Battlefield Fight League 24 – Penticton – June 8


Battlefield Fight LeagueDate: June 8, 2013
Venue: Penticton Trade and Convention Center in Pentiction, BC
TV: Internet PPV
Tickets: Buy Tickets

Pro Fights:
170lbs- Matt Dwyer (4-1) vs. Colin Daynes (4-0)
***Pro Welterweight Title Fight

185lbs- Micah Brakefield (2-0) vs. Leo Xavier (0-0)
***Middleweight Title Fight

170lbs- Mark Dobie (4-3) vs. Stu Deleurme (0-0)
135lbs- Gary Mangat (3-0) vs. Jordan Mackin (0-0)
135lbs- Jeremy Kennedy (0-0) vs. Dan Lin (3-2)
145lbs- Chris Day (2-0) vs. Desmond Johnson (0-4)
200lbs- Fraser Jordan (0-0) vs. TBA

Amateur Fights:
135lbs- Joe Pirotta (3-1) vs. Craig Maclean (3-1)
135lbs- Alex Zieske (2-0) vs. Steven Best (2-2)
155lbs- Rob Bishop (1-0) vs. Dustin Little (0-1)
150lbs- Vincente Pulido (0-1) vs. Johnny Gallang (1-0)
135lbs- Kevin Kellerman (1-0) vs. TBA
155lbs- Tyson Bevis (0-0) vs. TBA

25 Responses to “ Battlefield Fight League 24 – Penticton – June 8 ”

  1. Cody Rempel says:

    UPDATE: Added Matt Dwyer vs. Colin Daynes, Jeremy Kennedy vs. Dan Lin, Leo Xavier vs. TBA Joe Pirotta vs. Craig McLean, Rob Bishop vs. Dustin Little, Elijah Goulding vs. Joe Rodriguez and Alex Zieske vs. TBA

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  2. Cody Rempel says:

    UPDATE: Added Micah Brakefield vs. Leo Xavier

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  3. Dan101 says:

    An 0-0 guy fighting for the title??!

    Just when you think BFL couldn’t get anymore ridiculous

    Why don’t you just mail the belt to Brakefield if you want him to have it so bad!

    What a joke

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  4. Cody Rempel says:

    While I agree that an 0-0 guy fighting for a belt is a little ridiculous, Xavier has a 6-1 amateur record so it’s not a gimme fight for Brakefield… if we look at their overall records it’s 8-2 vs. 6-1, should be a good fight but should not be for a title!

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  5. Thesubzero says:

    Also as far as I know Leo Xavier has mostly competed at 170.

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  6. LMA Marcus Hicks says:

    Xavier is a good fighter,but it is absurd to have a title fight in ur pro debut. But thats what BFl does recycle the guys that dnt really have anywhere else in BC to fight. LMAO at a title fight at 185 in his debut & hes a 170lber mostly.

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  7. Chris chapman says:

    Does anyone know who the promoter is for bfl? I’m looking for a fight June/July

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  8. PUCK says:

    Ya kinda crazy to be giving a shot for a belt with zero pro fights? Goes with out saying BFL is lacking some serious depth at MW. And really its a lose/Lose for Micha too? Sure, you may get a belt if ya win but this is a gimmie fight on paper. In this case too BFL has had MANY good “expereicened” MW fight for them? So I am a bit confused but my guess is the 2 dudes train with or know the promoters as there is no good reson at all I think? Are you going to bring in Huveners/Drysdale/Davidson/Baker after to distroy them? I think its a bad idea to build a guy”s” up whenb they shouldn’t be there. Again, in no way do I mean to disrespect anyone on here just an observation is all?

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  9. VanCity says:

    This fight really is a “lose/lose” for Micha, Leo is going to kill him, he has some serious skill. Probably one of the greatest talents in BC right now

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  10. Added the Internet PPV link. Only $7! Main and semi-main are evenly matched and Gary Mangat is a good up and comer!

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  11. Jamie Locke says:

    Is this the most up to date card?

    I heard Fraser Jordan will be making his pro debut on this one.

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  12. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    @ Jamie

    Is this the first show to be overseen by the new BCAC?

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  13. Jamie Locke says:

    Yes and no.

    I hear that since the commission isn’t together yet, shows before August will be done just as they have in the past with each municipal commission handling things with the commissioner being present and of course having the final stamp of approval.

    Just hearsay though, you may know more than me. The only ones I talk to are people trying to get in with the commission

    If I was staying in BC I would likely be trying to get in with them in some compacity as well.

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  14. Jamie Locke says:

    Any opponent for Fraser Jordan yet?

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  15. PUCK says:

    Leo is one of the greatest talants in BC? Based on…….Please share? @ VanCity

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  16. Josh Oliveira says:

    @PUCK Well, let’s start with his resume (actually incomplete):

    How many BJJ world championships of any sort or Mundial gold medals do you think most “B.C. talents” have won? If your answer was zero, you’re starting to get it.

    Look, I get how this fight looks on paper, but you have to understand that the regulatory system for MMA in BC has been broken for many years (just now being fixed – yay!). As a result, we’ve had guys from Vancouver who have simply preferred to remain amateur and fight near home and in front of their own local Vancouver fans than to turn pro and lose that ability completely.

    Leo X epitomizes this crummy situation. He may have zero pro fights, but he is an experienced veteran by literally every other possible standard. Plus, his transitions and sub abilities are truly amazing, not to mention his general toughness. Check out some highlights if you have time.

    Of course, he also has flaws in his game and I’m not saying he’s UFC-quality at this point or anything, but he is definitely incredible at what he’s good at.

    Also, much love to Micah.


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  17. PUCK says:

    Cool! Good on him for jumpping right into the deep end. He will really need all those skills as if he wins as he will be only fighting the “best” guys BFL has to offer in that class, mind ya he’s fighting a guy thats 2-0 so its not like theres much pro experience on either side? As I could write you out a bevy of “world class BJJ champs” that didn’t do so well with punches added to the mix. (or without thier gi as the Mudials is an all gi event)But,don’t get me wrong as I mean no disrespect to Leo. Now, I don’t now many poeple period from BC/Canada that go to Brazil to compete but lots go to the pan-ams/Canada ADCC/NAGA/Grapplers Quest/Best of the West/Graice open/BJJ Worlds (Held in Cali every year)and so on to do GI and no GI? Vancover ain’t the only place with bjj dude, you may want to get out more,anyone can go to these comps, you should check one of them out sometime. Good luck to Leo, you got me interested…..

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  18. Josh Oliveira says:

    I do know there are major grappling tournaments all around the world, but thanks. ;) The point, which you seem to agree with, is that Leo won several meaningful titles, which has to count for something and is much more than most debuting pros in Canada can say. Anyway, as I said, Leo’s got some flaws but he is very good at what he’s good at. He is smaller than Micah, though, which will make things tough.

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  19. Jamie Locke says:

    Are you going to this show Josh?

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  20. Josh Oliveira says:

    Not likely. I will definitely be getting the PPV, though. Are you?

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    Aren’t these the Mundials as the wikipedia page suggests? I don’t see Leo Xavier’s name here. Did he win at a non-black belt level?

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  22. PUCK says:

    To my understanding he didn’t win he got a bronze in his wieght class as a black belt. Don’t get me wrong too the guy from what I have heard and read is very sick on the matt (and a real nice guy)as hes from the “old school Graice” gyms and has trained with some of the best in the world! What throws me off is his gym is in Texas is it not?Did he just more to Van as of late? Mind ya if you get to fight for a belt in your first fight thats a good reason I guess?

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  23. I think Xavier trained under Saul Ribiero in Texas and then moved to BC and is a trainer at Universal in Vancouver.

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  24. Jamie Locke says:

    I won’t be there, will TMN be sending anyone Keith?

    I’m curious about the finalized card, especially wondering if Fraser Jordan will be fighting.

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  25. We don’t have anyone in Penticton yet. Still working on it though.

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