaxes the tap via Kimura.
Dominic Trepanier submits Vanja Vojvodic via Kimura at 1:36 of Rd1

Derek Gauthier vs. Keven Morin
Rd1: Fight starts off against the fence both men exchanging knees to the mid section from the clinch. Big stiff jab from Gauthier. Vicious leg kick by Gauthier but Morin counter with an overhand right. Another overhand right from Morin misses but his counter left connects. Another power shot from Morin puts Gauthier on the mat and Morin follows him down into his guard. Gauthier creates distance and looks to use the cage to return to his feet but Morin stays heavy on him. Gauthier finally makes it back to his feet but Morin sticking to him like glue against the fence and landing short shots as the round closes put.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Morin

Rd2: big flurry by Morin starts us off. Morin rushes in for another flurry but Gauthier ducks under and secures the double leg but Morin bounces right back up. Morin pushing Gauthier up against the cage. Gauthier now starting to catch Morin as he rushes in. Big knee by Gauthier lands as Morin bull rushes again. Morin catches Gauthier on the chin with a couple wild punches. Gauthier crushes Morin with a kick to the chin. Another vicious head kick by Gauthier.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Gauthier

Rd3: Gauthier catches Morin coming in with a jab, Morin misses the superman
Punch but catches Gauthier with a right that drops him to the matand Morin dives in. Gauthier sweeps and winds up on top in half guard. Morin trying to work some strikes off his back but Gauthier postures up and rains down some big shots. Morin escapes back to his feet but eats a lot of Gauthier punches on the way. The fighter clinch against the cage as the round comes to a close.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Morin
Morin defeats Gauthier via Split Decision (30-27, 29-28,28-29)

Michael Imperato vs Dimitri Waardenburg
Rd1: Waardenburg popping his jab but Imperato wades in picks him up and slams him to the mat. Imperato in side control looking for the arm triangle but Waardenburg spots it as Imperato transitions across. Imperato goes for the ankle lock but Waardenburg escapes and takes over top control. Imperato attacking all over off his back and Waardenburg let’s him up. Waardenburg lands some knees and solid punches on the inside from a Thai plum until Imperato changes levels, lands the double and cinches in the fight ending ankle lock that forces the tap.
Michael Imperato submits Dimitri Waardenburg via Ankle Lock at 3:41 of Rd1

Mathieu Charette vs. Daniel Ireland
Rd1: Charette with a big right left hook combo. Charette forces the action against the cage and drags the fight to the mat with a double leg. Ireland turns and gives his back, Charette sinks in the hooks, lands some big punches and locks in the RNC for the tap.
Mathieu Charette submits Daniel Ireland via Rear Naked Choke at 3:22 of Rd1

Cedric Mongeon vs. Trevor Leroux
Rd1: Mongeon fakes a nice punch and goes upstairs with the head kick nice combo. Mongeon working the Thai plum against the cage the changes levels and gets the single leg but Leroux pops right back up. Leroux with the body lock and drags action to the mat. Leroux takes the back but oddly decides against putting in the hooks. Better decision now cinches in the hooks and wraps the arm under the chin but Mongeon is hand fighting well. Leroux holds the position until the horn sounds.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Leroux

Rd2: Leroux looking to stay in the pocket while Mongeon is moving in and out. Leroux lands a solid body shot. Big head from Mongeon. Another head kick then side from Mongeon but Leroux keeps moving forward with more body shots. Mongeon forces the action against the cage and lands powerful horizontal elbow. Leroux delivers a vicious elbow of his own. Head kick from Mongeon misses the mark but his spinning back fist finds it. Leroux with a weak single leg but manages to bring the fight to the floor. Mongeon looks for the Kimura and lands the sweep but Leroux follows it through and takes the back again as the buzzer sounds.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-10

Rd3: Mongeon lands a leg kick but Leroux touches his chin with a stiff jab. Spinning back kick from Mongeon misses its mark. Both land a big knee from Thai plum and Mongeon ducks and rolls for the knee bar to no avail. Leroux passes to side control and starts to work some short elbows. Leroux gets the crucifix position but Mongeon escapes and is back to his feet, an errant knee from Mongeon to Leroux’s groin halts the action. Leroux forces the fight against the cage and both men exchange knees to the thigh. Leroux lands an elbow from in close. Leroux drops down for the double scoots to the side and lands the easy takedown. Leroux working some short elbows from half guard as the horn sounds.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Leroux
Trevor Leroux defeats Cedric Mongeon via Split Decision (29-28,29-28,28-29)

Samuel Desruisseaux vs. Eric Nadon
Rd1: Nadon misses with a leg kick head kick combo to start us off. Nadon pushes Desruisseaux against the cage and clinches up. Nadon drags the fight to the ground. Nadon looks to step over into mount but Desruisseaux turns and gives his back so Nadon sinks in the hooks. Nadon was to high and Desruisseaux was able to turn into the choke and take over top position only briefly as Nadon quickly sweeps him. Desruisseaux makes it back to his feet and is able to almost throw slam Nadon to the mat the land a stiff right straight as Nadon was on his way back up. Another big right straight from Desruisseaux before a groin shot on Nadon forces a brief halt to the action. Nadon storms in but Desruisseaux uses the Thai plum to throw his opponent. Another groin shot to Nadon and the action halts again. The fighter exchange punches for the last 5 seconds.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Desruisseaux

Rd2: Desruisseaux starting to work his hands a lot more to start off the round. Nadon grabs the Thai plum but eats a horizontal elbow from Desruisseaux for his troubles. A big stiff right from Desruisseaux wobbles Nadon who slowly falls backwards and the ref jumps in to halt the incoming Desruisseaux assault.
Samuel Desruisseaux defeats Eric Nadon via TKO at 2:16 of Rd2

Alex Morgan vs. Tommy Cote
Rd1: Cote throws a leg kick Morgan catches it and chops his other leg down spinning Cote around. Morgan takes the back sinks in the body triangle and now Cote is hand fighting for his life. Morgan continue to punch the head looking for an opening to get the arm under the chin, but credit to Cote for continuing to fight off the choke. Cote keeps turning Nd eventually breaks the body triangle and takes over top control. Cote jumps into Morgan guard only to get caught in a triangle. The ver tough cote is ale to break free from the triangle and holds top position for the remainder of the fight.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Morgan

Rd2: Cote come out the gates like a bull and muscles Morgan to the canvas only to get caught in an ankle lock exchange. Both men give up on the ankle lock but Morgan rolls through and sets up an armbar which Cote once again escapes. Cote passes Morgan’s guard and sneaks around behind him, Cote cinches in the hooks and the arm around the throat and coaxes the tap from Morgan.
Tommy Cote submits Alex Morgan via Rear Naked Choke at 3:15 of Rd2

Mario Pereira vs. Adrian Vilaca
Rd1: Pereira working his boxing and lands a solid right hook on Vilaca’s chin that wobbles, then Pereira follows it up with a big slam takedown. Vilaca trying to use the cage to get up but Pereira using great top control to avoid the sweep and keep position. Vilaca makes nice use of an off the back guillotine to bring the fight back to the feet and landing a solid knee on the exit from the clinch. Pereira catches a kick and gets the takedown for only the briefest of moments as Vilaca makes it back to his feet and body locks, Vilaca looking to drag the fight to the ground but can’t finish his sweep and Pereira remains on top. Vilaca is able to sneak around Pereira’s back just as the round comes to the end.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Pereira

Rd2: Pereira just misses with a big hook. Fighters are trading leg and thigh kicks. Another big right hand lands on the side of Vilaca’s head. Pereira showing much quicker foot work and crisper striking. Vilaca looks for single but Pereira defends and lands a single of his own but can’t keep Vilaca down. Solid double leg shot by Pereira puts Vilaca on the canvas again. Vilaca attacking off his back but Pereira is defending well and landing big shots from on top.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Pereira

Rd3: Pereira lands with a couple of stiff straights to start off the round. Big head by Vilaca lands
But doesn’t faze Pereira. Pereira using the cage to land a double on Vilaca. Some gorgeous grappling transitions between both men trading positions all over the mat but again Pereira takes top position. Pereira transitions to side control but leaves enough room open for Vilaca to make it back to his feet but again Pereira drags him back down. Vilaca lands a solid up kick and forces Pereira to keep closer and not posture up. Vilaca fights back to his feet but Pereira is on his bicycle and lands a another takedown at the buzzer.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Pereira
Mario Pereira defeats Adrian Vilaca via Unanimous Decision (30-27,30-27,30-27)

Dan Lariviere vs. Sacha Maheux
Rd1: Lariviere throws a couple leg kicks and eats a jab, Lariviere dives in for takedown and lands in side control. Maheux gets the sweep when Lariviere looks for an armbar, Maheux now inside Lariviere’s guard. Lariviere looking for the Kimura off his back and uses his legs to isolate the shoulder transitioning beautifully into a triangle. Lariviere rolls Maheux out his side cutting off what little oxygen he had and forcing the tap.
Dan Lariviere submits Sacha Maheux via Triangle Choke at 3:49 of Rd1
Playing the heel, after the fight Lariviere dons an Ottawa Senators jersey and poses.


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