UFC 161: Henderson vs. Evans – Winnipeg – June 15


UFC Logo ThumbnailDate: June 15, 2013
Venue: MTS Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba
TV: PPV/Sportsnet/FX/Facebook

Fight Card: (PPV-10pm et)
205lbs- Dan Henderson (29-9) vs. Rashad Evans (17-3)
265lbs- Roy Nelson (19-7) vs. Stipe Miocic (9-1)
135lbs- Alexis Davis (13-5) vs. Rosi Sexton (13-2)
265lbs- Pat Barry (8-5) vs. Shawn Jordan (14-4)
205lbs- Ryan Jimmo (17-2) vs. Igor Pokrajac (25-9)

Preliminary Card: (Sportsnet/FX-8pm et)
170lbs- Jake Shields (27-6-1) vs. Tyron Woodley (11-1)
155lbs- Sam Stout (19-8) vs. James Krause (19-4)
170lbs- Sean Pierson (13-6) vs. Kenny Robertson (12-2)
135lbs- Roland Delorme (8-1) vs Edwin Figueroa (9-2)

Preliminary Card: (Facebook-6pm et)
155lbs- Mitch Clarke (9-2) vs. John Maguire (18-5)
135lbs- Yves Jabouin (18-8) vs. Dustin Pague (11-7)

85 Responses to “ UFC 161: Henderson vs. Evans – Winnipeg – June 15 ”

  1. AMLEHTC says:

    What about Rama?

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  2. Oilcity30 says:

    There’s No Way Mark gave him a clause in his contract to to leave for UFC. Rama is probably in top notch fight shape since his fight was cancelled that would be cool!!

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  3. Cody Rempel says:

    Unfortunately it sounds like Palelei is just going to be a backup plan in case any of the other HW’s drop out! Too bad… was looking forward to seeing him fight!

    “Miocic had been expected to face Australian heavyweight Soa Palelei (18-3 MMA, 0-1 UFC), who is now left without an opponent. Palelei will now serve as a backup opponent should any injuries disrupt UFC 161’s heavyweight bouts of Nelson vs. Miocic or Pat Barry vs. Shawn Jordan”

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  4. PUCK says:

    I think Rama needs a few more big wins and the UFC will take notice. Look at how long Jimmo had to pound the local ciurcut first too. I would love to see old Pav bring in someone with a “name” for him to fight. Lopez/Monson/Junk/Kongo/Sylvia/Arlovski/East/Folton/Prindel/ranaldi…and so on. There are lots of options out there…

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  5. Cody Rempel says:

    I think the reason Jimmo took so long to get in was not his skill level but his lack of finishes and perceived “boring style”

    Rama is a finisher and the Heavyweight talent pool not only in Canada, but worldwide is pretty shallow. I wouldn’t be surprised if the UFC picked him up within the next 12 months if he keeps winning!

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  6. CM says:

    Rumour has Palelei taking on Todd Duffee.

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  7. #one says:

    pumped for mitch clarke hope he get his first win

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  8. CM says:

    Isaac Vallie-Flagg is out of his fight with Sam Stout due to back injury.

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  9. Cody Rempel says:

    James Krause replaces Isaac Vallie-Flagg against Sam Stout

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  10. Cody Rempel says:

    Antonio Rogerio Nogueira out due to injury, UFC seeking a replacement for Shogun… who’s it gonna be, one rumour has Jimmo moving up the card to take on Rua!

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  11. rhondarouseystalker says:

    JIMMO Vs. SHOGUN?!?!?!

    Noone wants to see that

    My vote is Glover!!!!!!

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  12. Cody Rempel says:

    My vote is also for Glover but he got a 6 month medical suspension after UFC 160 and Shogun has refused to fight him before… he can be cleared early by a doctor though so fingers crossed!

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  13. Rated-R says:

    Jimmo or the latest and more popular one has Sonnen taking on Shogun

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  14. Cody Rempel says:

    I’d love to see Sonnen step in to take on Shogun… Great fight!

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  15. CM says:

    Even if Glover wasn’t medically suspended there’s a couple issues that would probably prevent that fight from happening.

    1) Shogun previously flat out refused to fight Glover. I can’t see him changing his mind now, especially on short notice.
    2) Glover is in Brazil for his sister’s wedding. Ed Soares said he doubted the timing would work for him to take the fight at this time.

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  16. CM says:

    Chael has called out Shogun on twitter now so it looks like he’d be willing to come in on short notice.

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  17. Donald Duck says:

    Would it be too much to hope that Krystof would take the fight?


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  18. CM says:

    Krzyzstof is busy getting ready to film a movie apparently.

    Globo (the Brazilian media outlet that broke the news about little Nog being out) is now reporting that Sonnen/Rua is on.

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  19. Looks like it is Sonnen taking the fight.

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  20. Cody Rempel says:

    Yes!!! I’m more excited for that than the original fight!

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  21. CR says:

    Does anyone know when and where the weigh ins are being held?

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  22. CM says:

    I’ve heard weigh ins are going to be at the MTS Centre. The time hasn’t been announced but it’s usually around 3pm Winnipeg time.

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  23. CR says:

    Thanks CM, I’ll have to keep watching to see. Got to book the time off work…

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  24. FYI…. UFC still has not confirmed the Sonnen/Shogun fight.

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  25. CM says:

    I’d assume he’d have to get his TRT approved by the commission before they can confirm him.

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  26. CM says:

    Apparently Shogun tweeted he’s off the card & will now fight on Fox Sports 1.

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  27. CM says:

    The UFC has confirmed via twitter that the fight is off & they will not be replacing it. Only 11 fights on the card now.

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  28. Oilcity30 says:

    Wow shitty Card hope they redeem themselves when they come to Etown!! Sonnet vs Rua would have been sweet

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  29. Tank Abbott says:

    Sucks this card is ending up very similar to the Calgary UFC. We do get to see some of Canada’s best mma fighters, but no fighter on this card will be winning a ufc championship or are top level

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  30. Tank Abbott says:

    But I’m rooting for Roy Nelson to win and fight for the belt

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  31. Fighter says:

    I heard from a few different sources that the UFC will never come to Edmonton as long as Pat Reid is involved.
    Have you heard something else? Is the UFC coming to Edmonton?

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  32. Oilcity30 says:

    Haha I wish just living a pipe dream that’s all. It’s to bad huge market here well maybe next year. I also didn’t mean card sucks its actual a really good card missing a main event or co main event for that matter. Sonnen vs Rua would have been sweet. I thought UFC owed it to Canada to put a little more of a stacked card on a show outside of Toronto or Montreal . Good luck to the Canadian fighters they give it 110% every time that’s a fact and will make the show a great one.

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  33. CM says:

    Weigh ins details have been released:

    1pm: Doors Open for Fight Club Members
    2pm: Q&A with TJ Grant
    3pm: Doors Open for General Public
    4pm: UFC 161 Weigh-in

    Location: MTS Centre

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  34. Tunes says:

    Not very hyped for this card same quality as last weekends fights. PPV UFC cards should have at least a main & co main event which appeal to even the average fan.

    Just thoughts

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