AFC Weekend Bonus Winners

Curtis Brigham submits Mike Adams to win AFC Bantamweight title

Curtis Brigham’s SOTN. (photo: Jim Beattie)

Following the fights in Edmonton and Winnipeg, Aggression Fighting Championship announced their Best Knockout, Submission, and Fight of the Night awards. Sponsored by Build 360, the awards went to the best from the combined Edmonton (AFC 17) and Winnipeg (AFC 16) shows on March 23.

Winners were announced by AFC promoter Steve Fader and will receive a cheque for $500 from Build 360.

  • Fight of the Night: Mike Adams vs Curtis Brigham. Both fighters win $500 for their outstanding four round AFC championship fight.
  • KO of the Night: Ryan Ford wins for his leaping left hook into the guard of Branden Tierney.
  • Submission of the Night: Curtis Brigham for finishing off Mike Adams with an arm bar to win the AFC Bantamweight title.

21 Responses to “ AFC Weekend Bonus Winners ”

  1. Thank you AFC and Build 360!!

    and thank you to Mike Adams for making it possible, he is a scary guy, and we had a hell of a fight, my favourite fight of my career by far!

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  2. Rory McDonell says:

    Great fight, and well deserved bonuses for both guys. That is the type of grappling I love to watch in MMA.

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  3. Trevor says:

    Great job Curtis!

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  4. Awards says:

    Wheres the award for most boring and non exciting fighter, Sheldon wescott earned ever bit of that award.

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  5. Old Man says:

    Congrats on a great card at AFC 17 Edm. This was an outstanding card and the fight of the night was the best pick of the night. It is to bad that AFC cheaped out on paying the fighters in Edmonton by conbining the Winnipeg and Edmonton fight cards. If you havn’t noticed they are Two different cities. You should have peid both the fighters deserve the bonus they worked hard to get were they are. Next time don’t be so cheap. Better still ste up and pay out.

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  6. Cam Yallits says:

    Really Awards? He controlled and completely shut down a good jiu jitsu fighter with more experience.

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  7. Darren Owen says:

    @Old man
    Should we go back to having no bonuses like every other promotion in the company? That way there may be less hurt feelings.

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  8. Zach B says:

    Westcott is a bum … What did he do really ? Beat a guy with double the experience ! Completely shut down his game , not being in trouble once and taking no damage over three rounds. Oh yeah he did it after tearing his bicep half way through camp and not being able to grapple or train properly last three weeks . He also did all this after being out of competition for over a year ! Yeah Westcott is a bum …. IDIOTS

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  9. Louis Fisette says:

    So proud of Curtis! Noone deserves the bonuses more than that guy! Amazing friend and coach, all his succes is well deserved!

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  10. STFU says:

    Yeah that win will look great on the record! Nobody’s denying that he dominated, It’s just a shame for the fans that watched the fight that Sheldon threw about 7 total strikes combined in the second and third round! But I guess he got the win so who cares what the fans think right?

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  11. I’ve never seen so many complaints for bonus’s. Who else even does that?

    Good job to AFC for giving out any bonuses. I’m sure they would have had separate bonuses for the Edmonton and Winnipeg shows had the sponsorship been there.

    I know we always wanted to do that, but were never able to secure a sponsor.

    Good stuff guys, and congrats Curtis.

    Curtis deserves it more than anybody, for all the time he put in the sport fighting years ago for zero. (Or close enough to zero)

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  12. MMA Freak says:

    @cam why are you talking ur fighting a guy 1-6 no offense your not really much of a competitor, coming off beating a 0-4 bum your right up there :)

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  13. mike Kent says:

    @mmafreak its not the easiest things to secure fights and even when u do secure one a lot of times they fall through. I think a lot of great fighters these days just want ring time and will take the fights as they come . Everyone is quick to shit on fighters for taking softer fights but what they don’t realize is sometimes thats the only ones available

    Fighting > sitting on side lines

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  14. I love the monetary awards. Keep it up.

    Any promotion that gives monetary awards, let us know and we will post them up too. If they are sponsored, we will throw up the sponsor’s name as well and link to their web site.

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  15. ruckus780 says:

    Wow somebody hating fighter bonus’ free streams and good figghts….old man do you hate Santa clause And The Easter Bunny…You gotta be Pavelich or Hitler wtf….Good job AFC…Doing all the right things IMO

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  16. Jerobe says:

    The true crime against humanity is that fact that Ryan Ford is not in the UFC. That right there is a crime.

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  17. Cam Yallits says:

    @MMA Freak- How does my comment have anything to do with MY fights? We were talking about Sheldons fight. And youre certainly much less of a competitor than I am, so stfu.

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  18. Cam Yallits says:

    But youre right, I may not be a consistent competitor, but my main focus has always been coaching. Speaking of which, both of our clubs competitors won at AFC 17, and overall our gym is doing fantastic. SO Im happy, and dont need to tear down other people to make myself that way.

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  19. mike Kent says:

    Cam and his crew at complete are a great group of guys and a awesome team…. They are having lots of success . Thankd for having me in training the other day guys.

    Think you guys have a lot of success coming your way

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  20. aaron bosiak says:

    let the haters hate cam, it only means we are on our way coach

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  21. Diggin says:

    This site is becoming stupid with how many idiots attack fighters.

    Is it just that pavelich has 15 accounts or is it that people are actually that pathetic to constantly bash athletes who lay it all on the line.

    Or possibly fighters have numerous accounts and bash each other. Whatever it is, I’ll still Come on here but I don’t think I can take anything serious anymore

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