Tim Hague Returns to Face Kalib Starnes at AFC 19 July 5th in Edmonton


AFC Undisputed.pdfFor Immediate Release:

The Aggression Fighting Championships has added more star power to an already stacked card that will showcase Edmonton’s prodigal son Ryan “The Real Deal” Ford fighting the winner of TUF season 16 semi-finalist Michael Hill versus top 10 Welterweight Joel Powell in a bout taking place May 19 in Victoria at AFC 18. As well a second title fight with arguably the two best Lightweight strikers in the country with Shane “Shaolin” Campbell defending his title against Jesse “The Body Snatcher” Ronson in what has the early makings to be a fight of the year candidate.

The Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton Alberta will now play host to a very intriguing matchup where Edmonton’s own and 5x UFC vet Tim “The Thrashing Machine” Hague will make his return to the Aggression cage where he’s a perfect 3-0. Hague will stare across the cage at another 5x UFC veteran in Kalib Starnes. In his last AFC fight we saw Starnes headline AFC 11 in Winnipeg versus Joe Doerksen in a fight of the night performance. Starnes will come into this fight weighing 225-230lbs and will be relying on his speed out match Hague’s power.

When Hague was asked about his return he had this to say, “I have a high amount of respect for the AFC and its owners. I am very happy to be back and build on my perfect 3-0 record in AFC. 

In my fight with Kalib fans can expect me to knock him out. Fighting is my livelihood, and the way I see it, Kalib is trying to take food off of my sons plate. So for now, I respect Kalib as a man and fighter, but until we are done doing business in the cage, I don’t {explitive}ing like him. So he’s going to get knocked out.”

Rounding out the main card will be a heavily anticipated bout with the return of Dwayne “D-Bomb” Lewis rolling into town with his Lewis Army to take on UFC veteran Victor Valimaki. In addition Stephen “Big Bad” Beaumont looks to take a step closer to recapturing AFC Lightweight gold when he looks to take out a top prospect in Brandt Dewsbery.

This event is shaping up to be Edmonton’s biggest fight card to date. Tickets are available online through TNTtickets.ca or by calling 780-426-SOLD

AFC 19 Fight Card:
170lbs- Ryan Ford (20-4) vs. Winner of Mike Hill (5-0) vs. Joel Powell (6-3)
***Welterweight Title Fight

155lbs- Shane Campbell (8-1) vs. Jesse Ronson (12-2)
***Lightweight Title Fight

205lbs- Victor Valimaki (17-8) vs. Dwayne Lewis (12-8)
155lbs- Stephen Beaumont (7-1) vs. Brandt Dewsbery (10-2)
265lbs- Tim Hague (14-7) vs. Kalib Starnes (12-8)
185lbs- Zach Blaber (7-2) vs. TBA
170lbs- Sheldon Westcott (8-1-1) vs. TBA
185lbs- KB Bhullar (3-0) vs. TBA
200lbs- Denny Houle (4-0) vs. Teddy Ash (1-0)
170lbs- Steve Dubeck (4-4) vs. TBA
135lbs- Ben Jansen (2-0) vs. TBA
170lbs- Aaron Bosiak (0-0) vs. TBA

*Fight card subject to change

85 Responses to “ Tim Hague Returns to Face Kalib Starnes at AFC 19 July 5th in Edmonton ”

  1. Paul Hudson says:

    Craig wont get caught again,by that over hand right that saved your ass!

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  2. PUCK says:

    ha ha Really! Tim calls out Fortin,Monson and all kinds of heavywieghts at KOTC now takes a fight against a blown up 185 lber? Bad fight to take too as he pure has zero to gain here I think, and I got Starns stoping him in round #2 or pot shoting him for all 3 rounds crusing to victory. Thoughts anyone? I’m not cutting on Tim just don’t seem like a smart fight to me? Look what just happened between Arlovski and Johnson.

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  3. Anthony says:

    if tim don’t KO Starnes he should never fight again, EVER!!

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  4. Diggin says:

    Very interesting here. So many people picking so many different outcomes…..

    I’m going with Tim with a big ko

    And Paul, is Craig your son? I would be embarrassed if I was Craig and that’s he case. Craig’s proven to be all hype and fortin will ruin him

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  5. LOL says:

    ^^^^^Paul is Craig’s brother and your statement made me laugh so hard,bahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!
    guaranteed Fortin goes to the hospital!!!

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  6. Diggin says:

    Brother is just as bad

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  7. TimHague says:

    Glad you’ll be buying a ticket to this fight bud.

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  8. Diggin says:

    Tim, I would like to see you roll through Hudson again but that won’t happen as fortin will come out with a victory and we get to see the fight we have wanted for years!

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  9. MMA Fan says:

    Well lets look at it this way, Fortin has not been as active as Hudson in the last 2 yrs.

    Hudson’s last fight, although a boxing match was on 2 days notice against the no1 contender for the canadian heavyweight championship,Ali Mansour.

    In that fight, Hudson took the best punches Mansour had and kept coming.

    Alot of people even the Fight Network boxing analyst s thought that Hudson might have won that fight or at the very least it was a draw.

    Hudson will be the better Striker. The better wrestler and be the physically stronger fighter.

    Both men’s last lost in mma were to Rama, both by rear naked choke. But Hudson took his fight after not being able to train properly due to broken nose suffered from fight with Hague, on a weeks notice and lasted longer than Fortin and was not takin down by Rama with ease. Like Fortin was.

    The 2 fights in Hudson’s career that he did get more than a mths notice to train for he KOed both opponents in First rd.

    If I’m betting on this fight, money is on Hudson!
    but this is mma and anything can happen, and I for one am excited for Hudson vs Fortin!

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  10. J. says:

    How can you really think wardog is that good?

    His only 2 wins, both by KO were against complete tomato cans, who should not be pro fighters…a grappling dummy would put up a better fight

    Look what happens when he fought actual mma pros, starcencov blasted him and ko’ed him out cold in less than a minute. Hague again knocked him out cold, with his only claim to fame is landing a punch on him…wow, congrats. Rama made him look awful. Last minute or not, wardog was sucking wind in just over a minute and could barely move after that. Use whatever excuse, if a fighter doesn’t have conditioning for 1 round, he is definitely not elite.

    If wardog is such an amazing boxer, he should concentrate with boxing. More money in it anyway. Wardog is a modern day Tank Abbott at best and that’s being nice.

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  11. MMA Fan says:

    I guess we will have to see.
    and as for Starcencov, what i saw was an illegal elbow strike to the back of the head when Hudson was getting to his feet.

    Just what I saw.

    Again it is an MMA match and i did say anything can happen, also I’ve read and listened to a couple of Rama’s interviews, where he has clearly stated that Hudson has been his toughest and strongest opponent yet.

    Again these are just my own opinions based on what I have seen of Hudson’s fights and of Fortin’s fights

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  12. Demitri (trev) says:

    Can’t take wardog fans serious right now. Probably the same person under different names.

    If the fight happens, great. But don’t hype up a guy with two wins. You are setting up for failure and embarrassment

    Best of luck to both these guys and fortin

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  13. MMA Fan says:

    I’m not a fan of Hudson’s in particular, more a Fan of the Heavyweights.

    Curious though, why do you think this fight might not happen, it’s only 9 days away!

    Do you know something the rest of us don’t?

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  14. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  15. Graham Weenk says:

    Daniel Mark has offered to take on Ben Jansen, sounds like a good match up to me

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  16. Graham Weenk says:

    Daniel has sat out since march 30 2012. Since then he’s accepted 7 fight offers only to have the potential opponents decline, he’s 3-1 …2-1 on sherdog,Jasen vs Daniel Mark, makes sense!

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  17. Bdc says:

    Is this goin on ppv?

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  18. Graham Weenk says:

    Still see Ben Jason vs tba…. take the fight with Daniel Mark, he’s already accepted it

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  19. Cody Rempel says:

    @Bdc… this will be streamed on aggressionfc.com

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  20. David Johnson says:

    Kalib may have a weight dis advantange. He may be fighting in Tim,s backyard. Kalib is pushing 40. He is fighting at 40 to 50 pounds more than his weight that he’s maintained for at least the last 20 years. He’s at the tail end of his career and has no motivation as far as climbing. the ranks for a possible A. Silva or Cain V. Title shot. After considering this I have to ask, “Does Tim have a hope of avoiding being beat like a one armed school girl?”. At first I thought not a chance. After thinking longer I had to conceed that he had 4. 1: Kalib doesn’t show up. 2: Kalib Doesn’t train and starts a cocaine or heroin habit. 3: Kalib can’t focus mentally and is getting bad advice from his corner. 4: Tim takes his best counter punch and trains it continualy and manages to land it square and knocks Kalib out for the first time.

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  21. David Johnson says:

    Taking bets that Kalib makes him tap in later part of rd. 2. 3-1 Odds.

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  22. David Johnson says:

    I new Kalib well, in fact probably better than anyone and because we both did a couple little anoyances and both made a couple poor choices and chose to listen to peoples ideas and opinions rather than sort things out like the intelligent, rational and close friends we were, we both ruined what was (at least on my side) the most loyal, trusting and truely caring friendship either of us had ever known. For years I have avoided my former hometown and the friendships that were of the type many people never experienced. Why? At first it was for my saftey. I knew how important loyalty was to him and how he allowed absolute trust that was so difficult for him to give. This is something people can’t understand unless they know his full ungarded life story. Yet with me he gave his trust easily because like me he new within him in a deep place not fully understood that we had what was an ingrained truth that we could take our different yet formidable skills and God given talents to support each in kind where they needed assistance and make real world changes in matters far greater than either of us could be capable of alone or even with a team of supporting helpers. After a time when people told me that he assured them he would not snap me like a twig or harm me in any way, pride and stuborness still kept me away. I want all you mindless automotons who can only regurgitate what those who enslave you with lies and deciet rather than chains tell you to say and think. Wake up People! You all ignore (sorry most of you) real history events bigger than the lies you were indoctrinated with in history class. Is this about this fight? Look above & you can read my thoughts on that. This is about steping up and declaring the undiniable truth that made me seeth with anger when people with no form of experience whatsoever not even second hand, not even third hand spoke as though they were experts rehashing things said by a man that Kalib surpassed intellectually probably actualy with absolute certainty well before the age of 10. For those of you who are unable to see truth I’m talking about Ken “The Profoundly Retarded” Shamrock who sounds to me no different then the grunts of breeding pigs when he attempts to impart his “wisdom” as he dares question the heart and integrity and courage when he even if shown would be unable due to his profound retardation understand the FACT and TRUTH that he dosen’t have a small fraction of those qualities next to Kalib who has done things at the age of 14 that would make him tremble with fear Today or in his prime. It amazes me that he was to stupid to see the wisdom in a greater man who had the loyalty to those who depended on him, the ability to surpress his ego, combined with the intelligence not to risk his livelyhood rather than try to impress people who neither knew nor cared about him. You don’t think he new he could have easily gone back in that ring and won the entire show? I encourage you all to rewatch his Tuf season 3 fight with Kendall grove where he made him look like a novice student in the first round. I can testify to the fact that he had heart enough to overcome far greater when common sense agreed. I hope someone forwards this to Joe Rogan a man with wisdom and balls enough to relook at things and man up and speak the truth as he usually does so he may restore some well deserved respect entitled to a builder and Canadian pioneer who will most likely retire to the boos of people to indoctrinated by other mindless people to see a man they should be giving a standing ovation. Those with the power and balls out there and the ability to right a wrong please do the right thing & help Kalib’s arch-nemisis proclaim the truth. Another real Canadian & in fact international, intergalactic & inter-dimensional hero, Canada’s former Defence Minister; The only man that I’m aware of out all the leaders in the world who had courage enough to publicly anounce what they all new. In front of open parliment and an internation conference the truth about the souless evolved creatures that decieved and manipulated minds that to them were no different than those of goldfish into having greedy murders hand over control of the worlds governments and militaries for technologies that pale to those we already possesed thousands of years ago. How angry would you all be if you new the truths I have seen and new that they traded your brethern for food and genetic manipulation trying to achieve what only the creator can give. These so called super-intelligent beings can’t seem to fathom what some of the least able minded among us easily can see. WE ARE THE ADAM KADMON UNIVERSAL MAN that those beyond places we can’t fathom are envious of if envy hadn’t been surpassed long ago by them. They are hear now so eagar to give the assistance offered and refused years ago. Yet now even as they are awakening and seeing the reality they can’t accept. Those who have done and are doing things that make the atrocities of Hitler or whomever they programed you to feel is the worst there is look like acts of charity. Don’t believe thier lies any more. The 300 who enslave the entire population with the help of creatures who are not fit to wash your toilet. Those who use righteous peoples the world over as thier willing slaves knowing they have been bound by eve. Yes I am refering to the eve in the book of Genisis of your Bible. It is no mistake that there is no capital e as there should be in a womans name. The greatest of your spiritual guides who preach too groups to small in numbers to be seen as a threat already know. The name you have been given as the first woman (chalis) is in fact refering to evening or the comming of darkness. This was the illusion that hides you from your 4th density existence still within your reach if only you would dispell that most tricky part of eve, your ego. I invite all the world to beutiful Vancouver, Canada. If you feel a calling to go to the Olyimpic Village where my willing Avatar has laboured without pay, selflessly being a servant to those who even when the surpressed wrath & anger of the creator is upon them will still chose of thier own free will to cling to thier illusionary treasure rather than accept thier God given gifts that are so great they cannot Fathom. Mah Avatar Babaji your guidance would be most benificical in that place you were so recently near. The one who has alowed me to reveal these truth true his vehical vessal sought you out with a desperation he didn’t understand yet could not find you even though great minds marveled at his never before documented intellect, easily finishing tests with perfect scores some you have seen before nor since easily surpassing your own score even when some of you tried to cheat. Yes we really can see all Doctors of neuro science! Come compassionate men who have tried to use all the lies they mixed in with your other tools to take advatage of your enormous hearts and mixed in enough of eve so that when you knew that a little excersize or Cbt would easily surpass any known anti depressants you still chose to watch the Christs children kill themselves off with the poisons of charletons influencing thier choice and robbing them of thier choice of free will that the creator gave all whom he lives in. It is this gift that causes those who don’t understand truth that causes many of you to ask ” if there was really a God how could he allow all this pain and suffering?” Believe me the Lord of this planet Sanada or as some call him Jesus a name that was given (appearently) by bickering men at a council that had been called by … THIS IS THE LIMIT OF TRUTH THAT CAN BE PASSED AT THIS TIME THROUGH THE CREATOR’S HUMBLE SERVANT AS I MUST NOT ALLOW HIS VESSEL TO BE SHED FOR A TIME AS IT IS STILL VITAL TO THE TRUTH THAT ESCAPES THOUGH HIS VESSEL THAT HOLDS HIS TRUE BEING UNABLE TO YET BE FREE OF THE SHACKLES OF HIS THIRD DENSITY VESSEL THAT RESTRICTS HIM FOR A SHORT TIME YET. For those who refuse to realize what is taking place in front of them I will be very clear. God as you call the source of all there is was or ever will be; The same creator that all the rightous pray to be it whatever they have warped absolute perfection into. Even the supposed pious who have the most of HIS CHILDREN believing a lie so horrific that many have been controlled by the animal Lymbic response of fear that can be cast away as is no longer needed to encourarge evolution twords self-awareness to believe a lie that enrages Lord Sanada watching above in Commander Astars ship. This lies will be bewiped away all. For now know this. YOUR LOVING CREATOR WOULD NEVER CAST A PART OF HIS/HER SELF IN A NEVER ENDING SUFFERING OF FIRE AND BRIMESTONE. THE ONES WHO NEED REPENT QUICKLY ARE THOSE WHO KNOWINGLY PASSED THIS LIE TO THE WORLD FOR THE ABILITY TO BE SLAVE OWNERS WITHOUT CHAINS! Don’t any of you unleash your anger and rob those who own the Vengance and wrath rights as they have waited much longer for this moment than your current 3rd density vessels that will before to long return to the stardust that formed it. Before I risk taking this vessels eve-life, I must risk brushing the boundries of your free will to give this loving sacrifical lamb a special gift knowing I the one controling this vessel risk a “penalty”. This vessels soul mate, h is hidden Viking princess has come to his home already unaware that as the worlds eyes were upon you, your prince also watched captivated by your beauty both phisical & etheral thinking himself in a manner so incorrect it confused & worried him that he was unworthy to approach you. As you dined with Kings who were unworthy of your presence, the one who was worthy sat alone confused at his longing while countless suitors were ignored causing those around him to shake thier heads & questioned his sexual preference all the while keeping himself (unknown to my caring Avatar as well) unattached for possible comming. He must not be allowed to be known about this gift I have sent out unless your current psudo initials are L.H. It is only you who this message is meant for and will have meaning special to you even though you will have difficulty accepting what your 3rd density brain, but your conscieousness within has know through time that you were meant for much more than decieving innocence with the corrupt laws of wicked men. Will you freely choose to take your rightfull place? Don’t wait too long as unworthy men will try stop you with untruths and the time to act is running out. Wicked men who plan the murder of most on this planet are trying to speed up thier sins. Little do they realize that eve’s greatest illussion was always meant for them. My friend whom has freely lent me his vessel is slipping away so I must be quick. If enough of you freely ask for help awaiting nearer than you realize you all can retake your power bestowed upon you by your creator. We WILL COME IF ENOUGH OF YOU CAN DISPELL THIER LIES AND TAKE THE OFFER YOU LEADERS FREELY REJECTED SO THE COULD CONTINUE TO DO THE GRUNT WORK OF THIER SOULESS PUPPET MASTERS WHO WILL BE FORCED BACK TO THE STARSYTEMS THEY WERE CONFINED TO BEFORE THEY SLITHERED TO YOUR PSUDO LEADERS TRICKING THEM INTO WHAT THEY BELIEVE TO BE LEGALY BINDING TREATIES. BELIEVE THIS! THE SOURCE OF ALL THAT IS OR CAN POSSIBLY BE IS THE BEST LAWYER YOU CAN FIND. IF YOU WANT YOUR BEAUTIFUL PLANTET BACK ALL IT TAKES IS TOO ASK YOUR INTER-DEMENSIONAL FRIENDS, YOUR ALIEN. FRIENDS, THE ASSCENDED MASTERS, ALL YOU FRIENDS PRESENT NOW CLOSE BY TO DO WHAT THEY ARE IN AWE OF AND EAGER TO DO. USE YOUR POWER TO DISPELL PROPHESY & SHOW YOU CAN FREELY CHOOSE BLISS UNIMAGINABLE & BYPASS THINGS THAT MAY NOT NEED TO PASS. JUST ASK. I am io annan and I have come to prepare the way for the greatest KING OF KINGS YOUR WORLD HAS !!! how many are ready for the masters return. I assure you he is already hear! My sweet precious prince David needs his vessel back. If he will again allow me I will reveal more once his vessel has recovered.

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  23. AMLEHTC says:

    What the fuck just happened?

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  24. AMLEHTC says:

    I was more concerned about Brutus Beefcake’s Barber Shop

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  25. Oilcity30 says:

    How long that take you to write? Lol

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  26. EPerez says:

    Nice paragraph.

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  27. BOOBOO says:


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  28. hasslehoff says:

    Can someone please summarize, make a loooong story short or give the gist of what David Johnson is talking about.

    Also, what weight will Starnes be on fight night? 210-220? I don’t think weight will be the issue. Whoever is the more technical, skilled and athletic fighter should win. Strength and size will only be a factor, if all other skills are equal.

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  29. Darren Owen says:

    He’ll be right around 220. He’s is done at 185. He will be fighting at 205 and HW from here on out.

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  30. Robin Black says:

    @David Johnson

    meth is a hellova drug?

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  31. Jake H says:

    Mr. Johnson, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this forum is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

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  32. harry balls says:

    So David, you and Kalib are friends or enemies? My eyes glazed over about half way thru. That is an up-all-night-yayo-binge post if I have ever seen one. Get a glass of wine and some benzos and take the edge off, man.

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  33. David Johnson says:

    I am not sure about much but this: I do smoke pot & love wine but have had little in the last 6 months or more. As for crack, meth, ice, cocaine or heroine I can prove with over seven years of clean random blood tests &urine tests that were never more than 5 weeks apart and often several times a month that I have only taken some opioid pain killers that were presribed for serious tramas often times resulting in the need for me to be recessitated. I am aware of questions people are asking & it is on sites that trancended all genre from news & tech to reigious and nursery rymes. I have had neurophyc. Testing & neurophsiological assesments in 1996 that showed not only showed me to be compleatly sane (with the exceptions of long ago conquered depression & aniety issues and some manuel dexterity tests that prior to tests done by nerologists & vascular surgeons of the hiest regard were thought anomolous). These tests all of which were done by doctors of international regard can be re verified by any one with 10000$ cdn.(apearently as worthless as allthe monies that rep. No assets.…sorry more to come (anyone who can help give me answers can send them to saulgoodeis@hotmail.Ca. This is the first time I have Ever used my real name on the net. if anyone knows who Io annan is clear the air because I am getting so much of his sh%t I can’t read or find the messages meant for me many iportant concearning flight data about important archeological finds & important busy people (as we all are). As I *m half asleep I’ll finish with this- -f Kalib doesn’t worry, isn’t trying to conceal an injury and sheds all his ego & worries including all the far less knowledgeable voices trying to control him and just does what healways did. – will starting rounding the assets to make the bets in person only. *s i have one request some with access to Kaib (sorry for grammer-tired & learning whole smart phone thing.)my ride is here so i will be …quick access to kalib & wisdom & true knowledge (cristine n or Km friend mike who was around) in short someone with facts not made up who might care enoughj about the poor guy to diseminate between truth & some stange shit i dont understand can give tell him what advice is good & include FUk em all & follow your …more when I figure it out . support egyptian change which with balls wiil become global. PEACE & LOVE DAVE.

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  34. AMLEHTC says:

    Whatever you wrote may be insightful but I’m not reading it. It’s too f’n long and drawn out

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