Wreck MMA Weigh-In Results


WRECK THUMBWreck MMA is holding a show in Ottawa/Gatineau on Thursday, March 28th. If you are in town, why not pick up a pair of tickets from Capital Tickets? There is nothing like live MMA!

Wreck held their weigh-ins today to make their fight line up official. Of note, headliner Randy Turner will not be facing Antonio Banuelos as previously announced. Instead, Michael Banin will step in to face the 125er. The card also features good matchups between local Mark Holst and Richie Whitosn as well as a sure-fire Fight of the Night in Dimitri Waardenburg versus Eric Montgomery.

Randy Turner (124) vs. Michael Banin (125)
Richie Whitson (159) vs. Mark Holst (160)
Dimitri Waardenburg (135) vs. Eric Montgomery (136)
Francis Charbonneau (175) vs. Matt Parsons (175)
Ashley Nichols (115) vs. Randa Markos (118)
Jordan Preston (139) vs. Kyle Vivian (141)
James Kouame (185) vs. Bryan Black (184)
Steve Yhap (125) vs. Tyler Kirk (124)
Tristan Kalijudzic (155) vs. James Polodna (149)

31 Responses to “ Wreck MMA Weigh-In Results ”

  1. Bobby Karimi says:

    Michael Banin from Edmonton???

    what happened to Banuelos?

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  2. lol says:

    champ vs champ

    brigham vs turner

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  3. MKB says:

    Looks like some last minute replacements.

    Kyle Vivian?

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  4. Alex Caporicci says:

    First of all, I want to thank Steve Bergeron, Mike Banin, Kyle Vivian and Jordan Preston for helping out Wreck when we needed it. I thought I’d share how the last couple days have been so you get an idea of what happened.

    It has been a huge struggle the last week to make sure we were able to keep Turner on the card. Banin is Turner’s third opponent in about a week and Banin was not confirmed until 1:30am last night.

    Turner’s original opponent could not get his passport and had to be scratched on short (but not unmanageable) notice. His next opponent came from one of the most unprofessional teams I’ve ever dealt with. They decided it was the professional thing to bail from a commitment when someone came with a better offer, without even giving us a chance to do anything about it.

    Then came Antonio Banuelos as we announced. But then without going into details, Banuelos basically changed his mind and pulled out.

    Then after wasting a lot of time, we had a member of Team Quest willing to jump in on short notice. I thank Paul Webb for the willingness to fight but unfortunately he did everything in his power to fight but it wasn’t meant to be this time. I was not made aware that Webb was not on the plane on Wednesday until 6pm yesterday.

    So in a panic, we decided that the best potential option at this point was Mike Banin. Banin accepted a fight with Jordan Preston on short notice and was already travelling to Ottawa. But, we could not leave Preston without a fight, so I made a phone call and Kyle Vivian agreed to fight if we wanted. Without hesitation, Kyle drove in overnight on Tuesday and weighed in today. Call him crazy, but Kyle just loves to fight and was willing to help us out and make sure someone who trained hard for a fight could fight. Preston stepped up to fight Kyle at 140 when his fight with Banin was supposed to be at 130.

    After a long few hours, when Banin’s plane landed at around 11pm yesterday and when his coach arrived to the hotel, I took his coach Steve Bergeron aside and explained the situation. After talking to his fighter, Steve told me that Banin would take the fight and that Mike wanted the fight more than anything. He wanted to test himself against a top fighter from the east. Steve and his fighter Mike stepped up when we really needed it and I really appreciate it. At the same time, it’s a huge fight for Banin and he can get himself noticed at 125.

    Ideally, we would have loved to have the Banuelos fight. I think it would have been a really exciting fight and a great test for Randy. But, I love when fighters like Banin are willing to step up. He is in a no lose situation and it’s a risky fight for Turner. And the fact Banin wanted the fight this bad confirms that he is going to come out looking for the win. Whatever happens, I expect two guys to punch each other in the face and that’s always fun. :)

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  5. juanjuones says:

    random last minute catchweight fights, “last” minute replacements. boy I missed wreck

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  6. Alex Caporicci says:

    Thanks for your support juanjuones :)

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  7. MIke Davis says:

    what happened to banin vs Corey L at Unified?

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  8. Jeff says:

    I’m sorry, but is this really surprising from the promotion? Go on their website. Who do you see, a pic of two guys that fought over a year ago! Weigh in results? Nope. Updated fight card? Nope. You get what you get.
    Hopefully there will be some good fights.

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  9. LoL says:

    And yet at no time did you guys offer the fight to Adrian Wooley,

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  10. cj says:

    wow Turner and that oama cult really, dodged, ducked, dipped, dived, and dodged the fight with wooley anyway they could!!!!

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  11. Northern MMA says:

    OH Wreck

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  12. alex says:

    would wooley have taken the fight on short notice? do we know for sure it wasnt offered to him? if they’re going to fight i’d PREFER to see them prepared and at their best.

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  13. The Monster says:

    is there anyway to watch this online?

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  14. michael says:

    yo monster whens your next fight?

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  15. No online stream for this Wreck.

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  16. The Monster says:

    im just coming off a injurie but im hoping for the beginning of may

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  17. Matt says:

    Who is “the monster” and where does he train out of?

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  18. J. Tyler says:

    Turner will never fight Woolley…end of story. This is what happens when you let the wrong guys run your event

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  19. J. Tyler says:

    Blade Banin will last maybe 2 mins and Kyle Vivian…really? These promoter could have gotten real fighters, but because of their grudges and lack of knowledge, this event will probably be the last for wreck…again

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  20. J. Tyler says:

    Monster= jason bisonette?

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  21. The Monster says:

    Kyle “The Monster” Nelson. i train out of bracebridge at muskoka kickboxing. i also travel down to house of champions mma every now and then.

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  22. harry balls says:

    Why is Whitson-Holst at 160?

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  23. smash says:

    Im not even going to say anything about Turner, Ive said enough

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  24. Mash says:

    Truth- top fighter or not wooley would bore the crowd. Dont try and deny it. Good job wreck for not giving that main event!!!

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  25. Obviously says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  26. Gnp says:

    @ Obviously ….give your head a shake !!! Not to many people in the sport that are more respectful than adrain wooley….when people on the site were taking shots at turner for ducking him he asked people to stop….But I and many others on this site who follow the sport know why turners management didn’t want wooley….but that aside…best of luck to turner

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  27. Nigel Guerin says:

    Will you guys be providing a play by play tonight?

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  28. What happened to Sarah Moras?

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  29. Nigel Guerin says:

    Right on thx Keith

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  30. kevin says:

    funk the monster lol

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