Canadian Rumour Mill – March 11

What does the Gossip Queen have for you this week? How about a nice set of juicy rumours!

What does the Gossip Queen have for you this week? How about a nice set of juicy rumours!

This Saturday we’ll FINALLY we get to see the culmination of Georges St-Pierre and Nick Diaz’s feud! It’s been about one and a half years since the two were first scheduled to at UFC 137 on October 29th 2011, and by the sounds of their teleconference their dislike for one another has only grown. We will also see Jordan Mein’s UFC debut, Nick Ring, Mike Ricci, Antonio Carvalho, John Makdessi and the 170lbs debut of Patrick Cote! This is a stacked card full of Canadians with three of the Canadians ranked #1 in their weight category by Top MMA News (GSP, Ring, Carvalho)!

Also… a big congrats goes out to Mike Kent on getting married this month!  For a honeymoon, I think a bottle of champagne while watching UFC 158 is in order!

  • Unsanctioned MMA is creeping into Manitoba. XCWFC 54 ‘Northern Knockouts’ will be in OCN/The Pas this weekend. The Manitoba Combative Sports Commission is not sanctioning this event and have informed the RCMP.
  • Joel Powell continues to have a hard time getting opponents to fight him, as it looks like his AFC 15 fight seems to be off. A few sources told me that at least 4-5 possible opponents were contacted but all turned the fight down.
  • Gary Chartrand is bringing Challenge MMA, but it looks like Stephan Patry has some plans of his own. Seems to me like fighters signed to Instinct, like Steve Bossé, are stuck in the middle, at least until March 18th when Patry says he’s going to make a “positive” announcement.
  • As I hinted at on the January 15th Rumour Mill, Chad Freeman has unretired! His first fight back is fight back will be on March 10th when he takes on Zach Gait for Fivestar’s Lightweight belt!
  • Like Freeman, I guess Tim Hague has also unretired. Hague has called out Jeff Monson via both Twitter, Facebook and video. Canada’s HW division is quite thin, so it’s always good to see a former Canadian champ and UFC vet who’s willing to mix it up back in there!  Hague is really going through his Rolodex in search of the right comeback opponent. First there was James Thompson, then there was Jared Kilkenny (boxing), then Jeff Monson, and now even Frank Mir.
  • Does Hague know something that UFC Canada head Tom Wright doesn’t?  Hague keeps asking to fight on the UFC Edmonton card in November 2013, while Wright keeps saying that the only UFC Canadian dates in 2013 will be Montreal, Winnipeg, and Toronto.  Victor Valimaki says he wants to be on the future UFC Edmonton card as well.
  • Havoc’s June 7th Red Deer show will have Wolfgang Janssen taking on Mark Maruzs (145lbs), Trevor Wright fighting Rene Grenon (160lbs), Elvis Vukaj versus Jeff Larkin (170lbs), Jesse Arnett battling it out with Brent Harvie (150lbs), also Kellen Falt will scrap Brett Alberts (160lbs) in amateur action. The bouts are scheduled to be held at the Sheraton Hotel.

  • Denny Houle will take on Johnny Grant at Unified 16 on June 21st in Edmonton.
  • Battlefield Fight League’s next professional MMA card will be in Penticton on June 8, 2013.  Stu Deleurme and Jeremy Kennedy will make their pro debuts on the card.
  • Merrick Duggan is taking his Unified Lightweight Title fight against Tim “Shady” Smith more serious than he has any other fight. Duggan spent some time at the MMA Lab with the likes of Benson Henderson, Brian Cobb, and Efrain Escudero.
  • MMA fans all over the world will now be able to view the MFC’s prelims online. Maximum Fighting Championship will be streaming their prelims live on Facebook going forward. MFC 37 on May 10th will be the first show that will allow fans to view the prelim fights on Facebook.
  • Pride Gym’s River Jones has had to pull out of her Invicta 5 fight due to injury.  Get better, River! We can’t wait for your pro debut!
  • Legends MMA Series is a partnership between Legends Training Centre and Mark Pavelich (Pavelich Sports). The first show is April 19th, and they claim that Amateur MMA is now legal in Edmonton.

NOTE: These are just rumors and opinions of the Gossip Queen. If you have a rumour that you want to contribute, email:

31 Responses to “ Canadian Rumour Mill – March 11 ”

  1. Aaron Robinson says:

    I really don’t think that Tim Hague and Victor Valimaki have any right to be requesting to fight on the next UFC card just because it is in their backyard. Hague is coming off of two losses and although it would be great to see him fight again I don’t think the UFC will be where we see this. Victor cant make weight to save his life and is 1-3 in his last 4 fights. I struggle to understand why guys feel they deserve to be on UFC cards just because they are in their neck of the woods but that’s just my opinion.

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  2. Aaron Robinson says:

    Sorry, “on the next UFC card in Edmonton” that is.

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  3. Jerobe says:

    100% agree with Aaron. Just because the UFC is in your hometown does not give you the right to be on the blasted card. This makes zero sense to me. The UFC has more than enough $$$$$$$$$$ to fly fighters across the world and back. Tim Hague is comming off 2 losses outside of the UFC and now he expects Dana to let him back in? Are you kidding me? Same with Victor who has won 1 out of his last 4 fights. Yeah Dana bring these guys back to the UFC. What a joke.

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  4. RickyBobby says:

    Who is the Gossip queen?

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  5. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    I not gonna bash Tim for trying…he passionate about what he wants…i think if he could fight a cpl times and get some wins..maybe AFC or MFC…and maybe even win a title than maybe he could get back to the UFC…you never know!…its good to see him comin back though…there arent enough heavyweights as it is…

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  6. Landon says:

    Nice to see that Manitoba mma is doing something about XCW bringing their garbage into their province. Now only if Sask would do the same, they have been infecting sask mma and taking advantage of uneducated fans and “fighters” for years.

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  7. If anybody wants I posted an article today about the XCW 54 show at OCN.

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  8. Landon says:

    Awesome, Marc-Andre! So great to see someone with influence speak out about these shows.

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  9. AMLEHTC says:

    What I don’t like about Tim wanting to on a potential Edmonton UFC is that he is acting like an idiot. Calling Jeff monson a steroid monkey and talking about knocking him out. Then saying he’s going to fight Frank Mir. He’s acting borderline crazy. He’s coming off two losses to very undersized heavyweight and has since “retired”, how about actually training and just having a comeback fight?

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  10. Idolmaker says:

    I said if a long time ago, don’t buy this nice guy bs!!!

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  11. I'll Say it says:

    Tim Hague is a joke he got his ass kicked for the second straight time against Hackert. He should stay retired he gave up the second he got hit.

    And to call UFC guys bitches that only want to fight easy fights is crazy. Did Tim get hit that hard and forget how padded his record is? And now he wants to fight The Reem

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  12. LOL says:

    i read on Tim’s Facebook page the BTP asked for a rematch with Tim vs Hudson, this time on a full training camp for Hudson instead of a weeks notice and Tim replied that the WarDog is a cool dude but he has his sites on more high profile fighters.

    just my opinion but this would be a good step back into the cage for Hague after his 2 loses to Hackert and i know Hudson is begging for fights right now.

    So why not unless Tim your afraid to lose to Hudson!

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  13. mike kent says:

    I’ll fight my sister if dana white puts me on the Edmonton UFC. It will be one of the most anticipated fights in UFC history. It doesnt matter the records or skill level everyone just wants to see a brother and sister fight……… except mom

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  14. Oilcity30 says:

    Poor Timmy is off his rocker. I read his twitter and is this guy for real, begging dana for a chance at UFC in edmonton. What UFC Timmy? Sad case of to many shots to the head I guess.

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  15. Robin Black says:

    Crazy thing about the internet.

    Its still there when you’re angry, its still when you’ve been on an ill-advised bender and you’re still drunk, and its still there at all the times you are in a state of mind in which should not be posting anything in public.

    People are just people, and Tim Hague is just a guy who is probably going through some stuff and uses the internet at times when maybe he shouldn’t.

    Go get in the gym Tim and hit some stuff you’ll feel a lot better man.

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  16. Cody Rempel says:

    IMO Tim should take the Hudson rematch and maybe get another solid local win like Fortin or Paul Cheng or maybe finish the Miodrag Petkovic trilogy and if he wins all those perhaps a rematch with Tuchscherer before he starts calling out guys like Jeff Monson!

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  17. booboo says:


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  18. LOL says:

    I agree Cody, for Hague to take rematch with Hudson,but i saw the last fight he had with Hudson and I saw Hudsons fight against Ali Monsour on the Fight Network and if that Hudson shows up, I believe Hague would get KOed!

    From what ive watched on youtube and the score fighting of Hudson, even the fight with Rama, we havent seen the best Craig Hudson yet.

    Its my personal opinion that if he stops taking short notice fights and gets a full training camp for fights he could very well be the best in canada at Heavyweight!

    His fight with Monsour was i believe on a cpl days notice and in my opinion he won that fight at the very least a draw, you plainly see the ref call a knock against Hudson that was clearly a slip!

    ever since the Monsour fight ive been a fan and have looked up all his fights i could find on youtube, he has the makings of a
    champion if someone would give him a fight.


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  19. Cody Rempel says:

    Does anyone else find it funny that booboo’s name is in all lower case letters? :P

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  20. Idolmaker says:

    So what I’m getting is Hague should not look for high profile guys, fight for the mfc again, against his brother??? An I correct???

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  21. Oilcity30 says:

    I totally agree with boo boo, if I was Tim I would play it out that way could work out good for him . I wouldn’t be poluting Dana Whites twitter account begging for a fight on a card Dana himself won’t acknowledge. Just because you say you will donate purse to stollery isn’t a justifiable reason for your UFC return. Fight the Wardog at MFC and donate your purse to Stollery PAV is gonna need some good publicity after his latest GONGSHOW!!! Or how about Tim Sylvia vs Tim Hague both seem to think they deserve to be UFC and both are completely delusional !!

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  22. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    Yes we did ask Tim for a rematch… thanx for being a Fan LOL…we are currently talking with AFC and Five Star…so hopefully we will have Craig back in the Cage soon…i would love for Craig to rematch Hague for any promotion…Craig was just coming off a hand injury and took fight with only 2 days back in the gym and on a weeks notice…but like i said on the brother vs brother post we were told Craig s record wasnt good enough for MFC…so i dont think Pav will try for this rematch…that being said…thanx for the support… and even the critisism…looking forward to getting back in action soon…had some fights fall through…name of the game…hope something comes are way soon…cheers

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  23. BOOBOO says:


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  24. Cody Rempel says:

    Haha… much better BOOBOO!

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  25. WARDOG says:

    Would love a rematch against Hague i think it would be a good fight for both of us,Hague looking to get back in the game and me looking for a rematch with full camp.I feel I’m getting better with every fight,i think it would be a action packed fight for the fans,two fighters looking to make a statement.yeah so hear it is, Tim I’m calling you out buddy,doesn’t matter the promotion let’s make it happen.

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  26. tuffmma says:

    Houle vs grant!! Didn’t this happen already ? Or houle backed out. I see this fight going same way as that large fight. Grant will win easily . Houle is a bum !!!!!!!!!!! He thinks he something because of who he trains with. How do u guys see this fight goin . Someone wants wager on this

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  27. dennyhoule says:

    Lol OK there buddy

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  28. dennyhoule says:

    my actions will speak louder then my words thank you

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  29. J. Tyler says:

    Looks like Hague needs an opponent for June 7 at kotc Canada. Why not a wardog rematch they want so bad and it gives him his required 6+ weeks training

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  30. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    We would love that fight…but according to Craigs Fivestar Fight League Contract if he wins the title fight with Fortin hes under contract for a year…but its my understanding that Hague might be fighting the winner of Fortin vs Hudson…;) so we might still get what we want!…

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