AFC 19: Undisputed – Edmonton – July 5


AFC-THUMBDate: July 5, 2012
Venue: Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton, Alberta
TV: Internet PPV
Tickets: Buy Tickets

Pro Fights:
170lbs- Ryan Ford (20-4) vs. Mike Hill (5-1)
***Welterweight Title Fight

155lbs- Shane Campbell (6-1) vs. Jesse Ronson (12-2)
***Lightweight Title Fight

215lbs- Tim Chemelli (10-4) vs. Dwayne Lewis (12-8)
155lbs- Stephen Beaumont (7-1) vs. Jason Saggo (8-1)
265lbs- Tim Hague (15-7) vs. Kalib Starnes (13-8-1)
185lbs- KB Bhullar (3-0) vs. Derek Parker (3-1-1)
170lbs- Sheldon Westcott (8-1-1) vs.
200lbs- Teddy Ash (2-0) vs. Bobby Kalmakoff (2-12)
170lbs- Travis Cardinal (1-0) vs. Jemark Brady (0-0)
135lbs- Ben Jansen (2-0) vs. Radley da Silva (0-0)
180lbs- Marcus Hicks (15-22) vs. Steve Dubeck (4-6)
160lbs- Ralph Mendita (0-0) vs. Tony Touch (0-0)
135lbs- Sarah McRann (0-0) vs. TBA

378 Responses to “ AFC 19: Undisputed – Edmonton – July 5 ”

  1. Cam Yallits says:

    tried to find you on sherdog, no luck so far

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  2. AMLEHTC says:


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  3. harry balls says:

    Alberta vs Tapstar card. Since Davis-Perez is never gonna happen…..

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  4. Demitri (trev) says:

    Now that we know misha is reading this.

    Why don’t you fight a guy like winner of Lewis vs valimaki? Im sure if you say yes to that, everyone will want to see it. Im interested to see if you accept.

    How about Bosse? Penner? Where is desilet at?

    What do you say misha?

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  5. Zach B says:

    @lol the reason the fight wasn’t accepted since you know so much … Is I was waiting to find out about an employment opportunity that came up ( dream job – 100 + k a year full benefits for my kids ) type deal . And low and behold it came through today ( which chuck and afc already knew I would hear today ) I won’t be fighting on this card or any other for at least six months if ever . It was fun

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  6. Congrats on the job Zach.

    Removed Zach from the card.

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  7. Tim Chemelli says:

    Misha can wait his turn. I want valimaki next!!

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  8. Idolmaker says:

    I’d rather see misha or anyone else, thanks though

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  9. Aaron Robinson says:

    Misha is highly overrated. Chemelli fought Valimaki with a bad injury and learned a lesson about fighting injured, pulling out of the lopez fight left a bad taste in his mouth. Love him or Hate him you haven’t seen the last of Tim, and I happen to know for a fact that the AFC loves having him on their cards so that’s gotta mean something.

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  10. TimHague says:

    Poor Zach man. Hes a good shit. He didnt even really turn the fight down.

    Im getting flamed for taking the fight with Starnes, my god coyld you imagine the backlash from these clowns if I would have turned it down…?

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  11. Demitri (trev) says:

    I should have named Tim in my above light heavy rant. He will fight anyone, and that’s probably why AFC loves having him.

    Funny you don’t hear misha calling out any of those names. Where are his nut huggers now?

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  12. LOL says:

    Its funny, Misha never called anyone out.
    I posed a question to Zach,that’s how this all started.
    Misha respectfully only posted once and said yes pls I would like to fight Mr.Blaber.
    wasn’t rude,wasn’t being disrespectful,I’m sure if Misha was offered a fight between Tim or Victor he would accept.
    From what I’ve seen Misha is one of the few fighters that doesn’t call out other fighters.

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  13. Darren Owen says:

    Misha and Tim are cut from the same cloth. Both very respectful and would take on virtually any opponent offered.

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  14. Graham Weenk says:

    Good looking card, should be allot of interesting fights

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  15. hmm says:

    Zach can say what he wants…he has BACKED out of the Misha fight multiple times before. Deep down Zach, you know whats up buddy. You will never fight Misha…haha

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  16. hmm says:

    Chemeli, did you see your last fight? Your not very good, Misha would maul you.

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  17. LOL says:

    set up misha-chemeli, valimaki, desilts… at you guys thinking misha is scared. There is a reason barely any Canadians have fought him, check his record, they all HIDE.

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  18. Yummy says:

    Funny how all the albertans came out last night and showed solidarity on this thread. Yeehaw!

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  19. Tim Chemelli says:

    I’ll be the first to admit I looked terrible in my fight with Razak. He came out a lot different then expected,I should have been able to recover from the quick start, but didn’t.. He had a good game plan and it worked, good on him.
    All I’d like is to fight a top guy and hopefully win so I can get another shot at Razak.
    I won’t be fighting on the July card but I’ve talked with my manager and I’m willing to fight whomever the ACF puts in front of me.

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  20. Yummy says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  21. Tim Chemelli says:

    If fighting misha would get me razak then yes I would.
    How did you look in your last fight “yummy”?
    For a guy that holds a full time job has a wife and two kids, I feel I’m doing pretty well in the mma world.
    What have you done with your life??

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  22. Aaron Robinson says:

    I think one of my girlfriends in high school used to call her self “yummy.” She was yummy….. she was also 17. How old are you?

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  23. Aaron Robinson says:

    I’m guessing Misha must have looked pretty damn good getting subbed in the 1st round of his last fight.

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  24. TimHague says:

    Mr. Chemelli, dont respond to these fools unless youre having fun with it like I do. Its completely pointless to try and reach a level of understanding with people who lack the ability to understand.

    Youre on the right path. You have good management and a great training team. Haters will yap no matter what. I just try and make rhem look stupid so they but tickets to the fight to cheer for me to lose. Its worked wonders thus far.

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  25. AMLEHTC says:

    Tim Chemelli, who is on your team?

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  26. Demitri (trev) says:

    This site is getting pretty pathetic with these good offs and their fake names

    Misha has done nothing. Are these nut huggers serious or just trying to get a rise out of people? I really like the guy but his best friend or brother (whoever it is) posing fake names is starting to get ridiculous. Worse then BTP.

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  27. Demitri (trev) says:

    Goof offs^^

    Also. Is there anyway you can make these threads with real names so some dumb ass like misha’s training partner/family member or best friend can’t post under 9 different fake accounts and saying incredibly ridiculous shit.

    Getting tired of the garbage on the site. I bet it’s the same 20 people on here with 5 fake accounts each

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  28. JayT says:

    All this back and forth is pointless. Any top ten fighter on any card is a good thing regardless if you like them or not. I would think fans what to see fighters who are on their way to the big leagues. Bosse, Cirkunov, Ronson are these type of fighters

    I am looking forward to seeing Ronson’s fight. It was great seeing Bosse back in the cage, though Grummet gave it his best as a huge underdog. Cirkunov looked great against Ion, backing him up the entire fight with his standup until he decided to take him down easily

    One fake keyboard name calling out another is just stupid, but keeping with the absurdity of this thread, I would beat up Jon Jones, Anderson silva, Cain Velasquez, Jose Aldo and GSP, all at the same time…and every big talker in this thread

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  29. Cody Rempel says:

    Added Joel Powell to take on Ryan Ford

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  30. PUCK says:

    Hey if this card pans out it will be great! The Ford vs Powell is very interesting. I hope Tim stays heathy from KOTC as him vs Starns will be interesting to say the least. I think lewis ends up shuting Valimaki down and I hope Cambell can pull off the win. Thoughts?

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  31. AMLEHTC says:

    Totally agree , very interesting matchups . The only question mark to me is Dwayne Lewis’s health. He retired shortly because of back problems so I hope he’s healthy for this fight. I wish it happened a couple years ago when both we’re doing well, when both guys were on win streaks

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  32. Darren Owen says:

    Steve Dubeck 4-5 vs Marcus Vinicios 6-8 @180

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  33. Zarjio says:

    Yo, how exactly do you go about buying the Internet PPV for this? And how much is it? I’m very much looking forward to seeing Jesse Ronson fight again, but the AFC website is pretty much useless in terms of information.

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  34. Zarjio says:

    For those wondering, looks like *might* be the right page for buying PPV. I think there are 0 links to this page elsewhere on the site (why do MMA promotions always have such terribly unhelpful websites?). Google, however, knew what I was looking for.

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  35. "Wreck-it" Ralph says:

    Hey guys,

    Apparently, there have been some complications with my match up with Matt McLeod. We’re 6 weeks out and I’m not sure if I have an opponent. I’m scheduled to fight at 155lbs, but one of my coaches suggested that I open myself up to take a catch weight fight. So yeah, if anyone knows any available amateur fighters; I’m willing to do as low as 150lbs and as high as 165lbs.

    It would be an honor to be a part of this card. Any help in finding me an opponent would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

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  36. Kellen Falt says:

    Ralph, Im fighting for Havoc on June 7 and if Im healthy after Ill take the fight at 165. Dont stop looking for an opponent, but if you still dont have one by then and Im good to go, Im in!

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  37. "Wreck-it" Ralph says:

    Thank you so much Kellen! Win, Lose or Draw; first round of beers are on me. Good luck on your upcoming bout. I’ll be sending prayers your way for you have a quick victory with no injuries.

    Hopefully if things work out – we can put on an exciting show.

    Thanks again, man.

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  38. Kellen Falt says:

    Thanks for the well wishes, same to you. Guess second round is on me!

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  39. Kellen Falt says:

    Hey Ralph, I owe you an apology. It has come to my attemtion that you train at Complete in St Albert. I come up there and train on weekends and this poses a major conflict for myself as well as the guys down at Complete. I must graciously bow out of my offer and again, I apologize for the mix up. Train hard and hope you find an opponent soon, you are at a great gym and will do well!

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  40. Jamie Locke says:

    ^ if you don’t know each other and haven’t trained together than why not scrap and train together after?

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  41. "Wreck-it" Ralph says:

    I understand Kellen. Thank you very much for you offer. Knowing that you’re from Complete makes me extra confidant that you will win in June. I train weekdays during lunch, hopefully our paths cross.

    Wish me luck on my search for an opponent lol.

    Take care, brother.

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  42. "Wreck-it" Ralph says:

    I just wanted to thank Tony Touch for taking up the bout with me at a catch weight 160lbs – you have my utmost respect. I’m sure that you’ve taken your last fight as a learning experience, and that you’re extremely motivated for victory. By the time fight night comes, I expect a better, new and improved Tony Touch.

    And another thank you to Moine and the Agression Fighting Championships for the opportunity to fight on one of the City’s biggest cards thus far. You have truly fulfilled my dream to Make Me a Fighter *Wink Wink*

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  43. Cody Rempel says:

    Added Travis Cardinal to take on Aaron Bosiak

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  44. rhondarouseystalker says:

    I am shocked that KB vs. Parker is not getting much hype!!! Anyone els excited for this fight?!?!

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  45. rhondarouseystalker says:

    Oh and IMHO the winner of the main event is UFC bound if Ford can get his issues resolved!

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  46. Behrang Yousefi says:

    holly! go park!

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  47. Behrang Yousefi says:

    them Park brothers are bad motha fu#@as

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  48. Behrang Yousefi says:

    opps lol thought of roy and graham park, i’m sure this park guy is great as well

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  49. Keepin' It Real says:

    I don’t think they are brothers.

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  50. Cody Rempel says:

    Joel Powell out due to injuries sustained in the Mike Hill fight… I’m told a replacement is in the works!

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