Canadian Amateur Fighter Dies After MMA Bout


A Canadian mixed martial arts competitor died on Saturday, April 6th, following an unregulated bout in Port Huron, Michigan for Amateur Fighting Club (AFC). The fighter was a 35 year old Canadian man of Nigerian descent, who’s name hasn’t been released pending notification of his family. The man lost his amateur MMA bout via 3rd round ref stoppage.

Shortly after the bout, the Heavyweight fighter informed his trainer that he was not feeling well and then collapsed soon afterwards. A paramedic at the venue conducted first aid to the combatant before having emergency medical crews arrive. An autopsy was done on Sunday on the 35 year old competitor following his death with lab results still to be released. Cause of death has not been released yet.

Amateur MMA is unregulated but legal in the state of Michigan and no physician is required at an event nor ambulance be presence on site. Democratic representative, Harvey Santana, has sponsored a bill that would force amateur MMA promoters to require an annual license, carry $10,000 in fighter health insurance as well as have a doctor on site during the fights. Santana is attempting to “teach the beast some manners”.

Amateur Fighting Club posted the following message on their Facebook page on Sunday.

“Last night’s event, April 6th, we lost a member of our MMA family and we would like to take this time to honor him. This is a tragic turn of events. We will keep his family and friends in our prayers and we ask you to do the same. May God be with them in this devastating time of loss. To us, this tragedy will not end today. He will remain in our hearts and on our minds. Further information will be posted at a later time.”

Our thoughts and condolences go to the friends and family of the fallen MMA fighter.


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  1. Mash says:

    There were 4 Emts cageside i was there and ambulance less than 4 min after arrived. Autopsy will definately answer questions.
    Showdown joe made a post which is more informative also.

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  2. Donald Duck says:


    Terrible thing to happen.


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  3. Tommy says:

    This should never happen. This needs regulation immediately. No pre-fight medicals at all. No ambulance on site. Which took way longer than 4 minutes, by the way. More like 10-12 minutes.

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  4. Mash says:

    Tommy is in correct

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  5. Tommy says:

    I was there. I saw what happened. You are correct, an autopsy will answer many questions. It will likely point out that he had a pre existing condition that a pre-fight medical inspection would catch.
    Too many promoters trying to save a buck at the expense of the fighters. There is no logical defense to say an ambulance on site isn’t needed. Will it put some promoters out of business? Probably. But only the ones who give the sport a bad name in the first place.

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  6. thomas says:

    Bro it really sad for you to just go like. I can only the last we were together which was your birthday. RIP

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  7. Mash says:

    Tommy i cant speak for the people who ran this event but there were alot of legit athlese in attendance. My close friend helps run the backstage and he ia devastated.

    There def needs pre medicals but the state doesnt require which is insane. But im willing to predict his pre existing heart condition may be self induced by vitamins or other things. Hope the autopst helps to save face for the ppl involved and the sport in general.

    I 100% agree sanctionimg is needed tho. Tommy r u canadian and with one of the teams? Very few canadian fans there

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  8. Mash says:

    That came off very bad the way i said pre existing i def didnt mean to be incOnsiderate. He was very large muscular man with zero cardio.

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  9. Bdc says:

    Subdural or epidural bleeds are gona happen from time to time in this sport. Autopsy will show what happened but the medics prob allready know.

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  10. gnp says:

    very sad news , my sympathys go out to his family…But what is a feasible solution ???cat scan or mri before and after a fight…?that will never happen at lower budget venue,s…..

    this doesn’t happen that often (I wish it never Happened)but in a sport where people continually take head shots people get injured….and the reality of it is most of the lasting damage is done in training……

    I certainly don’t want to sound like a black cloud on a sport I love….But when you have family fighting at a professional level it makes you take pause…..again my sympathys…

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  11. RIP

    This is terrible.

    Michigan sucks for regulation and caring about people’s safety.

    They leave it in the hands of the promoter.

    This is so bad for the sport.

    Get your head out of your ass Michigan.

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  12. Robin Black says:


    Terrible terrible news. Feel for his family.

    We have promoters in Saskatchewan and Alberta promoting “Amateur MMA” matches that consist of ‘kid with 5 months training’ vs ‘tough bouncer’ and ‘learned to fight with my buddies’ vs ‘Karate green belt’.

    When are we gonna wake up?


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  13. Cody Krahn says:

    It’s also optional to start ammy or go straight into pro in Alberta as well Robin. I think we have to wait for a lot of these old dinosaurs in these commissions to retire before there’s any real reform in how the sport is regulated.

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  14. When it comes to locking two competitors in a cage there is no such thing as ‘amateur’. All athletes willing to compete in MMA deserve the full protection given to professionals via athletic commission oversight.

    After Bill S-209 comes into force Provinces all need to pass appropriate legislation to ensure MMA is well regulated on the amateur and professional side to ensure participate safety and help the legitimate development of this sport in Canada.

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  15. Cameron McQueen says:

    Cool to see Erik post here. Very knowledgable individual.

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  16. alandale says:

    And pat reid continues to play nudge nudge wink wink with letting unsanctioned amateur shows on his sanctioned events. Ticking time bomb, but he thinks because he turns his back, he’s not put the city at a liability risk. His own bylaws state a card cannot be announced without commission approval, meaning the moment he gives an ok with amateurs on it, he’s approved it.

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  17. AMLEHTC says:

    Weren’t you the guy that ran the River Cree Commission into the ground?

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  18. Cody Rempel says:

    Initial reports are that the cause of death was not due to trauma sustained in the fight, although full results of the autopsy will not be available for a few weeks.

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  19. Cody Rempel says:

    @alandale… I’m pretty sure the amateurs in Edmonton are required to complete the same medicals as the pros!

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  20. Bobby Karimi says:

    No they’re not Cody

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  21. Cameron McQueen says:

    Woody when you run a show in Michigan what are your medical requirements?

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  22. Bdc says:

    So if he had a jammer shuld it not have been caught by pre fight medicals that hes not in shape to fight ie blood pressure, resting heart rate. Maybe hes the 1 in 5 million guys that had a bad heart n it was just his time but i doubt that.

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  23. Cody Rempel says:

    My bad guys, here are the meds for amateurs in Edmonton as per Bill Mahood!

    “Meds required are…. An initial medical examination preformed by athletes physician, neg for HIV, HepC and HepB surface antigen. Also a Pre fight examination done by the event physician at weigh in or night of event.”

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  24. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    In all my years of martial arts….i have seen more injuries in sport karate tournaments and point sparring and grappling tournaments….than i have ever witnessed in MMA….i truly believe that there should be some sort of regulation in the terms of pre fight medicals and post fight meds….and a train emt or physician should always be on hand…but we dont see that in the thousands of sport karate or traditional karate tournaments or grappling tournaments…put on every weekend in our country….i have competed in literally hundreds of these tournaments in my martial arts career… and anyone who else has knows that even in semi to light contact tournaments… there are always KO’s….broken nose’s or limbs…i personally have blown my knee out twice in these type of tournaments…i have also KOed some of my competitors and definitley have opened up more than my fair share with blood all over myself and the ring….and not once ….even competing at the worlds not once did i ever even have to do prefight bloodwork for…you just showed up and fought…i have also personally attende a cpl tournaments where a competitor has died….in any combat sport…a certain amount of risk is involved…how many grappling tournaments have you gone to that some one has had there elbow popped or broken…neck injured…knee destroyed…koed from a slam or throw….and not once was a pre fight medical required…this is not just limited to MMA…and i think its bs that the haters of the sport…use tragic events like what happened in Michigan a cpl weeks ago…to put a black mark on our sport…again I’m all for safety and rules and regs to make things more safe… and properly trained individuals…ie. refs…that will have the ability to see if a fighter is in distress!…but pls lets not let the media and the politicians and the haters…turn these tragic events….into some sort of MMA witch hunt!!!

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  25. Donald Duck says:

    @Cody – That’s all fine and good but could you please show me where inside of Edmonton’s regulations they acknowledge the existence of Amateur MMA?


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  26. alandale says:

    They don’t. But their bylaws say that a promoter cannot announce details of a card prior to the card’s approval by the commission. Therefore by their approval, they are providing a level of oversight. But rules and regulations are just silly little things that get in the way when reid bends over with his jar of vaseline in hand to please a promoter

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  27. Donald Duck says:

    Thanks AlanDale,

    Like I’ve been saying all along Edmonton sanctions amateur MMA by tacit approval.


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  28. I like this Alan Dale guy.

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  29. AMLEHTC says:

    Yeah you won’t MAD, especially when you look up the stuff he allegedly did with the River Cree Commission

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  30. Donald Duck says:

    Wait is Alan Dale really Dale K?!?

    If so that would speak volumes about why he won’t comment on what the Calgary commission is up to.


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  31. Are they the same guy?

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