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Gossip Queen THUMBA double dosage of Aggression on Saturday night seems to have come off successfully, with both shows having exciting action and with AFC crowning Curtis Brigham as their Bantamweight champion and Razak Al-Hassan as their Light-Heavyweight champion. Also, after catching much heat and criticism for their internet streams, AFC has now had two very successful streamed shows in a row. AFC 15 from Calgary last week and AFC 17 from Edmonton this past weekend. All in all, a pretty good weekend for the Aggressors!

  • Xtreme Couture will not be putting on a show in Ontario. Word is that the high cost of running a show in Ontario has killed this project!
  • Congrats to Adrian Vilaca who stayed unbeaten (2-0) by defeating Kyosuke Yokoyama by unanimous decision at Big John’s in Northern Michigan.
  • Edmonton’s next Aggression Fighting Championship show will have two AFC title fights! Razak Al-Hassan will defend his newly awarded LHW belt against the man he was supposed to fight at AFC 14 in November of 2012, Victor Valimaki! Also, Ryan Ford will fight for the AFC WW strap against a to be named opponent! The way “The Real Deal” has been rolling and delivering beat downs, I would not wanna be the top be named opponent!
  • Ryan Ford’s challenger for the vacant title will be decided on the AFC 18 show on May 4th in Victoria.
  • Other Aggression dates:
    • AFC 19 – Montreal – June TBD
    • AFC 20 – Edmonton – July 5
    • AFC 21 – Calgary – July 21

  • Sheldon Westcott may be out of his Fivestar Fight League fight as he may be out 4-6 weeks with a possible broken ankle that happened in the first round vs Nic Herron-Webb.
  • Battle for the Border will hold their second Cranbrook, British Columbia show on June 1st.
  • The first Canadians have made it public that they will attend the TUF Tryouts. No surprise that stud muffin Josh Hill is heading down and cutie Erin McDougall is another after the number of pro fights for women was dropped to 1 from 3. Do you like Mexican food and also want to help Josh cover his TUF costs? Well go to Mucho Burrito on Upper James in Hamilton and tell’em Josh Hill sent ya! A portion of those sales will go to the “Gentleman” to help with his trip to TUF costs. Yummy!!!
  • Boy oh Boy, Kajan Johnson sure was in a bad mood Saturday night watching AFC. He threw out quite a few insults and challenges to the likes of Mitch Clarke, Steve Beaumont, and the Westcott fight. Maybe he’s grumpy because he has not fought in nearly a year and a half? If I may suggest, I’d like less online Ragin and more in cage Ragin! If Kajan is all healed up and ready to go, someone get this big talent a fight!
  • Time to hide in your D-Bomb Shelters! As first mentioned in the November 26th edition of the rumour mill, Prestige FC returns in May and Dwayne Lewis will be headlining the show!

NOTE: These are just rumors and opinions of the Gossip Queen. If you have a rumour that you want to contribute, email:  Also…want to contribute a 150×150 pic of a gossip queen for us to use.  Send it along!

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  1. M.F.M says:

    Mr. Adrian Vilaca, another proud addition to the M.F.M. roster, Way to go brother!

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  2. Lord says:

    Georges St-Pierre to Play Batroc the Leaper in Captain America 2

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  3. A.Vilaca says:

    Thanks guys..shucks

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  4. Oilcity30 says:

    Two brothers — including a professional mixed martial arts fighter — were both handed jail terms on Monday for a “vicious” drunken attack on an Edmonton cabbie.

    Devon Neville, 29, who goes by the ring name “No Remorse,” was given a six-month sentence while Joshua Oakley, 22, was sentenced to 90 days on weekends.

    The brothers were both convicted earlier of assault causing bodily harm relating to the April 15, 2011, beating of Co-op Taxi driver Deng Youl, 47.

    Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Darlene Acton described the alcohol-related assault on Youl as an “unprovoked and vicious attack on a vulnerable person.”

    Acton ruled it was aggravating that it was a two-on-one fight and the victim was a taxi driver, as they are particularly vulnerable due to working alone, often at nights.

    The judge gave Neville a higher sentence after noting that he was the instigator and Oakley had only kicked the cabbie twice after Neville called him over.

    Court heard Youl picked up the two men at the Eden strip club, 13120 97 St., and began driving them towards the Londonderry area. But, when he turned east on 137 Avenue, Neville got angry over his choice of route and began calling the cabbie names, including a racial slur.

    Youl pulled over and the two men got out of the cab and Acton found that Neville went to the driver’s door and punched the cabbie through the open window, calling it a “powerful strike to the head by a professional fighter.”

    She ruled Neville then pulled Youl out of the cab and took him to the ground with punches. He then sat on top of him holding his head while Oakley kicked him.

    Acton described the beating as a “vicious assault” that left Youl near unconsciousness. She said the brothers’ behaviour was “abominable” and “egregious.”

    Court heard the cabbie suffered a nasty head wound, injuries to his ribs, a badly hurt hand, and he had a tooth knocked out.

    Prior to sentencing, both men apologized in court.

    “I do feel bad about the entire situation. It wasn’t a great moment in my life,” said Neville, adding he has changed his life around and is now helping out in the community and just wants to be a good person and a good father.

    Oakley, who told court he has also straightened out his life, described his actions as “inexcusable” and said he “genuinely feels bad” for what he did.

    “I wish I could take it all back, but I can’t,” he said.

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  5. BOOBOO says:


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  6. david letourneau says:

    The return of prestige fc two big thumbs up. Letourneau back to the mac.

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  7. Gossip Queen says:

    Despite the AFC 17 broadcast, Valimaki will not fight Razor Razak. Scratching this one out.

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  8. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    Which WW’s will square off on May 4th?

    Medler, Omic, Hill, Smith or fly someone outside the Canadian talent!

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  9. Kid Lightning says:

    Gunn vs Hill. Test the power of both

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  10. AMLEHTC says:

    yeah Nathan Gunn vs Josh Hill!!

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  11. Dante says:

    @Don’t Call Me Leon:
    My guess is Westcott or Powell vs. Hill.

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  12. cj says:

    think you have the wrong hill there amlehtc

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  13. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    Powell vs M. Hill, I can dig it!

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  14. Lenny wheeler says:

    Karan vs anyone, makes a great fight

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  15. Lenny wheeler says:


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  16. Jamie Locke says:

    I’d like to see Omic vs Medler for #1 contender spot.

    Powell vs Hill for next in line.

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  17. Dante says:

    @Jamie Locke: Doesn’t make a lot of sense. Powell beat Omic and Buckland (who also beat Advin). You can make a case for Medler being in the mix, but I think Hill and Powell both beat him.

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  18. Just Laughable says:

    The only one of those guys who even stand a chance against Ford right now is Powell.

    Ford walks over Omic/westcott/hill anyway he wants.

    The way i see it if you have to have a #1 contender fight for who gets Ford

    Step #1: you have Powell smash Hill to fight ford for title in June

    Step #2: on the same June card you have Omic fight Medler and Gunn fight Westcott

    This gives you your champion and your next 2 title fights as well as match ups for the loser of the title fight and new match ups for the losers to try and get there feet back under them

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  19. Jamie Locke says:

    You’ve got a good arguement there.

    I don’t think Hill would get by Medler, but that’d be a good scrap for sure.

    How about Powell vs Medler winner to fight Ford.

    Omic vs Hill for top spot.

    Might as well have Gunner vs Westcott for back up challengers…Or Adam Smith (4-1 Revolution) vs Westcott…

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  20. Jamie Locke says:

    Definitly hard to deny Medler a challenger spot, he’s fought and won all his fights on AFC shows (AFC Vic 1-7).

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  21. Darren Owen says:

    Medler would be up there for sure but he’s dealing with an injury.

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  22. Joe Doerksen says:

    Gunn is awesome, Powell is awesome, I’d pay to watch either. Wescott and Gunn have not fought yet, as far as I know. I remember hearing Wescott was looking for worthy opponents. Gunn has expressed interest in that fight. Maybe they can work that shit out in the near future…?

    Powell vs anyone is fun to watch.

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  23. Jamie Locke says:

    Damn, there goes my matchmaking agenda…

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  24. MmaFan101 says:

    IMO Ford Beats All 4 of those guys pretty bad just like his last performance. From seeing his game last fight they will have to find someone outside of Canada with the talent to test Ford.

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  25. Cody Krahn says:

    “….It wasn’t a great moment in my life,” said Neville

    Yeah probably wasn’t a much better night for the cab driver either.

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  26. kjr says:

    to Call Neville a pro mma fighter is a stretch. The guys barely and amateur. Too bad the media jumped on that. It gives paints the wrong picture for the true athletes who work hard.

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  27. will simms says:

    im sure xtreme cancelled because of the high costs… but also because working with garnet ace, his lies and reputation woulda sunk them further…

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