Elite 1: Judgement Day Weigh-In Results


Elite 1 held weigh ins for there 2nd event of the year titled Judgement Day at Casino New Brunswick in Elite 1 THUMBMoncton this afternoon. A thank you goes out to Graham Walker, the head of the Moncton Boxing and Wrestling Commission for  sending us the results. Three fighters were not able to make weight today and they were Ricky Goodall, Nivo Cvejic and Scott Clark.  All fights are still a go and there are tickets still for sale at the Casino New Brunswick box office.  

Pro Fights:
205lbs-Chris Johnson (204.8) vs. Scott Fraser (204.4)
***Light Heavyweight Title Fight

170lbs-Richard Arsenault (168.8) vs. Matt MacGrath (169.8)
***Welterweight Title Fight

160lbs- Eric St-Pierre (160.2) vs. Shawn Wallace (160.8)
155lbs- Ricky Goodall (157) vs. Steven Rogers (156)
205lbs- Issa Seck (203.6) vs. Jeff Acorn (202.6)
170lbs- Tyler Reid (170.4) vs. Ryan Potter (170)
145lbs- Nivo Cvejic (147.8) vs. Dustin Leighton (144)

Amateur Fights:
170lbs- Ryan Cameron (167.8) vs. Eric Nevitt (168.2)
150lbs-Scott Clark (151) vs. Jesse Bull (149.6)
160lbs- Dee Logue (158.6) vs. Chad MacWillimas (159.4)


24 Responses to “ Elite 1: Judgement Day Weigh-In Results ”

  1. LOL says:

    Goodall misses weight again, wtf dude!

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  2. ahah says:

    I think Ricky is ranked number 1 in Canada at the 160 weight class.

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  3. LOL says:

    Goodall, you obviously can not make 155, start fighting at 170, so you dont keep displaying such disrespect towards your opponent and this sport!

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  4. LOL says:

    Wonder what kind of bullshit excuse he’ll give this time!

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  5. mike Kent says:

    I don’t think Ricky will make an excuse he’s in a terrible position where he is way too small to compete with the best at 170 but making 155 is virtually I’m possible . He cuts like 8 pounds to fight at welterweight but is not going to make 55 . This isn’t an excuse just think that he has to admit to himself that he isn’t going make it , it is disrespectful and embarrassing but he’s not doing it intentionally he is killing himself dieting , not cheating and working his butt off !

    He just needs to bite the bullett and be a small ww and learn to deal with.

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  6. ahah says:

    Ricky is probably on his period so he is retaining more water then nomral so give him a break guy. he really tried this time n trying is all that matter lol

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  7. harry balls says:

    The white showtime

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  8. Oilcity30 says:

    Did he get an hour to cut extra pound? Or is it only 1 weigh in attemp?

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  9. Cameron McQueen says:

    Guess the grass fed butter isn’t working

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  10. Jeff Harrison says:

    Allergic to salad?

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  11. harry balls says:

    You know , I really appreciate TOP and all the hard work they do. But this is the dumbest sentence I think I’ve read on here by a reporter:
    “All fighters were able to make weight today except for Ricky Goodall, Nivo Cvejic and Scott Clark.”

    How about “Not all of the fighters made weight” or “Three fighters missed weight”.
    “All of the fighters made weight. Well, EXCEPT…”

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  12. J. Tyler says:

    @Mike Kent

    Most 155ers, which many have also said in interviews, walk around at 180-189. So if he can cut 8 pounds to 170, a weight cut to 155 not only can be done, it can be accomplished quite easily through preparation, structure and most importantly DIET.
    That said, if he can’t cut 1 more pound, it only shows he mentally broke cutting the weight and more than likely he will break in a fight, by quitting or giving up in some way. I’ve seen countless fightesr before a fight while cutting weight, collapsed on the ground, throwing a tantrum, crying/whining about omly cutting the last few pounds. Coincidently, all those fighters went on to lose

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  13. Mike kent says:

    To make a long story short Ricky needs to not accept shots at lw anymore becaus regardless of how hard he tries he can’t make it , you can’t tell anyone what there body can do and what is easy, he tries and failed , Im not arguing anything , there’s no arguiement to be made

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  14. BodySnatcher says:

    he’s made 155 before correct? against Rodgers the first time?

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  15. Gunner says:

    I AM LIKE AS SMALL AS YOU GET !!!!! 5ft9in walk weight 188lbs,,,,but legs of brick and weight that does not float! I know if i could give up my day job and train all day each day 155lb would be doable,, BUT i know i cannot do that and i know i cannot EVEN ATTEMPT that so my question is why even risk it as you obviously have not done trial to check if you can. Tons of respect for Rick as he has fought tough dudes but man it does not take 4 tries!! especially when you are already basically training full time n still missing 95% of the time!

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  16. 157 was his 2nd attempt. When I talked with Walker last night his 1st attempt was 157.4

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  17. David Letourneau says:

    I took the time to talk to ricky and give him my process in detail on how I make 155 as I am quite large for the division and the cut is sizeable. I see he did not take my advice. Or maybe he did and 155 is just not doable for his frame, either way Its time to fight exclusively at 170 Ricky.

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  18. smash says:

    Congratulations Ricky!!! ahahahaha honestly is this really happening? after all that talk? that’s amazing

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  19. Bobby Karimi-Busheri says:

    I agree Harry, that line was ridiculous. So all fighters didn’t make weight hahaha
    Time for Ricky to fight WW, done

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  20. mike Kent says:

    Yeah he’s never made it he missed against Rogers the first time . I will say he absolutly kills himself to make it and comes up short . Its not like he is piggibg out and tries to pull it together the last three weeks . I just thibk he can’t make the weight . 170 from now on and no more problems . Rickys a good guy and tough fighter . These attempts at 55 are just a distraction from what could be a great career .

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  21. Cody Rempel says:

    KOTC in the US has a Junior Welterweight Division for some odd reason… 156-160lbs, winner fights for Inaugural Elite 1 Jr. Welterweight Title?

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  22. Cody Moorman says:

    Well at least Ricky didn’t call out the whole division saying how he’s gonna dominate it like someone else we all know did.

    Hopefully this is his last attempt cuz its getting ridiculous already.

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  23. I’m 5’9 and started my career at 250lbs, fighting my first fight at 205lbs. I’ve been dieting and training for 6 years now and made the attempt enough times and have nearly destroyed my body doing so. Lightweight was always the wish of my coaches, not mine. I’ll be going back to welterweight after a summer of training and eating the proper amount of nutrition for someone training as much as I do and will let my body settle where it needs to. 20+ pounds in a few days is too much for my body to take anymore and 155 is just too low for me.

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  24. Also to expand I walk around while training and eating clean at about 185-190lbs. After weighing in at 157lbs I walked into the cage at about 180lbs. Cutting from 190 shredded to 170 would be significantly different than cutting from 175 shredded to 155; muscle holds a lot of water so the amount you can cut changes with the amount of muscle you carry. When I fought at welterweight in the past I had some body fat left and was walking around at 195-200 or so. This time I’ll be a much leaner, stronger welterweight and obviously with more experience.

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