Amateur MMA Returns to Ontario on May 25


FilaBrampton, Ontario, May 25, 2026: Grapplers Quest International, Ontario Grappling Alliance and Pecker’d Promotions, the leading bodies hosting grappling and combat sports promotions in North America, today announced that they are hosting the Grapplers Quest – Canadian National Championships and FILA – Canadian team trials. This achievement puts Canadian combat athletes in a position to claim reputable tournament glory and status in a public, open tournament May 25 and/or the first opportunity to become a representative of team Canada in the arts of Pankration, Gi / No-Gi grappling, and Amateur Mixed Martial Arts (AMMA) May 26 (ages 20+). This underscores Pecker’d Promotions, Ontario Grappling Alliance and Grapplers Quest International’s commitment to set another precedent in combat sport promotions here in Ontario.

This significant milestone will be marked by promoting safe and reputable combat sport competition while finding a team to represent Canada at the FILA World Championships June 12-15 2013 in London Ontario. “The chance to promote this opportunity to Canadian athletes with a prestige Grappler’s Quest followed by a Canadian FILA Team Qualifier is a great milestone for our community” said Alex Gasson President and CEO of PECKER’D PROMOTIONS. “We are very pleased that the community behind combat sport in Canada has consistently produced top level athletes. This weekend of events is the result of the growing combat sport community and our commitment to promoting safe and effective combat sport events. Now we are bringing local athletes to the world stage with the first ever FILA Canadian Team qualifiers. Pankration, Gi / NO-GI Grappling and Amateur Mixed Martial Arts are on the menu and this is going to be a feast that everyone can enjoy!”

Grapplers Quest International, Ontario Grappling Alliance and Pecker’d Promotions have been involved in combat sport collectively for over 35 years ‘on and off’ the mats. “Grapplers Quest International is in a great position to begin the year with an amazing tournament designed for optimum participant enjoyment. We are definitely on our way to achieve recognition globally in Gi / No-Gi grappling,” added Brian Cimmins President of Grapplers Quest International. The company has recently indicated plans to bring top-level tournaments for 2013 and has started by releasing May 25/26 as the first tournament of 2013.

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    MMA returning to six nations AUG 3RD also live kick boxing . IROQUOIS FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIPS .

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