AFC 20: Stampede – Calgary – July 12


AFC-THUMBDate: July 12, 2013
Venue: Telus Convention Centre in Calgary, Alberta
TV: Internet PPV
Tickets: Buy Tickets

Pro Fights:
135lbs- Noah Ali (3-1) vs. Mike O’Neill (3-2)
145lbs- Nathan Wilkins (1-2) vs. Corey Houston (4-3)
155lbs- Matt Krayco (5-5) vs. Matt Spisak (5-5)
155lbs- Trent House (1-0) vs. Brandon Shorter (0-0)
135lbs- Owen Carr (3-2-1) vs. Brent Fryia (6-3)
170lbs- Marcus Vinicios (5-7) vs. Dia Grant (7-9)
185lbs- Dusty Kramps (0-0) vs. Zach Manywounds (0-0)
170lbs- Brandon Ypma (0-0) vs. Beau Bentley (0-0)
145lbs- Jared Silverthorn (1-1) vs. Will Monzon (0-0)

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  1. MMA Fans says:

    This is a B class card very disappointed

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  2. Robin Black says:


    I realize I’m not always easy to like but I genuinely mean well.

    Most of the people I deal with in the sport seem to think I do more good contributing than bad and I feel really good about that.


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  3. John says:

    How come AFC always gives shitty cards to Calgary and good cards to Edmonton? Now no Crow on the card.

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  4. Big Jake says:

    Robin is a great ambassador to the sport. Not many people out there talk the talk and walk the walk! Competing, commentating and spending a helluva lot of time on the sport I think gives him all the credentials he needs.

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  5. Update:

    Removing Grant vs Vinicios because I heard Vinicios was offered to Marz K this morning before the commission denied that fight.
    Removing Oliveira vs Oliver. Heard Oliver was hit by a car.
    Removing Marz K vs Duff as Duff had pulled out of that fight.
    Removing David Loiseau from the card.

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  6. wow says:

    Haha all the shit Steve talks about his competition. Terrible card

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  7. hasslehoff says:

    I’m sure once all those who bought tickets arrive to the event and realize that not only is the headlining former UFC fighter David loiseau not fighting, plus the entire fight card had dwindled to lees than half of what it originally was, the AFC are going to have a few less fans and supporters.
    This card looks like something you would see at an illegal event on a reservation 10 years ago, not what is supposed to be the top elite promotion in Canada. I know there are circumstances you can’t control in mma, but no one else is to blame but the AFC and those responsibe for putting the card together. I look forward to all the finger pointing AFC is going to do, instead of admitting there faults

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  8. Matt says:

    Nothing against Owen or Brent but I have to agree with the roster that AFC has and right in the heart of Alberta this is a horrible card and really Fryia vs Carr is about the only fight that could even be justified as a main event on a KOTC card and by far the only upper class fight on this card

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  9. Slim says:

    Hey Keith can you clarify if the commission the marus vs Marcus fight?

    It doesn’t make sense why either would get shut down by the commission, it seems like it’s fairly similar to the original match up marus had.

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  10. MMA Trues says:

    This card sucks minor league balls.

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  11. G.O says:

    Esh …. This card is a hurting one from where it started…hmmm well lets make the best of this.
    Tho the remainder of this card is full of fighters who arent well known on the canadian fight scene but most put on good fights
    – Nathan Wilkins vs. Corey Houston
    Corey is a proven tough fighter and had done ok in the Score fs and Nathan has put on 3 entertaining fights in all 3 of his outings
    – Matt Krayco vs. Matt Spisak dont know anything about spisak but Krayco always a great fighter to watch!!!
    Trent House had a good fight last show and eager to see how he looks in this fight
    Noah Ali vs. Mike O’Neill should be a entertaining one aswell. Finally get to see Noah fight some one who aint a complete can. A great step up for him and see how measures up.
    Owen Carr vs. Brent Fryia is the best fight on the card on paper. I think Owen will get the upset.
    Zach Manywounds vs. Travis Cloud
    hmmm poor match making or lack of fighters i guess set this fight up.
    Keegan dropped out against Kyle …very disapointing :( was eager to see that fight and more importantly seeing Keegan lose!!!

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  12. wow says:

    Didn’t Elias agree to fight the crow? Shoulda spent a few extra $$ to save the main event instead of having a can fight David

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  13. Robin Black says:

    Elias accepted with 4 weeks to go but isn’t willing to do it on a week’s notice when he hasn’t spent the last 3 weeks training/eating/etc the way he would have if the fight came together a few weeks ago. This is a deadly opponent and needed to be trained for as such.

    Yes Kevin, that means he accepted before but he turns it down now.

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  14. B2J says:

    Disappointed in how this card has fallen apart. Was looking forward to watching the Crow fight in the main event. Also too bad that Keegan was forced off this card. He was hit by a truck while on his evening 5 km run by an idiot that was obviously distracted while driving. Kid’s luck to be alive. Luckily he escaped with only some minor bumps and bruises. The guy is one of the toughest kids I know.

    I’ll still be at the event supporting the promotion, the fighters and local mma in general.

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  15. WarriorWilkins says:

    The card is what it is at this point. It will be a sick show regardless and Houston is the perfect opponent for me to fight. If you check out my highlight reel and still have no interest in this fight (which WILL be FOTN) then stay home and play candy crush…

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  16. wow says:

    Robin, all I was getting at is Steve should have known the markus/David fight would have never been approved by the commission. 20-10 vs 5-7 with wins against bums. If Steve wanted to save the card he should have used Elias instead. I think Steve knew that fight wouldn’t happen. Now he saves allot of money but got to advertise David loiseu.

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  17. wow says:

    I hope Keegan is doing okay. Nathan you always put on great fights but this is becoming a trend with afc in Calgary. They say they have all these great matches but they never happen. It’s a disappointment to have the opportunity to see a guy live that I grew up watching, then have the fight canceled because of money.

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  18. Cobweb Kenny says:

    Warrior Wilkins will lay elbow on Houston down

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  19. Darren Owen says:

    Here’s how it actually went down. Kent got injured and forced to pull out about 2 weeks before the event. The search was on for a replacement. Elias had expressed interest in filling in if either fighter had to pull out. We spoke to Robin about the fight and they agreed they would take it and asked for decent money but not unrealistic money. We were good with it however Loiseaus camp felt that Elias was a tougher calibre fight than Kent and either wanted significantly more money or an equal calibre opponent as Kent for the originally agreed upon amount. (I didn’t feel it was unreasonable to want more for a harder fight, the amount more would have been significantly above our budget making our main event all in $20,000) so went went back to looking for a new opponent. Enter Vinicius, everyone agreed fight is a go pending commission approval. Made our case for the fight, commissions advisor spoke to Omic, David Lea and gathered the info about his actual record (which isn’t 5-7, multiple spelling of his name on sherdog and a common Brazillian name actual record is 11-7) advisor was ok with it and then the Calgary commission members who must know something more about fighters than the rest of us voted against the fight. Back to square one with only a couple of days to find someone to fight the Crow with full medicals, no criminal record for US fighters and someone that the commission would approve. We tried extremely hard but no luck. Unfortunately Loiseau will not be fighting on AFC 20. It sucks for everyone. I just wanted to let everyone know how the process happened.

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  20. Robin Black says:

    Great insight from Darren.

    Matching cards at higher levels is juggling millions of moving parts.

    Crazy biz.

    Darren and the guys are doing a great job, keep on doin what you’re doing guys.

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  21. Jeremy says:

    Holy hell how does like every fight seemed to get canned. Jeez was there that much injuries

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  22. mmafan says:

    Still with two cards in two weeks, they should have made the cards more balanced to start. Last weeks card was stacked!

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  23. Darren Owen says:

    All fights are pro now.
    Will Monzon vs Jared Silverthorn @145
    Dusty Kramps vs Zach Manywounds @185
    Marcus Vinicius vs Dia Grant @170
    Brandon Ypma vs Beau Bently @170

    Puhky, Dumont, Grover, Cloud

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  24. Jeremy says:

    Gotta love that. Train for an amateur fight then day before pretty much hey forget about the amateur rules forget about the 3 minute rounds yur pro or your out of a fight lol. Wow hard knocks this is a new one for ya haha…..wait Afc is promoting this one? ….

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  25. mike davis says:

    Sucks Daniel Mark is no longer fighting. Him vs Jared Silverthorn in a future match up would be good or Allan Munroe.

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  26. Adam Lorenz says:

    I agree Mike…Daniel has got some great stoppages and only a split decision loss (as you know haha) against some very good competition despite having very few fights. It would be nice if he could have gained some more cage experience instead of having to sit on the shelf and wait over a year to get fights. I really hope that a promotion can get him an opponent this summer still, he is ready to rock.

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  27. TheGuvna says:

    Robin Black, whats the best way to get a hold of you? Business related.

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  28. creedence says:

    All I know is ive been to a couple events in Calgary and I was never disappointed. I know a some of the fighters fighting and they all are beasts . Im going for sure and sure it sucks there is no david louiso but it will still be a great night of fights

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  29. Andrew says:

    Cards with not much hype like this one usually end up over achieving lots of really exciting fights on this card regardless off the lack of a true main event.

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  30. Andrew says:

    And I believe those are monzen and Bentleys ammy records

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  31. Cody Rempel says:

    While the card may be short on marquee names it’s definitely not short on talent… lot’s of great prospects on the card, these are tomorrow’s superstars!

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  32. juss sayin.... says:

    the calgary commission fucked this card up royally

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  33. AMLEHTC says:

    Please explain how ^^^. I seriously don’t know the details besides not letting the Loiseau fight happen

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  34. PUCK says:

    I feel for AFC a bit but they had to know this card would be thin with how much they stacked the last one? They kinda put all the eggs in one basket? If the Calgary commision is this bad why hold cards there? Don’t make sense to me?

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  35. Sweet Dreams says:

    Hey Cobweb Kenny, the only elbow Warrior Wilkins laid down was the one he placed nicely extended on Houston’s tummy right before he got squeezed out. Shake the cobwebs out there Kenny and maybe your dream will be a little sweeter next time around. Later brah

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