Challenge MMA 1 – St-Jean sur Richelieu – May 11


challenge mmaDate: May 11, 2013
Location: Arena Isabelle Brasseur in St-Jean sur Richelieu, Quebec

Main Event:
205lbs- Steve Bossé (9-1) vs. Caleb Grummet (5-5)

170lbs- Alex Garcia (8-1) vs. Ryan Dickson (5-0)
185lbs- Strahinja Gavrilovic (3-0) vs Ben Gallant (2-1)
135lbs- Michael Imperato (5-1) vs Dimitri Waardenburg (7-6)
160lbs- Derek Gauthier (7-4) vs. Kevin Morin (6-5)
170lbs- Vanja Vojvodic (2-1) vs. Dominic Trépanier (1-0)
145lbs- Trevor Leroux (0-0) vs. Cedric Mongeon (1-0)
155lbs- Dan Lariviere (0-0) vs. Sasha Maheux (0-1)
155lbs- Dan Ireland (0-1) vs. Mathieu Charette (0-0)
155lbs- Eric Nadon (0-0) vs. Samuel DesRuisseaux (0-0)

**unconfirmed by promotion

67 Responses to “ Challenge MMA 1 – St-Jean sur Richelieu – May 11 ”

  1. Robin Black says:

    Adam man my old self is probably the most likely opponent for ya. You just want to fight and I know how you feel.
    Get your license man and train hard. I’m 2 weeks from getting my eye cleared to compete then I’ll do the same.

    We may be bottom rung guys for different reasons but we’ll probably make perfect opponents.

    You’re an odd character but you just want to compete and i get you’re deal man.

    Cheers man train hard hopefully we get a chance to enjoy a fight this summer v

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  2. Robin Black says:

    And you know man if shows these days don’t have room for this level of fight anymore, we can find a good safe smoker show where we can experience a competitive fight one last time.

    The sport is leaving old guys and ‘tough guy’s behind.

    We can just enjoy competition however it comes.

    Go train man. Training is the best part of this.

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  3. Louis Fisette says:

    What ever happened to Tyler Davis vs Imperato?? I’m not in the loop…

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  4. J. Tyler says:

    Davis backed out

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  5. Adam Bodwell says:

    Alright sounds great, Hopefully we can get something set up. I’m bored out here in Belleville, lol

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  6. JYD says:

    Adam where do you train in Belleville. There isn’t a lot going on there…

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  7. harry balls says:

    There is an fb rumour that the main event is off. please tell me this is bullshit.

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  8. It is not a rumour. It is fact. Desilets is hurt and Grummet is taking his place.

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  9. Mike Davis says:

    J.Taylor, obviously you know so much don’t go saying someone backed out of a fight without knowing anything. The event they where suppose to fight on got cancelled. Than talks where on for Xcessive force but this fight for mike Mae up and he took it so not happening at the moment but in no way did he turn this down.

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  10. Idolmaker says:

    If he didn’t turn it down and gets offered it again, tell him not to take it. It’s in his best interest.

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  11. Mike Davis says:

    “135lbs- Michael Imperato (5-1) vs Dimitri Waardenburg (7-6)”

    Is happening Louis so no word on that fight till after this scrap so no clue what’s actually going on.

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  12. Pariseau vs Quenneville was removed from this card a while ago. We just never learned this until today.

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  13. Brent Fryia says:

    Adrian Vilaca (2-0) is fighting on this card as well. Not sure of his opponent.

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  14. M.F.M says:

    Opponents name is Mario Periera Mr. Fryia….

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  15. Fightfan1 says:

    I love mma in Quebec need a road trip.

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