Fivestar Fight League 6 Play-by-Play


Fivestar THUMBFivestar Fight League is holding FFL 6 at the Encana Centre in Dawson Creek, British Columbia and an incredible four title fights are on the card topped with a Heavyweight battle between Ryan Fortin and Craig Hudson.

Unfortunately, a fifith title fight, Chad Freeman vs. Zach Gait, has been pulled from the card due to a medical condition of Gait’s.

Top MMA News Awards

  • Submission of the Night: Brad Stewart
  • KO of the Night: Mathew Gador
  • Fight of the Night: Eric Wilson vs Sean Quinn

Here is the Play-by-Play:

Craig Hudson vs Ryan Fortin
Hudson lands a leg kick then the is a right. Hudson follows up with another leg kick. Fortin misses his leg kick attempt. Hudson throwing single punches but Fortin covers up every time. Fortin misses a left hook. Hudson misses with shot to body buts do a leg kick. Leg kick by Hudson again. Right by Hudson comes up short but lands a leg kick. Fortin rushes in and cliches up. Lands a grazing knee to the head of Hudson. Hudson kicks out the leg of Fortin as the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Hudson

Overhand right by Hudson is blocked. Fortin comes in with a 1-2 combo that forces Hudson to retreat. Back in centre of cage. Hudson lands me kick. Fortin misses a big right. Double jab followed by right from Hudson. Jab by Hudson. Fortin comes in and lands 1 but eats 1 as well misses on his follow up strike and Hudson lands a body shot. Fortin pushes Hudson against the cage. Solid knee by Fortin to the midsection of Hudson. Hudson manages to free himself from the cage. Leg kick by Hudson as Fortin tries to answer back with a combo that just misses. Fortin rushes in and clinches up but takes a knee to the groin. Fortin takes a couple minutes to recover and is ready to go. Fortin moves in with punches but Hudson back peddles. Both land left simultaneously. Front kick by Fortin misses. Fortin pushes Hudson against cage. They separate and each throw a couple shots at the bell with the lefts of f being most effective.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Hudson

Leg kick by Fortin. Body shot by Hudson, and Fortin rushes in with 2 left hooks that land and force Hudson back. Fortin has Hudson against the cage again. Fortin lands a solid knee to the midsection of Hudson. They are separated. Hudson throws a jab ad left book that are blocked. Jab by Hudson lands. Fortin forces h back win a barrage of shots but Hudson scrambles and lands a body shot. Leg kick by Hudson lands. Fortin items back with a right. Body kick by Fortin. Jab by Hudson lands, follows that up with leg nick. Fortin lands a left hook then goes for takedown against the cage. Hudson manages to break off. Fortin lands a straight but Hudson answers with another body shot. And again. Fortin backs Hudson up with a right hook. Again Hudson land body shot but eats another right hook then a straight. Fortin land with a knee and again Hudson hits Fortin in the stomach with a body shot as the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Fortin

Leg kick by Hudson starts round.body shot by Hudson. Jab blocked by Fortin but eats a solid body shot. Leg kick by Hudson. Body shot by h. Is countered by straight right and a uppercut that misses. Another body shot by Hudson. Body shots are wearing on Fortin. Leg kick by Hudson and Fortin seems bothered. Hudson with another body shot then leg kick. Fortin hunched over from effects of shots. Me kick hurts Fortin then Hudson rushes in for a big body shot that drops Fortin. Hudson throws a few shots to the head of Fortin as the ref steps in.
Craig Hudson defeats Ryan Fortin by TKO (Strikes) in Round 4, 2:30
***Hudson is the inaugural Fivestar Heavyweight champion

Matt Baker vs Brad Stewart
Baker and Stewart clinch up. Stewart with a knee to the ribs of Baker. Stewart defending takedown With double under hook. Baker manages power takedown. Stewart trying to get up and Baker lands a knee to Stewart while in a prone position. Ref stops the fight warns Baker and checks on Stewart. Stewart is good to go and continues. Fighters exchange in middle of ring and Baker gets double leg against the cage. Baker sitting in the guard of Stewart. both fighters exchanging shots. Stewart attempts to push off but has no luck. Baker with heavy elbows from inside his opponents guard. Baker moves to full mount just as the round ends
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Baker

Round starts similarly to first with both exchanging in the middle. Baker fakes an overhand right and shoots in taking down Stewart. Baker slowly moving a towards the cage. S manages to push Baker back and get up. A lands a solid right but eats an even heavier right hook. Left blocked by Baker. Stewart follows it up by throwing a 5 punch combo that’s mainly blocked by Baker. Baker moves inside on Stewart a he throws a leg kick and Baker gets the inside leg trip takedown. Round ends with Baker grinding on Stewart.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Baker

A with a 1-2 but once again Baker shoots in. Baker attempting a single against the cage. Works hard for it and finally gets it after several attempts. Baker in the half guard of Stewart, attempting to pass. Solid elbow by Baker. Stewart throws up a triangle as Baker seemed content grinding on Stewart. Baker shrugs backwards and nearly escapes but Stewart manages to slip his foot in tighter against the back of his knee then turns over to his side near the cage with the triangle locked in deep. Baker has no where to go ad has to tap.
Brad Stewart submits Matt Baker by Triangle in Round 3, 3:20
***Stewart is the inaugural Fivestar Middleweight champion

Sorry…due to technical difficulties, the following three fights have no play-by-play.

Shawn Albrecht vs Travis Matthews
Albrecht won round 1 and dominated round 2. Albrecht emerged from the fight unscathed while Matthews was quite soundly beaten.
Shawn Albrecht defeats Travis Matthews in Round 2, 4:17
***Albrecht is the inaugural Fivestar Featherweight champion

Sean Quinn vs Eric Wilson
Quinn won round 1 clearly.
Round 2 was very close but probably Quinn took it.
Round 3 Quinn suffered a probable ACL/LCL injury.
Was a great fight with both guys dropped at times, Wilson also had a RNC attempt that Quinn fought out of.  No domination by either fighter. A rematch is expected once Quinn heals up.
Eric Wilson defeats Sean Quinn by TKO (Injury) in Round 3, 3:50
***Wilson is the inaugural Fivestar Bantamweight champion

Nick Campbell vs Jonathan Dubois
Campbell was expected to dominate but Duboin put up a really strong showing.
Nick Campbell defeats Jonathan Dubois by TKO (Strikes) in Round 2, 4:50

Duncan Wilson vs. Aaron Barnard
Barnard shoots in under a Wilson jab and attempts a takedown. Both try to take one another down. Fight quickly has the ground but both are up almost immediately. Barnard lands an uppercut and then tries his luck again but misses. Barnard with a powerful judo toss, landing inside Wilson’s guard. Barnard throwing sharp slicing elbows. Wilson seems to have a small cut near his hairline. Wilson attempts a kimura sweep. Barnard defends but is swept seconds later. Wilson now in side control landing effective GNP punches. Barnard tries to sweep but is unsuccessful. Wilson now has his back and throws more strikes to the head of Barnard. Barnard tries to escape and Wilson hops into mount. More strikes by Wilson as he softens up his opponent. Wilson grabs ahold of Barnard’s arm and latches on a tight Americana. Barnard has no choice but to tap.
Duncan Wilson submits Aaron Barnard by Americana in Round 1, 4:20

Spencer Jebb vs. Ayrin Avey
Avey with a running leg kick, then does it again. Avey with a body kick attempt that Jebb steps out of the way of and lands a quick 1-2 combo. Avey rushes in like a bull with his head down and Jebb plays the role of matador guiding him headfirst into the cage. Jebb with takedown, landing 2 big elbow strikes to the side of Avey’s head. Moves to mount and initially goes for a RNC, but quickly gives it up and attacks with more GNP. Avey just covering up and referee stops the fight.
Spencer Jebb defeats Ayrin Avey by TKO (GNP) in Round 1, 0:52

Amateur MMA
Cory Antrim vs. Bob Dury
Antrim showing good boxing and movement landing a series of punches to Dury as Dury is attempting a takedown. Antrim throws Dury against the cage and continues throwing at a quick pace, mixing in straights and hooks. Dury lands a solid right on Antrim with Antrim answering back with a 1-2 combo of his own. Antrim with a leg kick that lands follows up with a body kick that is unsuccessful. Big right hand by Antrim dropping Dury. Dury is cut right under his left eye with Antrim landing GNP to the face of Dury. The ref stops the fight to check on the cut. Doc clears fight to go on. Antrim continues the GNP attack and ref steps in to stop the fight.
Cory Antrim defeats Bob Dury by TKO(Strikes) in Round 1, 0:54

Christopher Hardy vs. Mathew Gador
Hardy shoots in for takedown but is stuffed. Gador unloads with a blitz of punches. The first punch knocks out Hardy, but Gador lands 3 more big shots with an overhand right as the final shot all while Hardy was slowly falling forward. The referee rushes in and stops the bout. Wow! Very powerful, precise and quick punches by Gador. Impressive! Fight should have been called a KO.
Mathew Gador defeats Christopher Hardy by TKO (Strikes) in Round 1, 0:10

Jessyca Holland vs Jennifer Strumborg
Strange actions by Strumborg prior to fight. Strumborg pointing pro wrestling style at Holland, then seemingly mocking Holland while she is being introduced.

Holland starts bout by landing 2 consecutive 1-2 combos, then flows it up with 4 hooks as a answers back. Full on brawl in centre of cage. Holland starts to land hooks with a answering with hard right hand to the body.  Fighters are locked up and land on mat with Strumborg on top and moving to mount. Holland sweeps Strumborg and throws some quick GNP. Strumborg elevator sweeps Holland down to the mat.  Holland stands and lands 2 straight rights. Both brawl to finish round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Holland

Both trade at centre of cage with Strumborg landing the heavier blows.  Strumborg with takedown against cage. Strumborg works in right hands to the face of Holland, then increases her workload.  Holland now the more active fighter with hammer fist from the bottom. Round ends with Strumborg attempting unsuccessfully to posture up.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Strumborg

Strumborg throws a leg kick but eats a big straight right for her efforts. Holland unloads with a heavy barrage of punches with s not putting up much defense other than backing up. Holland takes down Strumborg but unluckily has Strumborg land on top. Holland immediately sweeps and takes back mount.  Holland with GNP as she has Strumborg stretched out.  Holland looks to be trapping arm as she’s climbing her opponents back.  Holland transitions to a very nice armbar attempt as she rolls Strumborg over. Armbar looks deep an has the arm of Strumborg bent in an awkward position. Strumborg shows great flexibility and toughness and escapes. Strumborg now on top of Holland and facing opposite way after escaping the dangerous armbar attempt. Strumborg twists around and is in full high mount throwing shots down on Holland. Round ends with Strumborg launching a GNP assault right up to the final bell.
Top MMA News scores the Round 10-9 Holland
Top MMA News scores it 29-28 Holland in a close contest

Jennifer Strumborg defeats Jessyca Holland by Split Decision (29-28 x2, 28-29)

Shad Potts vs Derek Apps
Potts with a jab on Apps. Potts steps back and shoots in for a double that is stuffed. Potts continues to try takedown, temporarily getting Apps down for about half a second. Both stand as Potts charges in pushes Apps against cage, this time managing to scoop legs and get a takedown. Potts passes to side mount and works some light GNP. Works elbow against face of Apps and forces Apps to loosen grip. With 3 seconds left, Potts grabs a deep kimura that nearly ends it. But Apps is saved by the bell.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Potts

2 huge leg kicks by Potts land to start the round. Apps surges in but is double legged to the canvas. Potts working for sub in the guard of Apps. Not much activity and ref stands them up. Potts misses Apps and is taken down. Apps working GNP but leaves his body leaning too far forward allowing Potts to throw up a quick triangle. Apps attempts to defend and Potts transitions to a armbar. The submission is deep and the referee stops the fight before Apps’s arm breaks. Apps nods in agreement with the stoppage.
Shad Potts submits Derek Apps by Armbar in Round 2, 1:48

William Quintal vs Tyler Lushman
Quintal walks forward lands a right jab and immediately takes Lushman down. Quintal in half guard with Lushman holding onto a guillotine. Quintal lands some blows to the left side of Lushman as he frees himself. Quintal takes full mount and unleashes a furious GNP assault on Lushman. Lushman turns to the side and puts up no defense giving the ref no choice but to step in.
William Quintal defeats Tyler Lushman by TKO in Round 1, 1:08

Paul Alec vs Alex Martinez
Alec lands a straight right as Martinez misses a spinning back kick. Fighters against cage but quickly separate and trade in middle of ring. Alec lands a big right hook that drops Martinez, Alec attempts to go for the finish and goes into Martinez’ guard for GNP. Alec lands a couple heavy forearms to Martinez. Martinez gets full guard and manages to push a off and get back up. Fighters exchange again, each landing a straight. Alec staggers Martinez with a left hook. Follows him against the cage but m regain composure and stand in middle of ring. Martinez lands a straight right with Alec answering with a right hook. Fighters circle and Alec lands a huge right hook that drops Martinez with a thud. The referee has seen enough and jumps in to stop anymore damage.
Paul Alec defeats Alex Martinez by TKO in Round 1, 2:12

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  1. Unfortunately, the Lightweight title fight between Chad Freeman vs. Zach Gait has been pulled from the card due to a medical condition of Gait’s

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  2. I would like to apologize that three fights were missed. I decided to just pull the post last night. Today, some people suggested I just post it anyways even though three fights do not have a PBP. After waffling a bit, I decided to repost it with the 3 fights missing.


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  3. Jennifer stumborg says:

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