Watch Carr vs O’Neill from AFC 15; Should this Be a No Contest?


AFC-THUMBYesterday, Top MMA News broke the news that the Owen Carr unanimous decision win over Mike O’Neill was overturned by the Calgary Combative Sports Commission to a No Contest following a complaint by O’Neill’s camp about fouls and sportsmanship issues.

Here is the video of the fight. Do you think it should have been overturned?

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  1. Vlad says:

    I think Carr should protest this. This is absolute nonsense!

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  2. Vlad says:

    I would recommend to Carr or his camp to file a formal protest/ compliant as soon as possible. He got robbed by commission just because another guy didn’t like to lose.

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  3. Adam Lorenz says:

    I didn’t see anything to indicate that the fight should be overturned. I did not agree with the ref using a stand up after the up kick but I didn’t see any unaddressed fouls that affected the outcome of the fight. The nose blow was unsportsmanlike and a point could have been taken away, however I still would have scored the fight 29-27 Carr.

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  4. Matt says:

    Regardless of the upkick which i still by watching see it landing on the side of the neck but regardless was a push with very little force as oneill barely moved. The most significant illegal strike if you wanna start whimpering was the spinning back elbow/punch which oneill throws at 4:21 of the 3rd which lands clearly and right in plain view of camera and official to the back of Carr’s head

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  5. mike kent says:

    Maybe some bad sportsmanship and nobody is calling Owen and Angel but it is absolutely ridiculous that this was overturned to a no contest. He won every round in dominant fashion .

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  6. kenny says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  7. gnp says:

    I don’t think its a fish hook I think his mouth guard is hanging out….but I could be wrong

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  8. Sir TedwinMcTeddenstien III says:

    Carr definitely out fought O’Neil but regardless of the fouls makin a difference in the outcome Carr is known as a dirty fighter with little to no sportsmanship so I feel this is a lesson for him rather then a robbery

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  9. Zach says:

    THERE IS NO FISH HOOK YOU CLEARLY SEE HIM GRABBING THE (CHIN) WHICH IS A LEGAL WRESTLING TECHNIQUE. Owen won every round. I think this fight being overturned is absurd Owen Carr should get a lawyer Mike Oneal is a crybaby

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  10. Louis Fisette says:

    I have to agree… Unfortunately at 6:41 I see a chin pick, no fish hook! Again I may be wrong, and who knows Owen may have cheated to get an advantage… I just don’t see it in this footage. I personally think Carr got robbed

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  11. Louis Fisette says:

    Not Carrs fault the ref didn’t address the issues at the time.

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  12. Matt says:

    Louis you should know better geesh Oneill had every possible excuse as to why you beat him and he started making them pre weigh ins so he had them to fall back on. Just look at him in this fight with Carr my god he looks like a rigid board trying to swing his legs and arms the kid has no skill and will end up getting severly hurt if he keeps using his mouth to try and advance his career and making excuses for everything that does not go right for him.

    Get some training, accept your losses, learn and keep your mouth shut

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  13. Jeff Harrison says:

    He wasn’t hurt at all by the up kick or the phantom fish hook. Like i Could maybe see filing a complaint if there was physical or even video evidence that those techniques drastically effected the outcome of the tilt.Terrible decision to overturn a fight.

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  14. kevin says:

    22:33 – 22:36 = EPIC

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  15. kevin says:

    besides that, yeah carr whooped his ass from what i see in the video. true warrior make no excuses for their loss……diva

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  16. machine says:

    Wow…..I guess the saying is true ‘excuses are like assholes everybody has one and they all stink’. Mike thats embarrassing you put your time and effort into overturning a fight you clearly lost. You were dominated for 3 straight rounds LITERALLY. Instead of spending time making excuses and trying to over turn fights you lost why don;t you put the time towards adding some skill and tools in the gym and come back stronger and better and get some legit wins…..just sayin

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  17. kyle sklazeski says:

    Spitting fish hooking and wiping blood what a joke rematch

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  18. ben says:

    o’neill is a whinny bitch you got beat on for 3 rounds man up and accept your loss you didnt even belong in the ring with carr that night he dominated you in every way.

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  19. Jake says:

    The CCSC seriously needs to admit a mistake and over turn there decision cause there is NO evidence of any fouls that would rule a NC
    Is tr commission punishing Owen cause people think he’s dirty fighter?
    Mmm this is sketchy on there behalf.
    Oneill do you feel you deserve a rematch?? Cause you didn’t even come close to being on Owens level let alone win a min of the fight.

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  20. Jackie says:

    This was an excellent fight. Owen received a couple of warnings from the ref but no point deductions or DQ. By doing this the commission is undermining the authority of their own refs.

    —This kind of action should be reserved for extreme negligence on part of an official not he said/he said situations.—

    If the ref did not feel your conduct warranted disciplinary action when he was IN THE CAGE then what does the commission think it is doing after the fact? This is a stronger statement about how little trust/faith the commission has in its officials than a statement on Owen’s fighting. He fought a beautiful fight. He should be proud. That is what MMA should look like.

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  21. real talk says:

    This isn’t really about carr or oneal
    The best thing that can come of this is is everybody taking a closer look at the ref’s. Yes they have a shitty job but that’s no excuse, I believe the comission stepped in for 2 reasons, 1 being poor sportsmanship and 2 for the so called official for being a shitty ref

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  22. Matt says:

    There are bad ref’s in every sport and also even good ref’s will make bad calls so now we are saying that anytime a ref blows a call or makes a call that was incorrect we should rule a NC are you whacked? that means now both fighters wasted 2 months or more of there career and both will not get a win purse or bonus or any sort of career advancement.

    The only time a NC should be ruled is when an act or situation CAUSES the outcome of the fight to be different than what it was.

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  23. Matt says:

    with the attitude of so many on this topic our great sport is now going to turn in to SOCCER you will have guys crying wolf and taking dives and all the rest just for grounds to appeal

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  24. Jake says:

    Real talk
    Bad sportsmanship doesn’t grant a NC
    And either does the reffs mistake to stand them up at 1.04 mins left in fight!
    There is NO reason for NC in this case cause there is absolutely NO evidence of any fouls tha would rule a NC here
    To topmmanews and to anyone who cares about the sport of MMA – did the commission ever officially say why they over turned Carrs win??

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  25. Donald Duck says:


    Did you see my comments on the other thread? I don’t want to double post.


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  26. TheGuvna says:

    Definitely shouldnt be a NC. Carr domimated, and at the end of the day, Oneil knows that too. Carr shouldnt stress this, anyone with half a brain that watches this fight know what happened.

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  27. Inkdup says:

    I saw this fight live as well as studied the video 35-40 times people.THERE IS NO FISH HOOK!!!! NOONE WAS SPAT UPON.(it was a nostril clearing huff)The alleged illegal kick..C’mon it wasnt to the face. It is ridiculous for this clear win by Carr to be deemed a NC by anyone. Feels like politics creepin to deep into an area thats needs none!!! O’niel is a crybaby loser…his career will be a short one.

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  28. mmafan says:


    How can the commission rob carr of this win!?!?
    Thats insane! No way that should be a NC! CALGARY COMMISSION IS A JOKE. They should restructure and organize themselves in a more professional matter. I dont see how this fight was declared a NC.

    All I can say is I feel bad for carr… hopefully something is done about this. Also at least everyone who watched the fight knows who won.

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  29. hmmm says:

    Can’t wait to see the minutes from the commission meeting from April2,2013 to see how they came up with this decision. No need for refs or judges I quess, just have the fight and decide the outcome in the boardroom.

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  30. hmmm says:

    Once again possible personal feelings are getting in the way of professionalism. I feel this may set a very poor precedent in the world of MMA in Calgary. Refs and Judges are there for a reason and and rulings must be followed in order to remain impartial.

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  31. hmmm says:

    I hope Carr takes legal action on this. Right is right and wrong is wrong. It frustrates me to no end seeing POLITICS have the upper hand again.

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  32. jeremy says:

    I think this fight being overturned is an absolute outrage! Carr schooled Mike for three straight rounds! no doubt about it! the alleged fish hook is clearly a chin grab! and as far as the sportsmanship isuues.. first of all he did not spit on him he spit beside him! and that has nothing to do with the fact owen Dominated O’neil for 3 rounds! either way Owen Carr beat O’Neils ass!

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  33. Tyler Ward says:

    I am one of Owens friends from high school. I watched this fight live. It was a 30 – 27 victory which Owen dominated the whole fight from the top. Elbows from the top, rear naked choke attempt, double leg takedowns and ground and pound for 3 rounds. I’d like to know who got paid to overturn this unanimous decision. Absolutely BS.

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  34. Inkdup says:

    Makes me wonder why there are any refs allowed in the cage if they can be discredited like this and thier decisions and actions overturned because of a poor unskilled heavy bag with ears complaining that he got beat up. INSANITY!

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  35. Bosiak says:

    What a joke, Owen Carr was a beast in that fight!! Sad sad state of affairs……..

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  36. Idolmaker says:

    Tyler we all know you’re full of crap. Owen has no friends. Haha… Shitty decision altogether though I must admit

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  37. loverandafighter says:

    You’re all bitching that refs shouldn’t be allowed in the cage if their decisions are going to be overruled, but in this case, the decision NEEDED to be overruled.

    Anything can be played off as an “accident” and brushed off with an apology. Someone has to make the tough calls and it clearly wasn’t this ref. I’m not trying to force blame on him because he’s human and we all make errors. But realistically, he made several errors in this match.

    I don’t think that Mike has made any excuses, he said himself that Carr got him with a knee (I think) in the first round and that pretty much killed him on the spot. But there’s no reason that Carr had to purposely spit on him (I’m sorry but clearing your nose? At your opponent? Nice try) and then kick him in the head. If anything, those seem more like excuses to me than anything Mike O’Neill ever said. And Carr wouldn’t have to make excuses if he weren’t trying to justify his actions.

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  38. INKEDUP says:

    What a crock of shit …for a clearly dominant performance and a win to be taken from a fighter in this manner
    I don’t know how any fighter could look himself in the eye after being schooled for 3 rounds ….a clear win for Owen…and then complaining to the commish that the fight was unfair .
    Guess we know which one has the warriors heart.
    Drop Bombs in Vegas Owen!!!!!!!!

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  39. hmmmm says:

    Ref and judges were there for the fight, watched it, scored it unanimously in Carrs favor! End of story. Couple of infractions which could result in a possible sanction. But over turn a decision? Let me know if a reversal like this has ever happened before,I would love to watch the fight and see the infractions involved. Im willing to bet they would be alot more serious than blowing your nose. Good thing Mike Tyson doesnt still fight. Oh never happened to him. HMMMM

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  40. hmmm says:

    Now I know the commission will never reverse a decision they already reversed LOL. They would look like absolute fools if they dont already. But did they not appoint the ref and judges? I quess they won’t be scoring anymore fights. They obviously have no more credibility, or support of the commission in their ability to score a fight.

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  41. Hayden says:

    This is ridiculous. The conditions the fight was changed to a no-contest over were:

    Fish hooking, which split O’Neill’s lip and prevented him from shrimping out or have his lip ripped worse.
    Head butting the bridge of O’Neill’s nose,
    Illegal blows to the back of O’Neill’s head,
    Illegal upkick, which was caught by the referee, Len Koivisto, only to improve Carr’s position, and
    Poor sportsmanship with Carr spitting on him.

    I didn’t see any fish hooking at all, or any REAL intentional/influential back of the head shots. In a cage fight, a few accidental bumps to the back of the head come with the territory.

    The illegal upkick was an accident on Owen’s part, he apologized, and them standing up was a dumbass mistake on the ref’s part. If the ref had taken a point away, Carr still would’ve won by a long shot.

    But let’s be honest, do we really think that upkick changed the outcome of the fight? Did the fact that they were stood up potentially change the outcome of the fight? O’Neill barely landed one shot in 1 min of being on top.

    The only thing I don’t agree with is the spitting, that was unsportsmanlike, but was all this worthy of over-turning a fight? Had Owen done EVERYTHING they listed (which I don’t believe he did), O’Neill got dominated, three rounds to none, no questions asked.

    It’s definitely unfortunate, but like a fighter getting a win changed to a no contest for a positive THC test, both fighters, the fans, AFC, and everyone else knows who really won that fight.

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