Michael Karkula Joins Top MMA Radio

Michael Karkula defeats Brad Cardinal at XFFC

(photo: Randy Vanderveen)

This week, the crew at Top MMA Radio are joined by Michael Karkula.  Karkula comes on the program to talk about his big win at Xcessive Force Fighting Championship over Brad Cardinal this past weekend.  The unbeaten Tap Star fighter addresses a bunch of topics including his training at Tap Star under Sam Zakula, why his team takes last second fights, and how great it was to fight for the XFFC.   Karkula even surprises Don and Keith by announcing a new weight class that he would like to fight in and he calls out an opponent as well.

Don and Keith also talk about the XFFC, Unified MMA, and Wreck MMA cards and discuss the latest in Canadian MMA.

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9 Responses to “ Michael Karkula Joins Top MMA Radio ”

  1. MIke Davis says:

    A lot of hate from keith on this episode for both of us. There was a lot to Wilson fight I am sure you where not told, was not the money at all, no clue why your saying that. Saying I wont fight Wooley also…Big Win obviously knows, thinking I will/would pull out is a insult Keith. But Banin vs Me is a obvious choice for Sunny as both sell tickets in Edmonton and would be a good fight for both of us as both have some hype going into fight. Also Sunny rocks!

    I have not heard anything about my brother vs Karkula but i would not see a point brother going up to 45 to fight for a title when its a better idea to stay at 135 for a title he has fought at 145 yes but defiantly better suited at 135 but just my opinion. He fights odd fight at 145 cause who likes to diet haha

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  2. David Nichollls says:

    Hey Don I completely agree that the Black Kouame fight was fight of the night. It is unfortunate that the fight didn’t go to the score cards I would have like to have seen how it would have been scored. I am still a little upset about the illegal kick to a downed opponent that affected the fight somewhat. The kick ended up fracturing Bryan’s cheek in two spots and he wasn’t given ample time to recover but never the less it was an outstanding fight and I think Bryan Black showed that he might be one of the toughest guys in MMA in Canada. After all he fought almost three full rounds with a fractured cheek and took some big shots and gave as much as he took. The crowd benefited from the referee missing the call in the Black fight for the illegal kick which should have ended in a DQ. I think the fans were treated to a great fight as a result of it not ending by way of the DQ. Black and Parson’s will be back better than ever soon.

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  3. Woodrow says:

    Huge fan of karkula and sam.

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  4. Davis.mma125 says:

    Ya karkula is a class act in this seems like a good guy.

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  5. J. Tyler says:

    Great interview with karkula. Looks like neither of the Davis brothers want anything to do with karkula, Imperato, Woolley or any tapstar fighter for that matter. You can’t be a top fighter if you won’t fight top level guys

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  6. Mike… I don’t think you would fight Wooley. Banin is the obvious fight and a fight I look forward to as I said when we talked about Banin’s win.

    If you win that fight, would you jeopardize your record against Wooley? You say you would. I 100% disagree. I don’t think you would.

    A win over Banin:
    Makes you 11-3
    Gives you 8 wins in a row
    Gives you 11 wins in your past 12 fights
    Makes you the only Canadian with 2 Flyweight wins
    Makes you the number 1 Flyweight in Canada
    Makes you very close to getting the call up to the UFC

    You won’t risk any of the above by fighting Adrian Wooley. If you lose to Banin, you might fight Wooley if the money is right.

    If you want to come on the show next Monday and defend how you 100% will fight Wooley and make me look like an idiot, you are welcome to come on the show.

    As for Tyler, I don’t know why Karkula called him out. It sounded like a fight XFFC is working on with Michael. I know Tyler is 135 and I mentioned on the show that he just called out Perez for XFFC.

    I heard that Tyler priced himself out of the Diego Wilson fight from a couple people. It was a risky fight and Tyler wanted more to fight Wilson. You can let us know on next week’s show what the real reason was.


    PS. Thanks for not using an alias Mike Davis. I respect the criticism. Sunny does rock!

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  7. by the way… I just noticed that a negative comment about me this morning was removed by one of the site’s moderators due to swears and homophobic slurs.
    Feel free to post criticism again without the swears and homophobic slurs.

    Thanks for listening to the show.

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  8. QuinnFan says:

    Calling out Perez? only way that fight goes down is at middleweight. Don’t know why he lets himself go like that, I felt terrible for him seeing him in the cage at AFC 16.

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  9. Louis Fisette says:

    Davis vs Wilson… Lets see it!

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