Canadian Rumour Mill – March 4

(photo: Jim Beattie)

(photo: Jim Beattie)

Looks like Winnipeg will get its first UFC event.  I am sure we will see Roland Delorme on this one.  Hopefully we get to see hometown boy Krzysztof Soszynski finally back in the cage.  A return to the big show by Joe Doerksen would be welcome, as would debuts by Jesse Ronson and Josh Hill.  If Curtis Brigham wins in March, no one would be more deserving than this Canadian MMA pioneer.  One fight to add to the Winnipeg card is Dan Henderson vs Rashad Evans!

  • Well…it looks like the rankers at Top MMA News have some sort of Canadian radar.  Brock Jardine has confirmed that he is American.  He was born in Fergus, Ontario but moved to Virginia and became a US citizen when he was 2 . 
  • It’s been over a year and a half since Robert Drysdale (5-0) has fought for an AFC (at the time Armageddon) event. He’s set to fight April 12th against DJ Linderman (13-4) in his 3rd straight fight for Legacy Fighting Championships. Are we going to see him return to AFC (now Aggression Fighting) or his is contract expired/void? 
  • So with Instinct MMA seemingly being on MMA life support with very low chance of survival by all indications, their biggest star, American Brandon Thatch has got tired of waiting and is fighting on Resurrection Fighting Alliance 7 in his hometown of Denver, Colorado against tough Black House fighter Leandro Silva (18-7) on March 22nd. 
  • All these AFC cards coming up but no room for arguably Aggression Fighting’s #1 contender at LW Dave Mazany (10-4-1NC)? Well the “Pain Train” has hit the tracks and is crossing the Pacific Ocean to pull into Tokyo’s Train station to compete for Pancrase against Isao Kobayashi (13-1-3). Maybe with this win we’ll get to see “The Pain Train” take on “Shaolin” Campbell or deal with unfinished business with John “The Natural” Alessio for AFC around mid 2013! 
  • Joseph Henle (8-1-1) is returning to the MFC ring on May 10th for MFC 37 but first he’s taking on Miguel Cosio (1-10) for BAMMA USA on March 15th.  I’d guess it’s to test his knee out and make a few bucks I guess! Oy, 1-10! WOWZERS! 
  • Another fighter appearing on MFC 37, Dhiego Lima (8-1) fought last weekend in his home state of Georgia. Lima defeated Roger “The Leprechaun” Carroll (11-9) via TKO in the 3rd round at Wild Bill’s Fight Night 53. 
  • Congrats to Shane “Shaolin” Campbell who defeated “Shotgun” Sean McKinnon in the final of the eight man tournament for the WMC 160lbs North American Title! Shaolin is a true two sport champion! 
  • Jared Kilkenny lost via KO in the 2nd round of his boxing fight to Rob Nichols last Saturday in Edmonton.

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26 Responses to “ Canadian Rumour Mill – March 4 ”

  1. Jerobe says:

    I have said this before regarding the Calgary card. Nobody wants to see local fighters on a UFC card. Ticket prices are expensive and for gods sake its the UFC. Why would you pay such outrages money to see local Winnipeg fighters fight. If UFC comes to my hometown city in Canada I want to see BIG NAME UFC fighters fighting on a stacked card. Just my 2 cents.

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  2. Pav says:

    I will be more than willing to pay for locals! With an average of 10 fights on a card, there would be plenty of room for locals on it.

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  3. Oilcity30 says:

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  4. Duh says:

    The UFC knows the Edmonton commission is a joke that’s why you’re getting ‘snubbed’.

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  5. John Alessio says:

    Mazany #1 contender is a joke!!!!!! i want to cut off campbells body parts Dexter style!!

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  6. booboo says:


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  7. Drain Bramage says:


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  8. Idolmaker says:

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  9. Fans says:

    Take the fight John

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  10. Gnp says:

    would be great for josh hill and jesse ronson to get the call….long overdue for both….alessio and and Campbell….make it happen….

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  11. smash says:

    Would love to see Hill ‘smash’ delorme in Winnipeg

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  12. Louis Fisette says:

    I dunno about Hill smashing delorme. I see that as a good fight, but I don’t think Hill could hold delorme down like he does to his other opponents. Not saying Hill can’t win, but I think Delorme has the best overall skills. Possibly a good all Canadian match up

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  13. Assassin says:

    Joel Powells opponent for AFC 15 has injured his neck. I’m lookin for a game 170 to take his spot in Calgary. Get at me, Nathan gunn?

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  14. Jay Kay says:

    Steve, what’s your email?


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  15. Theo says:

    Seems to be a pattern of welterweights turning down fights with Powell. Isn’t that why he moved up to fight El Dirte?

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  16. Victor V says:

    Edmonton UFC in October I hear.

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  17. Oilcity30 says:

    Didn’t ufc just state 3 shows Winnipeg,TO and Montreal in 2013.

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  18. Keelan Smyth says:

    If UFC won’t come to Edmonton, can we at least get a Bellator event?

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  19. Oilcity30 says:

    Bellator could pull a pretty big show off with the right card hell ya!!

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  20. BigDaddyKane99 says:

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  21. Demitri (trev) says:

    Shut up pavelich you douch bag

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  22. Insider trader says:

    MFC has cut so many ties in the MMA world, as you can tell by MFC’s sold out crowds and if MFC was ran by a real human with real feelings it would succeed however it’s ran by someone whom just doesn’t gel with the MMA community.

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  23. AMLEHTC says:

    You’re consistently homophobic with your terrible burns MP, at least try and make them funny

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  24. Donald Duck says:

    @BDK – Apparently very few people are aware of the actual reasons why WEC went to Edmonton in the frist place and the subsequent reasons it did poorly there.

    WEC was slated for Calgary but there were issues with installing the show into the venue that was picked (I think there was a Flames game that night and some concern over WEC in that large a venue) which when coupled with the lack of other venues in the city had WEC scrambling.

    Edmonton stepped to the plate and the show was moved however there was very little advertising and the show was also in conflict with another event (I think a UFC to be honest) and if memory serves me correctly while there was an MFC that week (or plus minus a week) there was no impact on either event.

    WEC made the best of a shitty situation.


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  25. Fan Zone says:

    Can someone please do an article only how ridiculous ex UFC fighter ex MFC fighter ex fighter in general is being with his desperate attempts to make the UFC again on a 2 fight loosing streak.

    It’s really embarrassing for the sport as Tim Hauge has called out;

    Jeff Monson which is on a mean streak of wins.

    Frank Mir which wouldn’t even allow Tim to watch the UFC with him.

    Tweeting Dana white like an insane fan

    It’s just pathetic to see this crap.

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