Jesse Gross Discusses Tristan Johnson ECC 17 Fight

Jesse Gross

(photo: Keith Grienke)

Top MMA News caught up with Jesse Gross at the Adrenaline Training Center in London, Ontario.  In the interview, Gross discusses:

10 Responses to “ Jesse Gross Discusses Tristan Johnson ECC 17 Fight ”

  1. Main Attraction says:

    Tristan Johnson is not a tougher match up than Gavin Tucker. Tristan is a very good MMA fighter, but he is the 3rd best 145er in Atlantic Canada.

    HAHA Jesse just straight up says “No Keith, no” when Keith says Jesse has a hard time with strikers. Then gets mad at the GnP comment. Haha Awesome.

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  2. It was a fun interview.

    I still think Jesse is going to try to take down Tristan and pound him out on the mat. We’ll find out this weekend.

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  3. smash says:

    if hes the 3rd best 145er in Atlantic Canada, who are 1 and 2???

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  4. snyper mcgrath says:

    Good fight but Tristian Johnson is going to win this fight in style

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  5. snyper mcgrath says:

    The two best 145 train out of Titans in Halifax Smash

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  6. smash says:

    I would say that 1 and 2 in atlantic Canada are Tristan and Gavin… who the hell else am I forgetting?

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  7. Woodrow says:

    Gross is a great guy, awesome interview!!! Huge fan of this fight but hate to see either guy lose. No internet feed BS

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  8. R.Veevers says:

    @smash. You are forgetting P.E.I’s Lenny Wheeler!

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  9. smash says:

    ya,, or perhaps Judo Jon!

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  10. Main Attraction says:

    I was actually talking about Gavin Tucker & myself.

    -Mike Malott

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