5 Rounds: Episode 2 – Dr. Faisal “King” Rehman


5 Rounds THUMBRing side doctor and Associate Professor Dr. Faisal “King” Rehman joins Robin Black and John Ramdeen to examine TRT, steroids, head trauma, and more in this episode of 5 Rounds.

One Response to “ 5 Rounds: Episode 2 – Dr. Faisal “King” Rehman ”

  1. Great episode, love hearing the doc’s take on things. i’d be curious to hear him talk about somebody with Down Syndrome getting licensed to fight MMA, and transgender issues in relation to MMA.

    Holy Crap is Ramdeen looking good. Lost a ton of weight and working hard at it!

    Where in the hell did you get that Cheetah shirt Robin? The 70s? I think i like it.

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