Getting to Know… Derek Boyle

photo: Rob Trudeau

photo: Rob Trudeau

Name: Derek Boyle

Height: 6’0″

Walking Around Weight: 180 lbs

MMA Competition Weight Class: Lightweight (155 lbs)

Date of Birth: November 26, 1984

City born in: Sparwood, British Columbia

City currently residing in: Albuquerque, New Mexico/ Lethbridge, Alberta

First Job: Lifeguard

Current Job: MMA fighter

First Car: 1994 Toyota Tercel

Current Car: 1994 Toyota Tercel . Easily has another 20 years left!

Favorite Movie: Beerfest / 300

Favorite TV Show: King of Queens / Family Guy

Favorite Band/Singer: Bullet for my Valentine

Derek Boyle faces Aaron Armstrong at Hard Knocks 7

Derek Boyle faced Aaron Armstrong at Hard Knocks 7 (photo: 2D Photography)

Nickname, and how you got it: The Gargoyle. A couple years ago I was doing security at the local casino. One of my co-workers really wanted me to have a nickname for my next fight and he came up with the gargoyle.  It doesn’t have a whole lot of meaning but it works.  A lot of people now call me the gargoyle on a regular basis or garboyle.

MMA Team/Camp: Jackson’s MMA/ Progressive Fighting Academy

MMA Titles Held: Rage Lightweight champ.

Belts attained in other combat sports:  British Columbia bronze, silver, golden and provincial boxing champ.

Favorite UFC Fighter:  Carlos Condit

MMA Inspirations/Mentor/Idol: Wyatt Lewis, Trevor Hardy and Brad Wall are all big mentors of mine. Wyatt Lewis had a huge impact on my MMA career when I was first starting out. He taught me a lot about the sport of jiu jitsu as well as how important your mind is when it comes to the fight game.  He passed away last summer.  When I train and teach people, I try to pass along all the stuff he has shown me over the years.

First Martial Arts Memory: My first boxing match at the age of 8. The rounds were only 90 seconds long, but I was so nervous before the fight I think it used up most of my energy as I could not continue after the second round.

First MMA Memory: Stepping into the cage at the age of 22. I had not had a boxing fight in about seven years.  I won my MMA fight in 20 seconds and felt just as tired then as I did in my first boxing fight.

Greatest MMA Moment to Date: I have had many great moments so far, but the best one has to be my flying knee KO over Alex Popov. I had practiced that move a lot in practice and to see it workout the way it did was pretty amazing.  Watch it HERE.

Funniest MMA Fighter that You Know: Jordan Wright and Clint Roberts

Toughest MMA Competitors Encountered: Jason Saggo and Shane Campbell

Derek Boyle finishes Dan Ring at MFC 34

Derek Boyle finishes Dan Ring at MFC 34 (photo: Rob Trudeau)

Most Memorable Finish: Would have to be the same as my greatest MMA moment.  Watch it HERE.

Cage or Ring: I like both of them, but if your fighting a boring ass wrestler, I would prefer the cage that way you can use it to get back up from a boring fight.

Embarrassing MMA Memory: Can’t think of anything too embarrassing that has happened yet. I’m due for an embarrassing moment.

Funny MMA Memory: After winning my fight at the Playboy Mansion, I went for a nice naked swim in the grotto. Which also could be my number two greatest MMA moment.

Favorite MMA Move (finish/strike): Flying knee.

Favorite Sport Outside of MMA: Hockey/Montreal Canadiens

Favorite Food: Steak and lobster

Relationship status: Single

Twitter Account: @dboylemma

Facebook Account/Fan Page: Derek Boyle/ Derek “The Gargoyle” Boyle

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  1. Bobby Karimi-Busheri says:

    Boyle is one of the most exciting and dangerous guys at LW! I’m definitely a fan!

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  2. Travis H. says:

    Cant wait to see Garboyle back in action!

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  3. Love this format of getting to know the fighters.

    Would be cool to see this with others involved in the MMA game (Promoters, Managers, superfans, whoever)

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