Curtis Demarce Misses Weight; Did A Fight Last Weekend Contribute to the Miss?

Curtis Demarce (photo by Jason Bouwmeester|TKO Photography)

Curtis Demarce (photo by Jason Bouwmeester|TKO Photography)

Today at the Winnipeg Convention Centre, Curtis Demarce missed weight. He showed up almost five pounds over the weight limit in what was to be his Featherweight debut.

The fight was also billed as his return to fighting after suffering severe injuries in a car crash a year ago, however, Top MMA News learned that Demarce fought last weekend in California. At Xplode Fight Series, Demarce defeated the winless Jordan Delaney (0-6) by Rear Naked Choke at 3:42 of the first round.

Top MMA News asked Curtis Demarce about the fight on Thursday, which was briefly posted on Sherdog. Sherdog removed the result following this reporter asking Demarce about the fight being listed on Sherdog. However, the play-by-play of his fight remains to be seen HERE. Demarce did not confirm or deny that he fought last week, but he did confirm he flew into town this week. As for the AFC, promoter Darren Owen stated that AFC did not fly him to Winnipeg and thought he was in town this week.  He was unaware that Demarce fought last week.

Top MMA News requested the results from the California State Athletic Commission, however, this event occurred in a reservation, and it is unknown if the event was sanctioned by the CSAC. Top MMA News has not received a response to its email.

Top MMA News also asked Xplode Fighting Series if they had footage of the fight to view.  They did not have the video yet, but responded, “We will. Just waiting for these videos to come in from our guy. As soon as we do we will contact you.”

An extremely upset Adam Lorenz decided to cancel the fight rather than fight Demarce, who weighed in at 148.5 pounds on his second attempt.

Top MMA News approached Demarce once again following the weigh-ins and he claimed he did not fight that fight and he had it removed from his record as soon as he was informed of it.

The Manitoba Combat Sports Commission was unaware of the fight.  Having checked the fight databases and finding no suspension or record of the fight, there is no way they could have been aware of it.  Manitoba does enforce a mandatory 14 day rest period between fights.  If he did fight, Demarce could face a possible suspension.

Did he fight in San Diego, which is home to his Arena MMA training center?  This all could be a horrible case of mistaken identity.  It is could also be a case of horrible judgement on the part of Curtis Demarce.


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  1. The truth_SD says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  2. The truth_SD says:

    Thank you Curtis and agreed completely we had been told we would receive contract previous times infact did not receive it and first time it was seen was when curtis had signed it at weigh ins being that Curtis has a very strong relationship with Darren Owen and us not knowing this would be a issue.

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  3. Also… after weighins, there was no chance that Lorenz was fighting. I don’t know who told you there was a chance until 1:00 the next day but that is a lie.

    Lorenz left the province to watch his teammates Muay Thai fight the next day.

    I was in touch with Lorenz’ manager and trainer and at no time after the weigh-ins were they considering the fight. I even asked after a few posts appeared here on Saturday saying the fight was on and his management said no.

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  4. The truth_SD says:

    The fight was a go as of all day on Saturday when Lorenz”s coach and team decided they would accept the offer and money. So unless someone was lying. Curtis did not know about the fact his license was being held until 5pm when he was heading to the venue and in fact all his family friends and supporters from Brandon were already in Wpg thinking the fight was still on and had to tell them what had happened and re emburse them.

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  5. Wasn’t a go after weigh-ins. Someone is lying.

    Curtis was told this at weigh-ins. When Fader, Owen, Alliance (Lorenz’ team), and the commission confirmed this, then I posted this story.

    I spent time with Alliance for a few hours late that night discussing the decision they made over a few pops. At no time was this fight happening.

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  6. Dave Mah says:

    They were at my show in Saskatoon at 6:00 pm. It’s not a one hour drive to here, haha.

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  7. MMA Freak says:

    Demarce way to make a statement.

    Epic fail

    Who manages you?

    I’d strongly sugest know one ever takes that managers advice or friends advice.

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  8. The truth_SD says:

    Yes someone is lying Keith because Darren and Steve the promoters had both gone over to Curtis s hotel room Friday night telling him they were just at Adams and long as curt was not to heavy fight day they would consider it. Curt then weighed in at 152lbs morning of fight and was told at 1pm the fight was a go and adam had accept. Was it because curt and Adams fight was a big draw and curt had 60 plus ppl driving out from Brandon and promoter didn’t want to lose that profit and ticket sales? I think so. Curtis had come to fight and obviously then had to spend his night re embursing everyone that drove from Brandon. As far as his manager, his manager is very well known and has 5 world champions under him , 17 current UFC vets and 51 active fighters! End of day it is what it is and event is over nothing can be done now

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  9. makes sense says:

    makes sense that the promoters would pull his strings and tell his what he wntd to here so that they wouldnt have to deal with refunding our tickets these promoters are scumbags

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  10. Andy says:

    @thetruth and @ makessense

    It’s time to stop posting. You guys look dumb.

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  11. MMA Freak says:

    Great his manager is so wicked what is his name?

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  12. Gunner says:

    To me this (the_truth_SD) is far to informed of the “so called Truth” ” and every other aspect of this situation. anybody else smell a demon trying to persuade the angels at the white gates to cut him slack and allow him free passage.

    Either that or he is Demarce’s fingers which in that case why is he not just typing these scenarios himself to have some credibility to them rather than someone with out a name posting these scenarios?

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