Canadian Rumour Mill – March 18


Gossip QueenLet’s start this week off by noting something nice and positive! We all love BONUSES and Aggression gave them out at AFC 15 in  Calgary. Fight Night Bonuses for AFC 15 went to: Michael Hill for Knockout of the Night, Jaret Evans with the Submission of the Night, and the Fight of the Night went to Matt Krayco and Aaron Armstrong. All the recipients received $500 smackeroos, with the bonuses being supplied by Build 360! Congrats gentlemen, well deserved!!!

On to the rumours:

  • Mark Holst will fight Richie Whitson at Wreck on March 28.
  • Alderic Keith and Ryan Ford are looking for support from friends, family, fans and MMA lovers like us to help them with their training costs, but they’ll also give back to you if you choose to “Fund a Fighter.”  Backers that pledge certain amounts will receive some pretty cool items such as shout outs, autographed walk out gear, pics, and exclusive items. Take a look at both of their campaigns here.

Mr. Alderic “The Coroner” Keith –

Mr. Ryan “The Real Deal” Ford –

  • Josh Hill has been trying to stay active, but has had no luck!  I have a whole whack of possible fights and fall out!
    • Flies on the wall have told me that Hill is pushing for a fight with Chris Kelades of Fit Plus on the upcoming ECC show,  but no response yet from the Kelades camp.
    • The Davis bros have been targets of Hill, but Mike is sticking to 125lbs and Tyler is booked to fight Mike Imperato and busy shit talking it up with Eric Perez!
    • Rafael Rebello, who was previously scheduled to fight the Gentleman, was called out. Rebello seems to be all up for taking on Josh and his sexy body, but southern US promotions aren’t too keen on flying in a Canadian boy when there’s a whole bunch Americans in America
    • And to finish off this hunt for an opponent, Sirwan Kakai was approached as an opponent to fight possibly overseas in Sweden but once again no dice! UGH!
    • Keep on Truckin Mr. Hill!
  • A pretty sweet fight was just added to Hard Knocks 32 in Calgary… Ryan Machan vs. Jarod Milko plus Aaron Gallant will take on Mark Maruzs!

  • Ontario’s Hunky Poo, Elias Theodorou tweeted that he will be fighting Chris Dempsey as the main event bout on April 6th in The City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, for Gladiators of the Cage.  Update: Dempsey and his team backed out of the fight.  Sorry Elias!
  • Now that Wreck MMA is back from the dead with a show 10 days from now, Hybrid will no longer pursue a pro MMA event.
  • “Mr. Nice Guy” unbeaten Eric Montgomery, who holds a win over Randy Turner, will step in to face Dimitri Waardenburg at WRECK MMA!
  • Speaking of Randy Turner, his opponent for the March 28th show is out.  Wreck is looking for a replacement.  It could be Antonio Banuelos.  What an awesome main event for for Ottawa/Gatineau fans if that becomes official!
  • Bibiano Fernandes will return to action on May 31st fighting on One FC 9 in the Philippines!
  • The Fight Network is no longer exclusive to Canada. The TV station has expanded their viewership to go global! FN has announced expansion plans to be broadcast in Europe (Portugal) and Africa (Angola, Mozambique). If you’re wondering what’s up with FN being shown in Angola and Mozambique, both of those countries used to be colonies of Portugal and have Portuguese as their official language.
  • Devon Neville is calling out Robin Black! He didn’t appreciate Robin F Black talking “shit bout me” on “forums”  with his friends!
  • Rumour has it Xtreme Couture is planning a show in The Steel City of Hamilton on June 22nd.
  • So Stephane Patry announced that Instinct will be back for 2013! Quebec needs all the MMA possible!  Boy, that province sure is lacking in MMA compared to just 2-3 or so years ago. Let’s not even mention the days of TKO followed by XMMA and Ringside.
  • Wondering why Sheila Bird is not in the UFC, Invicta, or Aggression Fighting Championship, or isn’t even going to head to “The Ultimate Fighter 18” tryouts?  The reason is simple, Sheila is pregnant!  Top MMA News would like to say congrats to Shelia and Brian Bird and hope they have a healthy baby birdie!

NOTE: These are just rumors and opinions of the Gossip Queen. If you have a rumour that you want to contribute, email:

67 Responses to “ Canadian Rumour Mill – March 18 ”

  1. Donald Duck says:

    Hey Robin,

    Fight this b@tch Devon. I’ll corner you out of love and respect and show this punk b@tch that smacking around a cab driver is slightly easier than facing guys who can fight.

    Hell I’d even be cool with showing who I am if that fight happens.


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  2. Oilcity30 says:

    Aww shit robin can expose Donnie and give that loser a beat down almost worth it. I doubt Mr Neville would even beable to make weight though and dude calling out Robin Black man Get a F@@kin Life . Why not call out josh Machan or some of the other guys on here that offered to give what you deserve a good beat down! And Robin take care your the man love seeing ya on the fight network and seeing your posts and opinions on here. Mad Respect Bro !

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  3. Josh machan says:

    I have a few opening in my calender

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  4. mike Kent says:

    Hey I know this was old news but just want to give an update on devin neville that I Think some will appreciaye . He booked a fight the same time as he had court. my teamate Ben Jansen was supposes to fight him next week . Now after training 8 weeks Ben is left opponentless becuase devin went to jail.

    Who books a fight with jail pending

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  5. Oilcity30 says:

    Shitty deal, promoter had no idea of his pending court date?

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  6. mike Kent says:

    No idea but its just another reason for why robin is right and nobody should give this guy a fight ever.

    I’m all for second chances and people turning there lives around trust me you don’t end up with some of north Americas worste tattoos from going to church everyday but Now bens fight got canned a week out and he’s been training hard .

    Can’t quite put my finger on it but something tells me devin ” no remorse ” neville doesn’t even feel bad about it

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  7. BOOBOO says:


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  8. Nick penner says:

    Guys, let’s just drop the whole Devin Neville bullshit. I wasn’t with him at the time of the beating, I don’t know the situation he was in, and I don’t really know him to begin with. Therefore I’m not going to trash talk him, and if you guys don’t know the situation, was there during, or really good friends with him, just let him be. I know I’ve done some just stupid horrible stuff when I was younger, I would like to think people have let that shit go. I’m sure 90% of the people talking shit can say the same thing. If it is true, hopefully he learns from it and comes out a better man. We all know that negativity only breeds more negativity. Why not trying a more positive outlook? Hell, I wish him all the best, why can’t others?

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  9. Truth says:

    @mike kent,

    Devon was scheduled to fight Jesse arrnet how’re he lost and got suspended and for the record Jesse can confirm this plus I’d like to point out your pitiful attempt to throgh Devon under the bus.

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  10. Idolmaker says:

    Mad respect for you penner, but fuck that guy. Not exactly the image one wants for the sport they love, still in its infancy.

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  11. Nick penner says:

    Idolmaker, I get totally get your point. We dont need more bad publicity. That’s another reason why we should just drop this. All I’m saying is that if he is remorseful, no pun intended, we should give him the change to make the shit he did, right. We’ve all been given a second chance, let’s at least sit back and see his true colours shine. I’m not saying that the commission cant suspend him or anything like that. A professional fighter has to be a professional at all times, inside and outside the cage. If he did fuck up, he has to accept the fact that he may not fight for a while. Again, I’m totally cool with that, or paying a penalty for any wrong doing. It’s only fair. Again, it’s also only fair that we treat him the same way we want to be treated. I know that if I fucked up royally, i would want a second chance, and that’s what I’m going to give him. To each there own, judge how you want, just remember that sometime in everyone’s life, they’ve fucked shit up. That includes everyone reading this. Just don’t judge someone blindly just because they read something on the Internet.

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  12. mike Kent says:

    He was supposed to fight Ben Jansen next weekend. Until he got thrown in jail . Not sure how that is throwing someone under bus.

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  13. mike Kent says:

    That’s what I was told by Ben who’s been in gym everyday training for a fight.

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  14. ken kupsch says:

    Hey guys, here’s what happened. Devon was booked to fight Jesse, but Jesse was unable to fight.

    Devon planned to fight, I guess he expected a different outcome on his sentencing. I didn’t know about it and I don’t think his management did either.

    I have been looking for a fight for Ben since we started booking fights but have been unable to book anything. We thought perhaps he could fight Devon at a catch weight. I spoke to Devons management and they were unable to reach him, and then found out why.

    The fight with Ben was never booked. I have not spoke with Ben, but rather Sandy who can confirm this.

    We still hope to get Ben on the show and are still working on it. Hope that clears this up.

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  15. Idolmaker says:

    I agree nick and I personally will not speak a word of it.

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  16. mike Kent says:

    Ok obviously a misunderstanding. I know that Ben was thinking that he was fighting devin at 140 and then got cancelled becuase devin went to jail .

    I do think that everybody deserves a second chance and I’m nobody to judge. My issue lies with someone booking a fight the same time / week before court and leaving someone opponentless .

    thanks for clearing it up ken. I don think Ben thought the fight was a go so just some confusion.

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  17. mike Kent says:

    Its doesn’t matter who he was supposed to fight. Ben , the other guy or anybody. I was just irked that he would put his name in for a fight the same time as he potentially is going away . There’s enough factors that get fights cancelled: injurys , medicals withhout worrying if your opponent will free come fight time.

    His personal or legal matters are nobodys business so I won’t speak anymore on it . I just don’t know why he was trying to fight then . I’m done

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