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While the Sports and RV show maybe happening throughout the weekend in Halifax at Exhibition Park it is also where Extreme Cage Combat will be holding their 16th event tomorrow night: Proving Ground.  The weigh ins were held on the Venue’s main stage this afternoon.  After confusion with the show last month about weight, The Nova Scotia Boxing ecc1Authority made a statement before hand that they would go by the ABC rule and allow one pound unless it was a five round fight.  There were some last minute change including Rick Doyle facing Ryan Conner instead of Dylan Mercer.  The fight was changed to a featherweight bout and the fight between Maverick Cowx and Matt Heim was switched welterweight.  Most fighters were on par today except for Ricky Goodall and Josh Walker.  The show will take place tomorrow night with doors opening at 7:30.  Tickets are still on sale.

155lbs- Ricky Goodall (160.6)* vs. Iraj Hadin (155.0)

145lbs- Mike Malott (144.8) vs. Jon Williams (145.0)

145lbs- Ryan Connor (143.8) vs. Rick Doyle (145.4)

155lbs- Maverick Cowx (169.4) vs. Matt Heim (170.6)

135lbs- Andrew Quigley (133.8) vs. Boyd Sharpe (134.2)

145lbs- Steve Goodfellow (144.6) vs. Josh Walker* (149.6)

*Missed weight

51 Responses to “ ECC 16: Proving Ground Weigh in Results ”

  1. smash says:

    The guy who designs the diet plans for everybody else misses weight lol

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  2. Allen hope says:

    They sure take there tittle fights serius in ecc

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  3. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    I guarentee he did it on purpose… hoping it would make it a non title fight for Iraj…i hope…its still a title fight cause thats bs…Im hearing Chris Clements quoted Goodall should be stripped of his license and hes digusted…and so should everyone in that organization with this…im always reading on facebook about him giving out advice on cutting weight…and nutrition this and supplements that…i hope this destroys his creditability…esp. if it takes the title shot away from Iraj…

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  4. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    And Walker misses by almost 4lbs …must have taken his weight cutting advice from Goodall…

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  5. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    So does this mean no title shot for Iraj?

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  6. The fight is still but it is not a title fight as Goodall posted on his facebook page

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  7. Cody Rempel says:

    I think everyone should implement MFC’s policy regarding missing weight and title fights… The fighter who misses weight is ineligible to win the belt if he wins the fight, however if the fighter who made weight wins the fight, he’s crowned the champion it would eliminate people missing weight for the sole purpose of retaining a championship.

    Here’s the article outlining the policy, whether you like MFC or not I think it’s the right thing to do! Why should the guy who made weight be punished?

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  8. David Letourneau says:

    Other then being a non title fight which punishes Iraj is there any other action taken such as purse fine?

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  9. OttawaMMA says:

    6 fights for $50.00, think I might have to skip.

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  10. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    CODY…IActually like that makes sense and is fair…

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  11. lol says:

    Hey Ricky would u please help me with my diet.
    My goals is to never make weight. So it seems like ur the perfect fit.

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  12. Cody R says:

    And then they’ll still make it five round fight too with no title

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  13. harry balls says:

    Not his first miss either. Bush league.

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  14. BodySnatcher says:

    3 round title, 20% purse deduction, and goodall gave hadin an extra 500$

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  15. @clinchcraig says:

    I’m not here to defend Goodall but he’s not the champ so he didn’t do it on purpose to keep the title. Again not defending, just stating a fact.

    Good luck to Steve Goodfellow tonight! He’s a super nice guy who’s gone through a lot so hopefully he can preform at his best tonight!

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  16. Jeff Harrison says:

    Good luck to all the fighters and to ECC. Good on Ricky giving jay 5 bills! Doesn’t make up for the miss, but at least he is willing to volunteer to pay for his error..

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  17. I tried a salt load and deplete trick that was suggested by another trainer I know and it fucked up. I started the cut at 170, that’s nothing, but I just stopped at 160. Getting to 170 through nutrition was easy but the cut itself is something different and I made an amateur mistake trying something new without testing it first. I’m paying Jay 20% of my purse plus $700 cash out of my own pocket.

    I’ve also offered to pay for Jay’s purse to rematch for the title in July should he have any interest. I’ve helped a few of his teammates with their nutrition and they’ve had great success. Jay is a professional and I don’t blame him for being pissed but now it’s time to fight and that’s what we’ll do.

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  18. Martell and I also suggested that if Hadin won he could take the belt but the commission disagreed.

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  19. I’ll be repeating the cut process in two weeks and documenting it all on my blog at . I’ll also disclose the process I use for both cutting and reloading. It doesn’t make up or excuse anything and really doesn’t prove anything either but I’m going to do it to show my fans, friends, teammates and clients that it’s more than achievable.

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  20. Mma guy says:

    Allen hope I suggest you harden the fuck up

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  21. Pictou MMA Fan says:

    Ricky is not the first to miss weight, he’s not even the only one to miss weight in these weigh-in’s. Give him a break! Ricky’s a honest and down to earth person all the way around, there’s no need to attack his character! Good luck on the fight Ricky, and I hope he accepts the offer for the title in July

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  22. David Letourneau says:

    Ricky I am very happy to see you take full responsibility without any excuse, and very big on your part to give hadin 700 on top of the 20% deduction from your purse.

    I my self have never trained for a 5 round fight but i’ve helped several partners prepare for 5 rounders and the amount of extra work to go from 3 rounds to 5 is more then I can imagine, to be ready to go fro 3 full rounds takes everything I have for 9 to 10 weeks thats at twice a day, for hadin to do the extra then get stopped because of Ricky’s “miscalculation” I cant imagine what he felt.

    Just my opinion from past experience but being 170 the day of weigh ins having to cut 15 lbs in one session is unreasonable, risky and dangerous. Good luck to you guys tonight.

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  24. lol says:

    Ricky turn the computer off n start acting like a pro for this fight.
    if u felt the need to post before ur fight all u should have said was sorry I fucked up I’m an idiot. not explain n make excuses.
    no one cares if u can make 155 2 weeks after weigh ins. we care that u make weight for ur fight. we couldnt careless what u do or how much u weigh the rest of the time.

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  25. The commission should have zero to do with who the promotion wants to give a belt to. Belts have nothing to do with fighter safety.

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  26. Lenny wheeler says:

    Ricky is a good fighter and smart as they come for diets. ?BUT he can not make155, three attempts three fails. I say bulk up and fight at 170 cause April 20th if he doesn’t make weight elite one will be upset with the outcome of losing that fight on there show.

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  27. Kurt says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  28. Allen hope says:

    @mma guy I don’t no what that means ?

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  29. Oilcity30 says:

    Sounds like a bunch of excuses Ricky!! you suck

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  30. Armchair says:

    Given that this isn’t the first instance of Ricky missing weight, I honestly don’t think he’s cut out for the Lightweight division.

    I think that he would probably be better off sticking at 170.

    And for those of you that are knocking him for not making weight – yes, I agree that it’s unprofessional – however, I would like to remind you that at one point he competed at 205 lbs.

    The guy deserves SOME credit for making the lifestyle changes and commitment needed to drop to drop 50 lbs.

    Either way, it’s unfortunate that it happened. I think it would have been a hell of a 5-rounder.

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  31. Jana says:

    I know I run the risk of the threat of having my house burned down by commenting, but this is same news different year. Ricky has never made 155lbs. !!

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  32. lol says:

    if u want credit for losing 50 pounds talk to ur friend I’m sure they r impressed n proud of u. but the rest of Canada is disappointed that u continue to sign contracts at 155 n don’t make weight. its disrespectful to ur opponents that take this sport serious.

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  33. With risk of more shit talk (as expected) I’ve written a little explanation of how things happened.

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  34. Robin Black says:

    If you use a sodium load you do it for 2 days the Friday and Saturday a week before the fight. All salt ceases at that time and no sodium is consumed from that point out until weigh ins. None.

    Even the chicken is boiled to remove natural sodium.
    And you begin distilled water staring Monday, 12 to 16 litres per day to flush all remaining sodium until 5 pm the night before weigh ins. And only zero sodium foods, like brocolli and boiled chicken are eaten from Sunday until 5 pm the day before weigh ins.

    The theory is tons of sodium to cause TEMPORARY water retention a week out and then all is flushed Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday with grotesque amounts of distilled water. Your body’s desire to achieve equilibrium causes it to overcompensate and dry out.

    NEVER try something new the week of a weight cut!!!!!!!!

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  35. Robin Black says:

    I’ve joined the lynch mob on Ricky when he missed weight in the past. He deserved it then and he deserves it now.

    He is a good guy and a good fighter and I hope he stops the madness and fights at 170 where he belongs.

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  36. David Letourneau says:

    I used a very similar technique as Robin has explained minus the mass amoun of water I used around half or a little better then that. sunday I was 175 tuesday 172 wednesday 24 hours before weighins I was 169 morning of weigh ins 164, few hours later 155 on the money, fight night 179-180.
    I walk around at heavy weight so if I can make it anybody can make it. Id be glad to counsil you for your next cut.

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  37. Cutting for the past year hasn’t been an issue and won’t be for April either; I just jumped the gun with this salt load and truthfully fucked it up. I paid in dollars, performance and reputation and will have to redeem myself when I have the opportunity.

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  38. The system I’ve done for the past year is exactly that Robin; no salt or carbs after Saturday before the fights and 8L water Sunday, 10L Monday and 10L distilled for Tuesday and Wednesday with 4L on Thursday. Again, I fucked up. I doubted the system that’s worked for me and tonnes of clients including half of this and the last ECC card and many other great fighters across the country.

    I made an amateur mistake and folded to the pressure of performing under my own system when I should have stuck to what worked.

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  39. Robin Black says:


    I did this my last fight and was 154 a week out, 144ish 36 hours out and weighed in at 135.1 on the scale. By fight time I was back to 154. Put back 19 pounds and never used iv. Really wanted to experience a massive cut to understand it for commentary and analysis and it was a great experience.

    I felt absolutely 100% come fight time (here’s my fight if you’re interested Dave).


    I think you have a pretty good attitude about it now man. Taking full responsibility and accepting the damage to your wallet and rep is the boss way to deal with it.

    You’re a good fighter dude, you bring a tough 15 minutes every time. I hope you get it worked out.

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  40. Jabba the Hut says:

    Robin and Dave. Just a quick question. Where did you guys learn how to cut like that? Books? Your trainer? It seems very concise and scientific. I’ve always been in awe at how you guys make weight then put so much weight back on so fast. Its really amazing. More info would be great.

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  41. Robin Black says:

    Like anything else you compile the information you acquire over the years. From coaches, from research, from dieticians, from fighters who came before you, from everywhere.

    You need to process the information critically and separate what’s proven and real from what’s junk science or dated info.

    Its an ongoing thing.

    And its fascinating stuff.

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  42. Robin Black says:

    This is the theory on the heavy water load (12 or more liters of water per day):

    The average person is walking around with up to 15 pounds (or much more for big people) of “carried water”. This is water you keep deep in tissue that will come in handy if you find yourself trapped somewhere without water. Its an evolutionary self-preservation device.

    When you start hyper-hydrating with distilled water you flush all sodium, yes, but more importantly you start telling your body “water is becoming so plentiful that we do not need that 15 pounds of carried water” any more”.

    So your body starts peeing it out aggressively and replaces it with the even-more-temporary distilled water.

    You pee a dozen times a day and pee out that “carried water” and replace it with the distilled, which your body doesn’t hold onto so tightly.

    Then when you stop drinking abruptly at 5 pm the day before weigh-ins you keep peeing like crazy maybe 6 or 8 more times that night, in the night and, especially, in the morning and pee out the 15ish pounds of distilled.

    I’ve seen someone go to bed full of the temporary water and pee like a racehorse in the night and morning and weigh 10 or even 12 pounds less 8 hours later.

    Peeing over 10 pounds in 8 hours is nuts.

    Its a weird feeling tho for the last day and a half, you feel so bloated but oddly dry and thirsty. It sucks but it works.

    Its pretty neat stuff what the body can do.

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  43. Robin Black says:

    Everything has pros and cons. There are challenges in doing this process too,not the least of which is dealing with the reality that you cannot get a good night’s sleep the night before your fight if you are going to the bathroom to pee in the night.

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  44. Mma guy says:

    You haven’t heard the last from me mr Allen hope.

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  45. David Letourneau says:

    @jabba the hut, as robin explained in great detail the knowledge from cutting comes from experience and years of doing it and being around people doing it, when your in a fight camp you live and breath nothing but that issue for weeks and weeks maybe months for most for some they put it off and miss weight. Doing mock cuts a few weeks out helps a lot too but mostly through the experience of coaches and training partners giving advice and a whole lot of reading, I read up in wrestling forums a great deal about cutting and rehydrating very often reading the experiences of others of what works and what did not work.

    @robin I watched that fight shortly after it happened last year and watched it again and it was very impressive congrats on the fight and a huge weight cut and rehydration properly. I did not use an iv either my last fight even though there was one available for the fighters, I did it the proper way putting back on almost24.5 lbs and fighting a wrestler for 15 minutes and I did not feel the effects of the cut pre during or post fight. I think because I rehydrated properly.

    The biggest tool we have is the experience of other fighters, coaches and wrestlers who cut sometimes every weekend for tournaments at our disposal, I am constantly asking the other fighters for tips and advice for dieting and cutting weight.

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  46. Just Sayin says:

    Ricky Goodall – “Cutting for the past year hasn’t been an issue and won’t be for April either”

    If it hasnt been an issue for you in the past year, then you must have never fought at 155 in the past year cause you have NEVER made 155! This is your job, if you sign the contract for 155, make 155! even missing weight once is a slap in the face to your opponent and to the sport, and if it happens once you make sure it DOESNT happen again, but this is the 2nd or 3rd time youve missed weight and youve NEVER made it yet, so your 0/2 or 0/3, which is 0% success rate at making 155, which isnt good any way you look at it

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  47. Ricky Goodall says:

    What’s with all of these pussies hiding their names? I’m man enough to admit my faults and speak openly and humbly about them so have some balls to do the same or fuck off somewhere you pathetic trolls.

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  48. AMLEHTC says:

    I can’t hear you over the cake you’re eating

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  49. Oilcity30 says:

    You must be hanging with Mr kent because apparently you also forgot this is a public forum openin to mma fans. Pussies lol ok buddy real mature of ya. I do my job 6 days a week every week the same shit. If your gonna fight do your job make the F@@kin weight that you are suppose to do cause it’s your f@@kin job and nobody can say shit so until you do your Job Expect to take heat come on man. No excuses no Bullshit !!

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  50. Oilcity30 says:

    Missing weight is a touchy subject, fans don’t like it you should know that bye now.

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