Jordan Mein to Face Matt Brown on April 20


Jordan Mein's Exorcist-like Neck Crank (photo by Jason Bouwmeester)

Jordan Mein’s Exorcist-like Neck Crank (photo by Jason Bouwmeester)

Jordan Mein will face Matt Brown in San Jose, California on UFC on Fox 7. Brown was to face Dan Hardy but Hardy had to pull out of the fight with an injury.

Mein (27-8) made an impressive debut at UFC 158 in Montreal when he became the first person to TKO Dan Miller. Mein will be looking for his fourth consecutive victory against Brown in what should be a main card fight.

Matt Brown (16-11) has not lost in the UFC since 2011 and is currently riding a four fight winning streak. In his last fight he knocked out Mike Swick.

UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson defends his title against Strikeforce champion Gilbert Melendez in the UFC on Fox 7 main event.

13 Responses to “ Jordan Mein to Face Matt Brown on April 20 ”

  1. Jerobe says:

    Matt “The Immortal” Brown’s immortality will be brutally stripped from him when Young Gun lays a dirty Alberta beating on him. Go Jordan!!!!

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  2. mike kent says:

    Mein has everything you need to be a big time contender including a ridiculous killer instinct . I don’t see this going well for Matt Brown

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  3. Brown is no joke. This will be a very good fight.

    I still think Mein takes it though.

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  4. Jeff Harrison says:

    He is so young and so full of potential not only in fighting but from a marketing standpoint..UFC Will give him a shot at fighting big names from the get go in the hopes of creating a young superstar Jon Jones style. Big opporunity for the Meins! Congrats!

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  5. Love this matchup for Mein!

    Browns aggression will help Jordan.

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  6. Rob says:

    Looks like a good match up for Jordan Mein. Brown is super tough but I think his aggressive style will cost him. Mein by TKO. He will start to climb the rankings after this one.

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  7. Joe Doerksen says:

    tough fight, but I’m pretty sure Mein is up for the challenge. I predict Mein by another impressive tko

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  8. Slim says:

    This is a tough one. Jordan takes it easily, but Matt Brown is one of those guys who is mentally strong (and/or crazy) and will just walk forward no matter what. I honestly think Jordan can show that he’s awesome on the ground too, something we forget a lot because he’s been knocking people out for the last 3-4 years.

    I thought Stephen Thompson and Mike Swick would walk right through Brown, but such was not the case.

    On another note: can we have Jordan fight the Wonderboy, that would be crazy.

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  9. D.J says:

    Tough fight for mein, tough fight for brown. I’m siding with mein in this fight, but you can never count matt brown out, that guy shows up when everyone expects him not to

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  10. joe doe says:

    Brown’s been looking good lately but his style will cost him this fight. Hopefully if Jordan wins they don’t throw him into the wolves too quickly. Slowly build him up. Plenty of time

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  11. youguysrgay says:

    mein will get crushed!

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  12. Brandon MacArthur says:

    Who are you to think mein will get crushed.he’s a stood and will win with range foot work and his outstanding boxing skills

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  13. taleb says:

    He got crushed.

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