Horodecki, Smith, Laprise, Boyle to Use Xcessive Force in Grande Prairie


Xcessive Force Fighting Championship THUMBTop MMA News has learned that Chris Horodecki and Tim ‘Shady’ Smith will headline Xcessive Force Fighting Championship 2 in Grande Prairie, Alberta on July 27. The fight will be for the newly minted XFFC Lightweight title.

Also announced for the XFFC 2 card is a second Lightweight bout between Derek Boyle and Chad Laprise in a fight that is good enough to be a title fight. Tyler Davis and Michael Karkula are also scheduled for the event against opponents who have yet to be announced.

Chris Horodecki (18-4) will make his first appearance in Alberta since defeating Danny Downes at WEC 49 in Edmonton in 2010. Horodecki, who has also fought for the IFL, has faced impressive list of fighters including Bart Palaszewski, Donald Cerrone, Ed Ratcliff, and Anthony Njoukuani over an eight year career. ‘The Polish Hammer’ comes into the fight on the heels of a No Contest decision with Brad Cardinal and has not recorded a victory since 2011. Horodecki has most recently fought at Featherweight but will make the jump back to Lightweight to face Tim ‘Shady’ Smith.

Tim Smith (13-7) is the Unified MMA Lightweight champion and will be looking to collect a second belt with a win over his toughest opponent to date. Smith finished Merrick Duggan at Unified MMA 15 in his most recent bout in March 2013 and is coming into the XFFC fight full of confidence riding a two fight win streak.

Travelling to Grande Prairie with Horodecki will be his Adrenaline Training Center teammate Chad Laprise (6-0). Laprise is riding high with six consecutive victories in his three year career. Most recently, Laprise won two bouts at Bellator MMA against former Olympic wrestler Ainsley Robinson and Josh Taveirne.

Trying to stop the Laprise train will be Derek Boyle (9-5). Fighting out of Progressive Fighting Academy in Lethbridge and Jackson’s MMA in New Mexico, Boyle is an experienced fighter who once again is charged with stopping an undefeated rising prospect. He previously failed that duty when he faced a 4-0 Jason Saggo, but was equal to the task when he smashed the 5-0 Dan Ring into the ranks of the beaten in 20 seconds at MFC 34. Boyle is on a two fight win streak coming into this fight.

More fights are scheduled to be announced including a rumoured Bantamweight title fight against Tyler Davis and a bout with Michael Karkula at Featherweight.

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  1. Shane BTP Mountney says:


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  2. yup says:

    Mike Karkula vs Behrang Yousefi would be a cool fight at 145!

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  3. Marshal Burnham says:

    Chad Laprise and chris horodecki are sick fighters. Both will be amazing victories to watch. Gotta get tickets for that fight

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  4. Michael Karlula says:

    I have a MSG for Behrang Yousefi. Your coach is saying you’ll fight me in October… Stop tip toeing around and be a man. I expect to see you July 27th in Edmonton. DON’T BE SCARED HOMIE!!!!

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  5. Michael Karkula says:

    Correction on location Xessive July 27 Grande Prerrie

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  6. Fight Fan says:

    Karkula vs Yousefi does not make sense to me after Karkulas massive win, was hoping or a bigger fight like a Wheeler or Lorenz

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  7. Nathan says:

    No insult to him just that he’s such a fantastic prospect really want to see him tested.

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  8. Cody Rempel says:

    Yousefi is a 145er… He only took the last one at 155lbs because it was a last minute replacement!

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  9. Cody R says:

    I can vouch for that guy ate and drank all day just to be 153

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  10. truth says:

    Cody, I believe Karkula is a 145er also.

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  11. Cody Rempel says:

    Four of his five fights have been at 155lbs, he must be dropping to Featherweight… his fight against Veltri was at 150lbs!

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  12. Michael Karlula says:

    145lb no problem!

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  13. MMA Truth says:

    @Michael Karlula and peoples; Yousefi works July 01 until Sept as he does 12-16 hour days paving roads in the summer so he can train and fight all winter. It is bad timing however during his time no working he is more than happy to fight anyone @ 145lbs and will only move to 135lbs for the UFC or Bellator shot.

    Much respect for wanting to fight so bad thats wicked to see.

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  14. truth says:

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  15. Marz Ksiazkiewicz says:

    Stacked card! Karkula’s a beast.

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  16. LoL says:

    Micheal people don’t fear you as much as you think; anyone is beatable and everyone can lose a fight at any point in thier life. I had respect for ur record but ur attitude seems a bit jack ass ish.

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  17. Michael Karkula says:

    @lol say what you want but I will call out everyone to get a fight booked. No more waiting for guys to think about it. 2 men in a cage. I don’t care if people fear me or don’t. I do the important talking in the cage!

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  18. Fighter says:

    I like it when a fighter calls out another fighter on this site. It’s exciting and makes me want to see the fight. As long as it done in a somewhat classy way.

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  19. J. Tyler says:

    This is the fight game. One man challenges another. It can be done face to face, through writing or someone speaking on your behalf with permission. It is the same thing back in the schoolyard when someone calls out another. If you are offended by trying to get a fight by these means, then maybe you have never really been in a fight in your life and need to stay hidden behind the keyboard. As previously said, it brings excitement and entertainment value to the fight. Also calling a fighter out shows who want to be a contender or is a pretender. All these excuses we see time and time again, are just another way of saying no, I don’t want to fight you because I think I will lose or am terrified to fight you

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  20. Michael Karkula says:

    Well said J Taylor.

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  21. KP manager. says:

    With all do respect @micheal contact Unified or KOTC and request a match with As BTANG is able to fight in June on thier cards and if you want on it do your best.

    Straight up.

    No bs we accept you in June before the man goes to make a living so he can train.

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  22. Fighter2 says:

    Okay I’m sorry no disrespect to Shady but this guy is not even close to being in the same league as Hordecki.

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  23. hmm says:

    who is the matchmaker for Unified?

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  24. carmen says:


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  25. carmen says:

    Sunny Singh is matchmaker/owner for Unified.

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  26. Kevin Lee says:

    Michael Karkula I will fight you of they cant find an opponent for you. Have them contact my manager

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  27. Josh Machan says:

    ” Don’t be scared homie”

    Mike karkula, weren’t you suppose to be fighting June 7th but you kept “tip toeing around” then John Frazer asked to fight me?

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  28. Chase Degenhardt says:

    I think calling a guy out for a fight on a date you know he’s unavailable for is pretty weak.

    If anything, I think Karkula is the one who looks scared. Why don’t you call the guy out for a day when he can actually fight?

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  29. AMLEHTC says:


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  30. Behrang Yousefi says:

    Hi everybody!(in Dr.Nick voice)
    Usually I stay away from forum trash talk, I’d rather be meditating by my zen garden wishing peace on earth and love to all mankind but I’ve been put on the spot. Dear Michael Karlula, I ain’t scared homi :D I’m too busy for you or any one during the summer and how the hell am I suppose to stop tip toeing?! I’m a ninja bro!!
    You can expect anything you want I’ll just enjoy disappointing in July by not being your opponent and disappoint you again some time in the future when we meet it in the cage. till then keep er classy interwebs :D

    Well-loved! Thumb up 26 Thumb down 1

  31. Michael Karkula says:

    Josh Machan…They gave that fight away to Fraser, it’s a little hard to talk to HVOC during fight week against a top lightweight fighter(cardinal). To be honest I’d love to fight you on the Xessive card but I don’t think you will be able to fight me cuz I know you’ll get a medical suspension after your fight.

    Machan I’ll fight you any time!

    !!!!ANY TIME!!!!

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  32. gorny says:

    Shady not in.hordeckis league? With all do respect. You can think what you want but how many times does shady have to prove himself and shut people up. He will be ready as always and win or loose shady will prove all the doubters wrong yet again.

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  33. Idolmaker says:

    Gorny you switch allegences more than karkula changes his panties!

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  34. gorny says:

    I moved back to Edmonton so yah I’m gonna have to change gyms.

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  35. LOL says:

    SHADY isn’t in Horodecki’s league! He hasn’t fought anyone even close to the calibre of competiton Chris has Fought!

    Well-loved! Thumb up 10 Thumb down 3

  36. t.r.o.n says:

    c’mon…. Behrang your cool as ice Bro, for real! But please for the love of god please stop allowing that shit stick Brad Foster to speak for you in anyway. His douche proportions are at a all time high. Will post pics to prove in forum!

    Well-loved! Thumb up 10 Thumb down 2

  37. tron says:

    im all for making dumb mistakes as a kid, but Brad is a GROWN man! Just see KP Management post in the forums. Are you ok with this guy representing you? Get a real manager, there’s a few on here im sure that would love to help you out :)

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  38. hmm says:

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  39. Idolmaker says:

    Uh oh I sense a reappearance by the kamikaze lawyer…lol. I’m not a kp fan at all. Him and his freaky tiny hands.

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  40. J. Tyler says:

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  41. Idolmaker says:

    Does anyone else think that “don’t be scared homie” should stay with the people it originated from, concerning mma???

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  42. tron says:

    where’s the Diaz’?

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  43. Josh Machan says:

    First off, I have a lot of respect for tapstar. They have a lot of talented people there. J.Taylor you should probably stop posting before everyone loses respect for that gym. You are calling out a guy to fight one of your teammates who compete a class above him. Why would chase move up a division to fight? You sound like the scrawny kid in high school who picks a fight then gets his friends to finish it. What grade are you in? If your such a bad ass why don’t you fight chase instead of trying to get your teammates to fight him?

    Well-loved! Thumb up 16 Thumb down 2

  44. Mike Davis says:

    “Michael Karkula I will fight you of they cant find an opponent for you. Have them contact my manager”

    Kevin Lee vs Michael Karkula for 145 belt would be great, holy shit Xcessive please do this!

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  45. Louden Swain says:

    I like the Kevin Lee and Karkula matchup too, but its hard to see an Alberta promotion fly two guys in from Ontario and Michigan to fight each other.

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  46. Fans of the game says:

    I was wondering why all the negative messages from that gym as childish behavior as damn they have good guys they don’t need to act like punks of MMA but then again who am I just a fan.

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  47. Mash says:

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  48. Robin Black says:

    When I was callin’ Canadian fights I was on here every 15 minutes, which was fun. Now that my work has me doing mostly UFC stuff for a bit, I haven’t been here for weeks.

    Man its FUN to catch up when you’ve been away. LOTS of action around these parts!

    Really hope a Karkula vs Machan fight can happen late summer or early fall. Love that one.
    Mean time it would be great to see Mike on this card.

    And big props to Shady, that guy is fearless. Horodecki probably really appreciates the opportunity and its a fun match up.

    Boyle and Laprise? GOOD TIMES.

    Good action on this card and good debate too.

    Great action around this card, imo it gets people excited and helps sell tickets.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 7 Thumb down 2

  49. Cody Rempel says:

    I’m told this event will be “East vs. West” so it’s likely that they’ll want someone from Alberta/BC/Saskatchewan to fight Karkula… maybe get Lee on this card against someone else and have the winners fight for the belt?

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  50. J. Tyler says:

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