Unified MMA 16 – Edmonton – June 21


Unified MMA ThumbDate: June 21, 2013
Venue: Mirage Banquet Hall in Edmonton, Alberta
Tickets: (780) 695-6656

Fight Card:
125lbs- Mike Davis (10-3) vs. Michael Banin (3-1)
***Flyweight Title Fight

170lbs- Chase Maxwell (8-3) vs. Jordan McKay (6-1)
170lbs- Rocky Biggs (4-0) vs. Aleksander Todosov (2-0)
155lbs- Cody Ries (3-2) vs. Teague Smith (3-1)
155lbs- Neil Doty (3-3) vs. Brent Haley (0-4)
145lbs- Justin Nanaquawetung (0-1) vs. Todd Molineaux (0-2)
225lbs- Tanner Boser (1-0) vs. Dell Knebush (0-1)

Amateur Fights:
155lbs- Nick Hrabec (0-1) vs. Liam McGowan (2-0)
130lbs- Eric Huang (1-1) vs. Kadeem Wade (0-0)
170lbs- Dede Lin (0-0) vs. Shadey Yellowbird (0-1)
155lbs- Josh Eggie (1-1) vs. Lee Darragh (0-0)
185lbs- Nidal Chmait (0-0) vs. Simon Yeun (0-0)

58 Responses to “ Unified MMA 16 – Edmonton – June 21 ”

  1. Behrang Yousefi says:

    Haha no bro, how could I forget. Alex at one point in the fight switched from mount to crucifix and I heard his corner say “do the karkula” my point is even when I fight someone else I still hear your name! Us fighting appears to be inevitable and I promise to step up finish are unfinished business :D. Send Alex my regards I learned a lot from are match, I’ll see you late fall/winter after Parwes and I settle the score, I had to fight a man who out weighted me by 25pounds the day of the fight all because that beautiful bastard broke his hand, I feel like I owe the guy a swift kick in the ass for putting me in that situation.

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  2. Parwez Ghulam says:

    @Karate Chump I’m not one of those guys who fights or defends him self behind the keybord, but i’ll say this hold on your opinion about me till you see me fight. if you won’t enjoy the show i’ll buy you a beer!
    And @Behrang of course killa! i owe you a fight and that will happen for sure! I’m not gonna excuse about braeking my hand a lot. this is a Fricken Combative sports and in Combative sport you get Hurt/Hit in swimming you get sweat!

    I hope we both will come in healthy to our fight!
    train hard brother hope to see you soon or later!

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  3. Behrang Yousefi says:

    thanks Parwez, same too you.

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  4. harry balls says:

    Someone else uses the term ‘looky here’. Ha ha you a Stern fan, Behrang?

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  5. Behrang Yousefi says:

    well sir, fan a is strong word but I’ll tell you this, I do like the cut of his jib.

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  6. Hey now. So depsite Amateur being illegal in Edmonton even with the outdated laws, now that S-209 is revamped and Amateur currently being illegal in Canada, Pat still allows an event to run Amateur fights? WTF?

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  7. Donald Duck says:

    Not at all MAD, you see these fights aren’t actually happening because ECSC doesn’t sanction or recognize amateur MMA.

    Hope that clears everything up.


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  8. Exactly, “aren’t actually happening”. Kind of like Pat doing his job. “It’s not actually happening”.

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