Calgary Commission Overturns O’Neill vs Carr AFC 15 Decision

Owen Carr vs Mike O'Neill

O’Neill the victim of an illegal upkick (photo: Jeremy Hainsworth)

After a formal letter of complaint from Mike O’Neill, the Calgary Combative Sports Commission has ruled that the results of the March 15, 2013 fight between Owen Carr and Mike O’Neill would be changed to a No Contest.

Following the Aggression Fighting Championship 15 fight at the Telus Center, O’Neill and corner Jesse Bongfeldt appealed Carr’s Unanimous Decision win. O’Neill told Top MMA News that they issues they cited included:

  • Fish hooking, which split O’Neill’s lip and prevented him from shrimping out or have his lip ripped worse.
  • Head butting the bridge of O’Neill’s nose,
  • Illegal blows to the back of O’Neill’s head,
  • Illegal upkick, which was caught by the referee, Len Koivisto, only to improve Carr’s position, and
  • Poor sportsmanship with Carr spitting on him.

The CCSC reviewed the event and agreed with O’Neill’s complaint.  The commission offered this statement:

“The City of Calgary Combative Sports Commission has received a formal letter of complaint regarding the recent Owen Carr vs. Mike O’Neill bout at AFC 15 held in Calgary, AB on March 15th, 2013.

After a detailed investigation, The Commission determined that there was validity in this complaint and as a result decided this match to be declared a No Contest. The official results will be subsequently amended to reflect this decision.”


With the result, Owen Carr’s record drops to 3-2-1 with 1 NC while Mike O’Neill’s record improves to 3-2 with 1 NC.

O’Neill is happy about the decision and wanted to be clear that he only complained due to Carr getting away with so much during the bout without being penalized by the ref.  The only time Carr was warned, he was restarted in a better position.  O’Neill was hoping that the commission would review referee Koivisto’s performance and was surprised by the decision.

O’Neill would welcome a rematch with Carr.  He agrees that Carr fought harder than him that night, but without the fouls, Carr may not have come out with the win.

NOTE: Owen Carr was asked for a comment, but choose to withhold comments at this time.

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  1. Inkdup says:

    You bet CJ!! Are you ???
    Ask yer moms if im ferreal. LOL

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  2. Donald Duck says:

    @Inkdup – You should probably learn a little about the sport before shooting your mouth off. I’m glad you’re passionate but you don’t come across as very bright.


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  3. Inkdup says:

    Lol Donald Duck.
    Im well versed in the sport thank you very much for your concern . I just figured that if you all can talk a bunch of shit outta yer asses then I can too. We love the naysayers and haters though…fuel for the fire.

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  4. Louis Fisette says:

    I’d fight Carr! We talked about it at tryouts… We both agree I’d win lol Ok ok maybe we didn’t agree. But we did talk about it

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  5. Sean Quinn says:


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  6. Sounds like Inkdup is a great sponsor who is behind his fighter 100%.

    That is great to see!

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  7. Donald Duck says:

    Hopefully InkedUp is done with the self promotion and we can return to the discussion at hand.

    I just saw AlanDale was posting so perhaps he’d like to weigh in on this issue.


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  8. Matt says:

    This kid embarrasses our sport and once again how does he even look at himself in the mirror.

    excuse after excuse and he is still going on even adding to his so called foul list… your irrelevant just leave it alone already youwhining got your NC no need to cry even more to toher people and make yourself look like more of an idiot

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