ECC 17 Weigh-In Results


Fighters and some hardcore fans gathered at the Oasis Pub in Halifax this afternoon as Extreme Cage Combat held weigh-ins for there 17th event: Rise of the Champion,which will take place tomorrow night at the Halifax Forumecc1. The night of fights will be headlined with a Middleweight title belt as top ten ranked Mike Kent will face rising star Elias Theodorou. The other match sees two of our top ten Featherweights do battle as number four Tristan Johnson takes on number 10 Jesse Gross.

Over 1/3 of the fighters on the card missed weight as six men were off the mark. (Tyler Lee, Dylan Mercer, Robin Smith, Ken Macleod, Josh Walker and Morteza Shahi). Jesse Gross originally weighed in at 146.2 but was able to make it after taking off his underwear in his 2nd attempt at 146 even. Shahi, Walker, Smith and Mercer will not be docked 20% because of their opponent missing weight. Tickets are still for sale for tomorrow night through ticketpro or by going to the Halifax Forum Box Office.

Weigh-In Results

185lbs- Mike Kent (183.6) vs. Elias Theodorou (184.4)
***Middleweight Title Fight

145lbs-Jesse Gross (146) vs. Tristan Johnson (144.8)
155lbs-Pat Carroll (155.6) vs. Zack Quinlan (154.4)
155lbs-Ken Macleod (161.8)* vs. ”Judo” Jon Williams (154.8)
145lbs-Brian Johnson (143) vs. Tyler Lee (147.6)*
135lbs-Dylan Mercer (136.4)* vs. Robin Smith (140.6)*
150lbs-Morteza Shahi (154.8)* vs. Josh Walker (152.8)*
180lbs-Chad Symonds (179) vs. Matt Heim (180)

*Missed weight

11 Responses to “ ECC 17 Weigh-In Results ”

  1. Wow 37.5% of the fighters missed weight?

    That has to be a record.

    These 6 guys were a combined 20 pounds overweight which was the same amount Mayorga was overweight last week for his MMA debut.

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  2. Oilcity30 says:

    Shahi and Walker weighed in over 150 but under 155 doesn’t that mean they both make weight for a 155lb standard lightweight fight. I’m confused!!!!!!!!

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  3. Jamie Locke says:

    Wow, stay classy boys…

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  4. Derek LeBlanc says:

    The Shahi and Walker was supposed to be a catchweight of 155

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  5. Oilcity30 says:

    Suppose to be a catchweight of 155, HUH!! Now am really Confused.

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  6. harry balls says:

    Fucking embarrassing . Clowntown.

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  7. Derek LeBlanc says:

    I meant to say 150.

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  8. Derek LeBlanc says:

    my bad

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  9. Oilcity30 says:

    I get that it was suppose to be at 150. It’s kinda funny why the catch weight if they both missed and were just under 155 should have just been a lightweight fight not a catchweight. To me a catchweight fight happens when one fighter can’t make weight or fighters from different weight classes fight a weight both are comfortable at. Just is freakin hilarious saying 2 fighters missed weight and then you see what there weights are.

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  10. Kyle Stoltz says:

    We want the winner of the main event!!!

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  11. josh walker says:

    it was a catch at 150, but i was told the night before that moe was not going to make weight, so they gave the the option of cutting down to 150 and getting his 20% or hydrating a bit and staying under 155. We arent making ufc contract money so i hydrated.

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