It’s Official! Delorme to Fight in Hometown for UFC 161

Roland Delorme

Roland Delorme

Everyone suspected that Winnipeg’s Roland Delorme (8-1) would be named to the UFC 161 card in his hometown and now it is official.  Today, the UFC announced that Delorme will face Edwin Figueroa (9-2) on their June 15th card.

WAMMA’s Roland Delorme last fought on the UFC 149 card in Calgary last summer.  After losing the fight, his opponent Francisco Rivera tested positive for a stimulant and the fight was overturned to a no contest.  Due to that result, Delorme remains unbeaten in the UFC with wins over Nick Denis and Josh Ferguson.

Entering hostile territory will be Edwin Figueroa who lost to Francisco Rivera in his last UFC fight.  The Texan is 2-2 in the UFC with wins over Alex Caceres and Jason Reinhardt.

The Delorme vs Figueroa fight joins a Bantamweight title main event and a fight card that already includes Rashad Evans, Dan Henderson, Antonio Rogerio Nogueira, Shogun Rua, and more.

Tickets for UFC 161 will go on sale on Friday, April 12 and presale for UFC 161 will be on Wednesday, April 10 for Fight Club members.

17 Responses to “ It’s Official! Delorme to Fight in Hometown for UFC 161 ”

  1. Bobby Karimi says:

    Good fight for Delorme, I think he wins this one in front of his home crowd!

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  2. PAVLIC says:

    Great fight for Rolly!

    I look forward to wathing him fight live again!

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  3. Delorme by TKO

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  4. Robin Black says:

    Delorme by sub (RNC) late round 2.


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  5. Blah says:

    Very important fight for both… loser could most likely be getting cut.

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  6. Rolly by RNC Round 1

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  7. cavemanbully says:

    would love it if the ufc gave bongfeldt another shot in the UFC as he won the Natal fight, and his loss is to the now number #1 middle weight contender

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  8. QuinnFan says:

    Delorme got KOd in his last bout which was overturned on a technicality. This card blows and the main event blows harder. Delorme loses by sub rd 1.

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  9. Gnp says:

    Quinn fan; has somewhat of a point ! despite the fact it was turned over!! delorme was out cold , no TKO!! …he was out…..has he recovered from that???? ….time will tell

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  10. How the fight plays out has no bearing on what the decision is if the winner tests positive for anything.

    No contest is proper protocol. No different than when Matt Riddle beat Chris Clements by decision and it was later turned into a no contest due to a positive drug test.

    Rollie is 2-0-1 in the UFC

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  11. Sweet Dreams says:

    Hey QuinnFan you’re one negative dude, or broad, or Mom or whatever. Simple solution for you if the card and main event blows IYO; don’t watch it! Take your PPV $ and go buy a self help book on positive thinking. This site and MMA in general has enough negativity so go get happy dude, or girl or whatever you are. You’ve been having some not so sweet dreams if you think Rolly is getting sub’d in Rd 1. Try not pulling your pud for a bit ( if you’ve got the equipment) and maybe you’ll turn your bad dreams into wet ones. I welcome your rebuttal…….

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  12. DelormeFan says:

    funny how quinnfan is all but hurt. Kinda but hurt like quinn when delorme bent him over and gave him the business here in winnipeg.

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  13. EPerez says:

    Enjoy watching Rolly live everyone’s dream Quinnfan

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  14. Gnp says:

    everyone,s dream !!!! perez… need to get out more….lol

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  15. Joe Doerksen says:

    I disagree with Quinnfan on this one. Card looks pretty good.

    Best of luck to Delorme. Great to see him on this card. Every fighter’s dream. And the local fans are gonna be thrilled about it as well.

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  16. EPerez says:

    Why? What’s out there?

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  17. Sean Quinn says:

    I was not butt hurt nor did I get bent over. Nice try dipshit. But nice to know you bitches are thinking of me.

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