MFC 37 Main Event (MFC HW Title bout) Cancelled


The Maximum Fighting Championship has been forced to cancel the main event bout between Smealinho Rama and Chris Barnett for the organization’s Heavyweight championship belt off of this Friday’s MFC 37 card.  The fight between Rama (6-0) and Barnett (7-1) was called off as Chris Barnett sustained an injury to his eye. Multiple fighters were contacted as possible opponents but declined. With only three days left, the MFC was forced to make the unfortunate decision to cancel MFC 37’s Main Event.

“The Prince” Rama, Canada’s #1 HW, worked his way up to earning a title shot by defeating both Ryan Fortin (Canada #4) and formerly #1 ranked Mike Hackert (Canada #2) at MFC 35 and 36 respectively. While Chris Barnett was seemingly brought in as a tough test for Rama based on his victories over well regarded fighters such as Mario Rinaldi and Jay White.

Now unfortunately the MFC heavyweight division, which was resurrected in 2012 after a 5 year hibernation, will have to wait at least until MFC 38 to crown its first champion since Scott Junk (MFC 12 – 2007).

Rama will be paid his show purse for the title bout which was slated for Friday night at the Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton, Alberta. The Calgary, Alberta, fighter will also be immediately put into a title fight at the MFC’s next event.

“It’s an absolute shame that it came down to this, and it didn’t have to go this way for Rama at all. Had Barnett’s manager Mickey Dubberly been more professional and more on top of things, we would have been notified at least two weeks ago that there was an issue with the medicals. Instead we find out one day before he’s scheduled to leave.

“With proper notice we could have found a suitable replacement and had the title fight but because of irresponsible management, Rama and the MFC fans have been robbed of that opportunity.”


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  1. I feel bad for Rama. This was going to be his big night.

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  2. Oilcity30 says:

    Shitty deals!!! A well the brother vs brother charade will save the show lol.

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  3. Joe Doerksen says:

    Sucks for Rama.

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  4. Brutal!

    Why are they doing their medicals so late in the game when they are scheduled for a title fight?

    If this was discovered sooner, a new opponent could have been found.

    I feel bad for Rama and for MFC.

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  5. I see the manager is now blaming Mark for not sending the medical requirements sooner.

    Personally I find this very weak. I’ve never relied on any promoter for this information, and even when they do provide it, I check directly with the athletic commission.

    There were times the requirements sent by the promoter where either outdated forms, incorrect info, or in the case of some of the guys, there were different requirements for being over 35 or 40 depending where the bout is taking place.

    Weak management in my opinion.

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  6. updated with info from the MFC press release. Rama was paid his show purse, so good on MFC for doing that.

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  7. Fans of the game says:

    So he gets what $500 wow bet the big boy can’t buy his food for his show purse.

    Best promotion in Canada should have all thier ducks in the row.


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  8. PUCK says:

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  9. It would be crazy for a promotion to not be able to advertise a fight until all medicals are in and approved by the commission.

    If the matchup is approved, the fighter license is dependant on the medicals being completed, but they shouldn’t have to wait for this to happen before it’s promoted.

    A good example is Dan Henderson for UFC 161. He’s currently suspended indefinately with the CSAC, but this is being dealt with, and until it is, the bout against Rashad won’t be official. But they are advertising it in the meantime.

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  10. Robin Black says:

    If shows didn’t promote until all meds were in then there would be zero shows anywhere on the planet.

    Management’s job to research the meds and have them ready for the commission of the state or province in which they are fighting.

    Fighter does meds for a state or provincial commission license, not for a promotion.

    Promotions will always do everything they can to try to assist a manager in doing his job but it is the job of the fighter and manager to get licensed in the province in which they are fighting.

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  11. J.T says:

    Barnett hasn’t fought in over 2 years so obviously his medicals haven’t been done in a while. That said, I find it hard to believe a person would not know they have, what sounds like a serious medical eye condition, in which they could possibly have blurred or spotted vision, leading to a detached retina and later to vision problems or even complete loss. It’s good to see this commission, which has been under scrutiny, doing a through medicals. Also, I don’t doubt Barnett would have fought regardless of his eye issues. Everyone (fans, fighters, promotion) loses in the end, unfortunately

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  12. vlad says:

    I wish fast an easy recovery to Chris Barnett, he is a good dude and good fighter, but I don’t think he deserves to be in the next title fight with Rama anymore. I hope MFC will bring somebody much, much better for the next Title fight. Somebody current, reputed and challenging for Rama. Someone on high end of the heavyweight world ranking. I think Rama deserves it so do fans.

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  13. Vlad…would you even let Rama go through another training camp to face Barnett after this happened?

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  14. AMLEHTC says:

    Realistically, who do they ring in though?

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  15. Eddie Sanchez

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  16. AMLEHTC says:

    Tim Sylvia?

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  17. Toosweet598 says:

    I’ll fight Rama

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  18. AMLEHTC says:

    Are you Tim Sylvia?

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  19. Toosweet598 says:

    Thankfully no I am not Tim Sylvia lol.

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  20. Idolmaker says:


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  21. Victor Morales says:

    Smealhino Rama VS Ryan Martinez ! Make it happen MFC. That would be an awesome matchup. Both young and up coming fighters

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  22. Robin Black says:

    I had some damage to my retina that made it so I could not be cleared to fight.

    I had no pain and no vision problems, I just went for my eye test and the optometrist found it.
    I had a second opinion from an opthamologist the next day and they said no contact for 6 to 8 weeks until it heals and treatment with multiple medicine drops. They said blows to the eye would have definitely made it worse and blindness was possible.

    Since then, 2 other fighters have told me about similar experiences.

    All I’m getting at is that he could definitely have had this dangerous eye injury without knowing it until he did his eye health test.

    Its a drag for Rama and the fans and MFC that he left it till 2 days out, but this happens a lot.

    Fighters need to get in the habit of doing their meds sooner.

    Feel bad for Rama. A main event and a title. Poor guy feel for him.

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  23. Joe Doerksen says:

    Tim Sylvia is with One FC. From the sounds of things they pay pretty good. Not sure if he’d be interested but think he’s free to fight for other shows outside Asia.

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  24. Idolmaker says:

    I’m no clairvoyant, however I have a hunch that the brothers that are fighting on this card, will be the next challenger for Rama. The circus continues!!!

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  25. Toosweet598 says:

    Definitely not Butterbean either!

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  26. RickRoll says:

    How about Tim Hague? hahaha i joke, I joke. Rama would beat him into a living death within 2 mins

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  27. Toosweet598 says:

    All your guesses are so far off its not even funny lol. I actually like Tim Hague for the record though. I like Butterbean too, just think he should have stuck to boxing and not MMA as he has no ground game. Hate Tim Sylvia for the record

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  28. Vlad says:


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  29. Mike R says:

    Is it safe to say with Treadwell and Treadwell being the #2 and #3 heavyweights in the MFC that this will become a #1 contender fight now? Winner gets Rama for the title fight. Make it happen Mark!

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  30. Kyle Stoltz says:

    Your insane if you want to put him in there with Lavar at this point in his career. Take baby steps he’s a young fighter.

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  31. Idolmaker says:

    Too sweet I was not serious about butterbean

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  32. RickRoll says:

    I heard Tim Hague took Rama on a date on Valentines Day? So that probably wont happen.

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  33. Toosweet598 says:

    Idolmaker, thats ok, I am only kidding about fighting him anyways. I actually train with Rama and have had the opportunity to spar with him. Luckily for me he is a really nice guy and goes easy on me and lets me try and set things up. It is nice because I have sparred with a lot of professional fighters and some of them always feel like they have to go hard with you to prove they are better. I already know you are better, thats why you are a professional and im not.

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  34. TimHague says:

    Rickroll, this is true

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  35. vlad says:

    it’s so comforting to know how many experts know what to do and what not to do with your fighter. That’s why they called experts.

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  36. AMLEHTC says:

    I rip on Kyle as well but in this instance I agree with him. I do think that Rama is the future, but my opinion is that he takes a fight with someone at that Chris Barnett/ up and comer level before he starts taking out UFC vets. You are his coach Vlad and obviously want the best for him and no one can say different but I hope he just doesn’t get rushed too fast into his career

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  37. vlad says:

    I appreciate your genuine concern I really do,thank you.

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  38. Kyle Stoltz says:

    @vlad my fault you know way more about this then I ever will. My bad not sure what I was thinking questioning your decision.

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  39. Robin Black says:

    Kyle is a legitimate expert in this business.

    Every time I deal with him I learn something valuable.

    He’s also a psychotically obsessive workaholic. Like all the good ones.

    All true.

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  40. Vlad says:

    We all have opinions and all free to share them. I share mine, and you can disagree, nothing wrong with that. So you call me insane because my expertise is so obviously wrong, or because you’re doctor? Well, tell you the truth I don’t really care. What interest me is why people get so hung up on UFC. What a magical word, ah, he is UFC veteran. Champion is not who has a belt or medal or world recognition, champion is a person who believes he is the best. Not tomorrow, not one day, not when it is obvious to others, but every single day and every single minute, when others don’t give a shit. You may call me a dreamer, insane, delusional, but I have been around the block and when I see one I know what I see. You trying to tell me that You know something very important in this business and I don’t , we’ll, thank you,I don’t ever will pretend that I am anything more then boxing coach and I am always here to learn from knowledgable people but please express your opinion in polite way, unless you’re some arrogant kid and in this case you are excused. Your ironical apologies don’t bother me a bit.

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  41. Kyle Stoltz says:

    Good luck to your fighter.

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  42. vlad says:

    Thank you.
    Actually , I just looked at my conversation with Jake Hircsh from a month back or so and he absolutely recommended you as best possible guy in the business. So I guess I barked at the wrong person. I am sorry Kyle, my bad. I am not ashamed to admit that I was wrong and you do have way better expertise then I in this field and I mean it. I knew your name look familiar, I have really bad memory on names. Nice way to introduce myself I guess :)))

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  43. Demitri (trev) says:

    Wow… As I was reading this I was wondering “does vlad know who Kyle is!?” evidently not…

    Pretty awesome you could humbly admit you were wrong. Kyle knows his stuff. If I ever get to that level I would love to have him on my team. He gets ripped on here sometimes, not sure why. He is a good dude

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