AFC 16 Play-by-Play – Curtis Brigham Wins AFC Bantamweight Title


AFC-THUMBKeith Grienke is in Winnipeg, Manitoba catching all the Aggression Fighting Championship 16 action from the Winnipeg Convention Centre. On the card is a fantastic main event between Mike Adams and Curtis Brigham for the AFC Bantamweight title. Tickets for the event are still available at Ticketmaster. If you can’t get to the event, here is a written play-by-play.

Top MMA News Awards:

  • Fight of the Night: Four round championship battle between Curtis Brigham and Mike Adams
  • Submission of the Night: Curtis Brigham for being the first person to finish Mike Adams
  • KO of the Night: Great striking by Travis Gervais who pounded out the win.

On to the Play-by-Play:

135lbs- Curtis Brigham vs. Mike Adams
***Bantamweight Title Fight
Huge size difference here.  Height/reach for Brigham.  Strength should be Adams.
R1. Hard leg kick by Adams. The clinch up with Adams’ back on the cage. Adams turns him around and punches Brigham’s thigh. They keep trading positions. Brigham punching Adams midsection. That must be like hitting concrete. Still clinched and they continue reversing positions. Knee by Brigham and punch by Adams. Knee by Brigham x 3. The two have yet to disengage. Adams throws a left and Brigham tosses him down hard. Side control by Brigham. Adams rises. Brigham upkicks Adams hard. Slip by Adams. He rises and goes for a takedown. Brigham on his back and attempts an arm bar. Somehow Adams gets out. He rises and kicks Brigham on the ground. High side kick by Adams that Brigham moves around and takes him down by the back. Brigham with back control throwing punches. Hooks in now. Brigham lands some elbows and wins the round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Brigham

R2. Hard body kick by Adams. Loud. Adams pushed him to the cage and lands a left. The two are tied up again landing the occasional knee. Left scores by Adams. Leg kick by Adams and a kick to the head drops Brigham. Body kick by Adams when Brigham rises. Knee by Brigham followed by a right that lands. They break and Adams swings and misses and Brigham kicks and hits groin. Quick restart after break. Adams with leg kick and spinning back hits Brigham’s back. Clinch. Thai plum by Brigham allows him to get some knees in. The get to the canvas where Adams lays in Brigham’s guard. Adams in half guard now landing a few lefts. Brigham landing elbows on the bottom to Adams side. Adams landing hard elbows and Brigham catches an arm bar. Adams slips out.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Adams

R3. Nice fight so far. Side kick by Brigham lands. The two exchange leg kicks and Adams lands one to the midsection. Brigham throws Adams down and is arm hunting. He has Adams’ right arm tied up and is across Adams back looking for a kimura on his left. He drops elbows instead and Adams gets to his feet but is still tied up. Back down in the same position and Brigham is landing rights. Adams on his feet and unable to shake Brigham. Brigham still riding the back landing rights to both sides of Adams head. Brigham on his back now retaining the position though. Finally Adams escapes and is in Brigham’s guard. He lands a left and a couple forearms. Double punches by Brigham. The two trade with Brigham still on his back. Brigham tries to lock his shoulder but Adams slips out. Brigham upkick and Adams leg kick.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Brigham

R4. Awesome competitors. Kick to the body by Adams and one by Brigham. Another one by Adams and they lock up. Brigham catches the next one and pushes him down. Riding the back throwing punches. Adams rolls and Adams has hooks in. Brigham looking for the arm bar and Adams tries to get out of it. He rolls and rolls and he finally taps. Could the winner head to UFC Winnipeg? Great fight between talented, talented guys.
Curtis Brigham submits Mike Adams by Arm Bar in Round 4, 1:19
Curtis Brigham is the AFC Bantamweight champion

140lbs- Brent Fryia vs. Louis Fisette
R1. A hug to start things off. Fisette then charges Fryia and takes him down. Fryia works his way off the mat with no damage and tosses Fisette to the matt. Fryia with a left elbow. He drops two lefts onto Fisette but Fisette gets him into a triangle and arm bar. Fisette taps him out with a triangle arm bar. Impressive bjj from Fisette.
Louis Fisette submits Brent Fryia by Triangle Arm Bar in Round 1, 1:34

170lbs- Chris Stranger vs. Jarod Milko
Stranger comes out to Lunatic Fringe. I believe CBC’s Wab Kinew usually rapped for him before.
R1. Leg kick by Milko and jab by Stranger. Jab by Stranger and leg kick too. High kick blocked by Milko. Leg kick by Stranger. Grazing head kick and leg kick by Stranger and Milko lands a glancing right. The two clinch up with the two landing a few light knees. Milko grabs Stranger’s head and lands a knee. Double jab by Stranger as they separate. Right lands by Stranger as does the counter right by Milko. Milko catches a leg and takes Stranger down. He rises quickly. Very evenly matched. Leg kicks land by Stranger and Milko just misses with the head kick. Leg kick by Stranger. Stranger ducks under a Milko flurry and wraps up. They break and Stranger scores with leg kicks. Milko comes in behind a right and goes for the takedown. He picks up Stranger and gets him on his back. Side control for Milko. Stranger lands some rights on the ground an Milko tries to get the kimura. Close round but I give it to Stranger. He landed more strikes and the takedown did not make up for that.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Stranger

R2. Leg kick by Stranger. Front kick by Milko who grabs a leg and drags down Stranger by his leg. Milko jumps on him and lands continuous blows. Stranger turtles up in defense and the ref warns him to show improvement a few times. Milko relentlessly throwing rights and Adam Cheadle stops the fight. Good stoppage.
Jarod Milko defeats Chris Stranger by TKO (Strikes) in Round 2, 0:47

Roland Delorme is interviewed next and says his training is going well and he can’t wait for UFC 161 in Winnipeg. He thanks Gorilla Jacks and WAMMA and all his training partners and Curtis Brigham.

Curtis Demarce comes on at intermission. He thanks Adam Lorenz for making weight. He says he had bad advice in California where he trained and says the rules are different here in Canada. He says he has stuff to deal with as a result. He thanks Steve Fader and Darren Owen. He thanks his supporters and asks them for their continued support.

155lbs- Travis Gervais vs. Budd Wright
R1. Gervais with the kick. As Wright jabs, Gervais kicks groin accidentally. Restart. Left by Gervais and then two kicks. More strikes by Gervias. Gervais looking good. High kick blocked by Wright. Gervais wraps him up for a takedown. Side control and Gervais lands elbows and a few left knees. Full guard by Wright now. Gervais stands up and lands huge body shot and leg kick. Gervais grabs him for a throw but Wright lands on top in Gervais’ guard. Mistake by Gervais to take this to the ground. Gervais kicks him off and they both rise. Right by Gervais lands. Body shot and the two land jabs. Gervais lands knee. High kick lands by Gervais and then scores a left jab. Knee to the midsection has Wright looking for a stop but ref says it was stomach. Gervais double legs him and lands about 20 punches and elbows and it is stopped. Gervais’ best performance. Very dominant. Ruthless.
Travis Gervais defeats Budd Wright by TKO (Strikes) in Round 1, 3:34

Dwight Sutherland vs. Mitch Fryia
R1. Finally, a glove tap. Two leg kicks by Fryia and then Sutherland tries a jumping punch. Fryia wraps him up though and slams him down to the ground. Fryia stands up and Sutherland holds on to him and then jumps off as he may have got slammed again. Punch by Fryia lands. He kicks again but catches a few from Sutherland. Fryia likes the kicks and then ducks under to score a double leg takedown. Fryia stacks Sutherland against the cage. Sutherland scrambles up with a wizzer and then jumps on Fryia’s back. Fryia hand fights off the RNC choke with two minutes left. Fryia escapes and drops down with a Guillotine. Sutherland escapes and lands a punch. Fryia jumps off the ground to get Sutherland’s back. Now Fryia has the RNC on but decides to drop some punches before resuming his RNC attempt. Difficult with the fence at his back so Fryia repositions. 10 seconds left and the choke is deep but Sutherland toughs it out.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Fryia

R2. Kick by Fryia but Sutherland lights him up. Fryia says this is nonsense and double legs him down. Sutherland rolls and Fryia ends up in side control. He lands some knees and then some elbows. 4 elbows land. They shuffle position and Fryia lands a few more elbows. Sutherland is looking for the arm bar from the bottom. Now he locks on the triangle from the bottom and, incredibly, gets the tap. This kid scores more come from behind, subs from the bottom than anyone in Canadian MMA.
Dwight Sutherland submits Mitch Fryia by Triangle Choke in Round 2, 2:23

155lbs- Mark Durant vs. Lee Gaudet
R1. No glove touch and the two are keeping out of each other’s range. Gaudet chases down Durant and Durant goes for a takedown but gets wrapped up. Gaudet gets on Durant’s back working for an arm bar. Durant scrambles out but Gaudet gets his back with hooks in. Gaudet lands some lefts and has a body triangle on. Gaudet working for the RNC while Durant hand fights. Gaudet lands a right. Gaudet flattens Durant out but Durant will not tap. Durant explodes out of the RNC attempt and is now in top position. Gaudet locks on a triangle and forces the tap.
Lee Gaudet submits Mark Durant by Triangle in Round 1, 3:44

170lbs- Mariusz Ksiazkiewicz vs. Ash Mashreghi
R1. No glove touch and Mashreghi pushes Ksiazkiewicz back as they exchange punches. The two exchange leg kicks when Mashreghi drops Ksiazkiewicz hard with a punch. Ksiazkiewicz recovers while getting hit. Ksiazkiewicz gets up but gets kneed in the head hard. He drops a knee to avoid further knees and wraps up Mashreghi around the waist and Ksiazkiewicz get Mashreghi down. Ksiazkiewicz is in Mashreghi’s guard. Ksiazkiewicz gets Mashreghi’s back and gets the hooks in. Ksiazkiewicz has the RNC in around the chin and finally sinks it under. Great recovery by Ksiazkiewicz
Mariusz Ksiazkiewicz submits Ash Mashreghi by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 1:55

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