Randy Turner Gets Dirty for March 28th Flyweight Debut

Randy Turner throws kick (photo: Mike Fischl)

Randy Turner throws kick (photo: Mike Fischl)

(WRECK MMA Press Release)

GATINEAU, QC– After announcing that the previous Wreck event was the last, fans, fighters and local businesses almost immediately approached Wreck MMA asking for the event to return. After careful consideration, the Wreck team went back to the drawing board to re-create an event that would be sustainable while giving the local fighters a promotion to call home. With the help of the Hilton Lac Leamy and Giovanni’s Restaurant the new Wreck MMA has returned and the fans of MMA in the region owe these partners a debt of gratitude for Wreck MMA 2.0.

To headline this event, an exhilarating showdown is official as Wreck MMA champion “Relentless” Randy Turner (7-2) of Ottawa, Ontario faces-off against “Dirty” Benny Vinson (5-1-1) of Portland, Oregon in a flyweight (125 pounds) bout.

Turner, 34, is Wreck’s Bantamweight champion but is dropping to flyweight for this bout.  In November at Wreck MMA: Last Stand, Turner defeated The Ultimate Fighter veteran Bruce Ferguson by TKO in the fifth round.  Turner trains out of the Ottawa Academy of Martial Arts and is currently on a five-fight win streak with a 70% finishing rate. This fight might be Turner’s ticket into the UFC’s Flyweight Division.

Vinson, 26, trains out of Sports Lab in Oregon.  Sports Labs is home to former WRECK Bantamweight Champion and UFC alumni Ian ‘The Barn Owl’ Loveland, UFC Fighter Pat Healy and MMA veteran ‘Diamond’ Ryan Healy. A well rounded fighter, Vinson submitted Chris Wheaton by Rear-Naked Choke in the first round in his last fight.

A collision course is set at featherweight as Anna “Smiles” Barone (2-3) of Ottawa, Ontario, duels Sarah “Cheesecake” Moras (3-1) of Kelowna, British Columbia. Barone, 38, trains out of the Victory Performance Centre and has has finished both her wins by KO.  This is her first bout in over a year and Barone is seeking to return to the win column. In her way is the 24-year-old Moras who trains out of Toshido Martial Arts in British Columbia.  Last September, Moras rebounded from her first career loss with a first-round submission win overChristina Barry.  All three of her victories are finishes.  Moras is a veteran of Invicta Fighting Championships – the top all female MMA promotion.

In a 115-pound tilt, Randa Markos-Thomas (1-0) of Windsor, Ontario will go to war with Ashley Nichols (0-0) of Cambridge, Ontario. Nichols, 26, is an amateur world champion in Muay Thai and is making her professional MMA debut.  While Markos-Thomas, 27, is coming off a submission victory in her pro debut over Allanna Jones last November.

Also scheduled to appear on the card:

  • A featherweight scrap between James Polodna and Tristan Kalijundzic.
  • Flyweights collide as Tyler Kirk faces off against Steve Yhap.
  • Middleweights are set to meet as Team Bushido’s James Kouame battles Bryan Black.
  • In a 177 pound catch weight bout, Robert Thomas goes head-to-head with Drummondville’sFrancis Charbonneau.
  • Welterweights are set to square off when Rockland’s Jeff Laughren meets Alex Laramee from Team Bergeron.
  • Other Ottawa region fighters scheduled to appear: Mark HolstMandel NalloPablo Santos,Valerie Deslauriers and Samuel Delbalke.

Tickets for Giovanni’s Restaurant Presents — Wreck MMA 2.0 are on sale now through Capital Tickets, on their website (capitaltickets.ca) or by calling 613-599-FANS (3267).

47 Responses to “ Randy Turner Gets Dirty for March 28th Flyweight Debut ”

  1. topmmafan says:

    Turner didn’t wanna fight Adrian Wooley eh? Seems like he has been ducking that fight for a while, I hope that’s not the case.

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  2. Jeff Harrison says:

    Super excited for Ashley vs Randa!

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  3. Jordan Small says:

    Glad to see Randa (and the other women) getting fights!

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  4. smash says:

    I really thought Randy would be down for the Wooley fight since Wooley was going to give his whole purse to charity!!! That would’ve been one hell of a fight. no surprise here though lol

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  5. FM says:

    Makes sense to fly someone in unstead of Wooley driving and giving up his purse for charity. He obviously wants nothing to do with The Bully.

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  6. Nigel Guerin says:

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  7. Gnp says:

    After all the banter on this site about turner fighting Woolley at 125 , the fact it would have given the division credibility and the fact that Woolley would have given his purse to charity …. Goes to show he wants no part of Woolley ….to bad

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  8. Mark Holst says:


    who are you? :p

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  9. alex says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  10. Woodrow says:

    Im sure turner vs wooley will happen sometime. But im having a very difficult time finding a fight for my 125er from USA. Turner was already matched up when i called alex for the fight but where can we do Nick Mamallis vs Adrian Wooley 2? Im not holding a show till the fall in Sarnia so somebody please lets get this fight going. First one was awesome!!! And this will also be both debut at 125. Winner goes to UFC? Lol

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  11. Woodrow says:

    Sorry to hijack thread. Wreck 2.0 looks awesome. Turner is def not fighting a joke. Benny trains with healy brothers!!! Randa markos is awesome and Ashley is seasoned star in muay thai!!! Wow great fight!!!

    Cant wait to see Holst fight too!!!

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  12. BodySnatcher says:

    oh no not the healy brothers….

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  13. Gnp says:

    @ Woodrow….With wooley dropping to 25 how bout Josh Hill vs Mamallis ….

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  14. cj says:

    @ GnP, that is a fight i would like to see, maybe Hill could get some revenge on mamalis for beating Woolley in that close decision

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  15. wreck .5 says:

    I think this is the worst case of a fighter ducking a fight I’ve ever seen in canadain mma!

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  16. alex says:

    why not book wooley-sean quin

    just as good of a fight – then either guy can go ahead and call out randy/ben and be coming off a win?

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  17. alex says:

    plus, sean quin has never been in a boring fight*

    in gatineau, i dont know how he fights in areas i cant drive to within an hour

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  18. Gnp says:

    Can Quinn get down to 25… Love to see that one

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  19. Just Laughable says:

    All this talk of 125,, has wooley or turner either actually made a trial cut and got a scale to read 125? i know wooley was a pretty large guy at 135 i guess i am just curiouos if him or turner can even get down to 125 as i would hate to see this banter and then have a 140lbs fight regardless who they fight

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  20. Haha BodySnatcher! Insult to injury my friend

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  21. Chad Pearson says:

    Wooley made 25 months ago…it’s a non-issue.

    In all his years competing at 127 on the national team he always made weight with no concerns.

    I heard Randy did a test cut as well in January…although I’m not sure why he bothered as the only chance he had in getting into the UFC was fightin Wooley.

    Beating some guy who trains with the Healy bros. sure isn’t going to be his ticket in.

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  22. I'll Say It says:

    Woody I’m sure turner wasn’t matched up when you called Alex about your 125lbs fighter from the states. I’m sure you have been helping your Mgmt partner find the perfect opponent.

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  23. Get off of Wooley's nuts says:

    How is Turner’s only shot at making the UFC beating a 38 year old guy coming off two losses? All the nut suckling has depleted oxygen to your brains!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  24. Get off of Wooley's nuts says:

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  25. Woodrow says:

    Mammalis is going to 125 as well.
    And yes alex alrdy had fight filled when i called. I been busy with my own show in michigan and didnt help at all.

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  26. Woodrow says:

    And for the record i have absolutely nothing to do with wreck except friends with the promoters and yes business partner with matchmaker but has done me no good in getting any of my americans on the show lol!!!

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  27. I'll Say It says:

    So woody you have t been in any contact with fighters that you do manage? None at all? I’ve heard different from a few fighters just saying

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  28. Chad Pearson says:

    Hey ‘get off Wooley’s nuts’ – here is a suggestion: get some nuts of your own and use your real name if you’re going be that opinionated…people then may actually put in the effort to enlighten your ill informed mind on why Wooley is the top Canadian flyweight despite the losses.

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  29. Woodrow says:

    Your incorrect. Other than nick and caleb grummett i dont manage anyone at all. In the next month i will have many signed tho:)

    And unless i have time during my mail delivery in snow storms no i dont deal with much mma outside my ammy mma shows right now. Gf, son and non dieting kill to much time!!!!

    But since we know each other post your real name weirdo!!!

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  30. The Facts says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  31. Chad Pearson says:

    That is an extremely narrow deduction of their records.

    Very, VERY, poor interpretation my friend…

    Lets use your narrow focus to look at one of UFC’s top prospects for 155, which is Kajan Johnson from Tri-Star.

    His record is 19-10-1 and he hasn’t had a fight for 1 1/2 years. By your standards – you woukd say Kajan has no business fighting…yet he is one UFC’s top prospects right now.

    Try a little investigation yourself, look him up and see if you can properly interpret his record and figure why the UFC likes him. Then maybe you’ll see why your statement is narrow and ignorant.

    A fighter’s record is much more than numbers and Wooley’s trumps Randy’s on every level EXCEPT the date of their last fight…and all matchmakers know Wooley hasnt been able to get a fight with Canadians because he is too dangerous.

    They also know, just like Kajan, that ring rust is a non-issue with Wooley as he has 3 decades in competition.

    Prospecting is about quantitative AND qualitative data so ‘just the facts’ is just plain ignorant.

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  32. Gnp says:

    With all due respect to randy ! He has not fought any opponents the caliber of wooley ,except josh hill and that was early in his career…so to try to compare is ridiculous …. This fight would have been a win / win for everyone …anyhow !!…best of luck to randy in his fight and hopefully we will see wooley back in the cage soon

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  33. real says:

    The reason why Woolly has not fought in almost 2 years, is because no Canadian is willing to fight him.

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  34. If The Fact makes a well thought out post on why Turner vs Wooley makes no sense and Chad Pearson makes a well thought out response on why it does and then an idiot just insults Chad Pearson, the idiot’s post gets removed.

    also Chad Pearson’s response to idiot because that post made no sense anymore after idiot’s post is removed.

    Debate on why or why not have a Wooley vs Turner fight has been great. let’s keep it clean

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  35. Chad Pearson says:

    Thank you Keith

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  36. Adrian Woolley says:

    Just wanted to come on here and address some of the comments, facts, and questions left unanswered. To start, I think that people are still attacking Randy on a personal level. PLEASE STOP THIS!! It does our sport and community no good to bash or tarnish someone’s successes.

    “Deadmonton” A little harsh on Wreck and Randy! Again, I feel that Randy is just following his coaches’ and manager’s advice. The only things I think Randy ducks are bullets and RPG’s.

    Thanks for the invite! I’d love to fight out west, however, the only 125er out there that I’m aware of is Davis. I’ve been told that he’s been offered that fight two or three times and has turned it down. I’m not aware of any other 125ers out there that are willing. Hope I’m wrong; I’d be glad to fight!

    “Alex” I agree! Me beating Randy, or vice versa, would most not likely get the victor into the UFC. The victor could, however argue that they had in fact cleared out the local competition at that weight class before moving onto bigger fish. And by bigger fish, I mean fighters that are on the UFC’s radar, or ones that just haven’t been signed as of yet. Fighters such as Josh SAMPO, Antonio BANUELOS, Alexis VILA, Sean SENTELLA or Darrell MONTAGUE.. Just to name a few.

    In regards to fighting Sean Quinn! I think that would be an awesome fight to be in, and even more fun to watch. Sean and I have spoken about it before, and would have no problem punching each other in the face. I’ve never been offered the fight, and I know neither has he. For the record, I believe that Sean is one of the only true fighters that means it when he says “ I’ll fight anyone, anywhere, anytime!” Again, NO fight at 135 interests me right now, nor does it make sense. I want to fight at 125!

    PS Congrats Tink on slipping one past the goalie!

    “Just laughable” I would not say I’m going to a weight class unless I was 100% sure that I could make it first. I’ve never missed weight at any competition, and as a professional I don’t plan on starting now. I’m sure that Randy is the same and that he will come in on weight for his fight on the 28th.

    “Get off Wooley’s Nuts” Nice handle. Beating me is certainly NOT Randy’s only way into the UFC – far from it. Again, for the record, I never said it was. It’s simply a step in the right direction for both of us. The fight (in my mind ) made sense as we are somewhat close in age, record, and that we are both looking to debut at 125. Just MY opinion!

    “The facts” Thanks… I think. If we are going, JUST on the facts… OK

    Fact – 2-0 gets you a title fight in Wreck if you belong to Pat COOLIGAN’s team. (See Xavier DESROCHERS vs Ian LOVELAND)

    Fact – Randy beat Eric PEREZ to get the WRECK title. A fighter that stated it was his last professional fight and that he had really lost his will to fight. From his interview post fight, anyway!

    Fact – Randy never fought the Ian LOVELAND to get that title.

    Fact – Pat COOLIGAN owned and still runs Wreck, whom is Randy’s coach.

    Fact – Look at our records and level of our competition… and your opinion is that I don’t have ANY business fighting a fighter like Randy? WOW! Wins-to-losses comparisons of our competition after our fights are as follows: 71 wins, 41 losses for Woolley, and 24 wins, 15 losses for Randy.

    Fact – I haven’t fought in almost two years; NOT from lack of trying.

    Fact – Four of my last five fights have been against Americans. Ask the match makers in Canada if there are any Canadians that are or were willing to fight me.

    Oh btw I post under my name…. ;) Just the facts!

    I asked for this fight numerous times and with same result every time. It’s not going to happen! SO, let’s all move on.

    I wish Randy an injury-free camp, and nothing but success in his fight on the 28th.

    Adrian Woolley

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  37. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    All class bully….all class…

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  38. Thanks for posting Adrian. I know it must be frustrating not to be able to fight and I agree that no Canadian 125er wants to step in the cage with you. I’m a 235er and I would not want to fight you.

    Three points though:

    “Fact – 2-0 gets you a title fight in Wreck if you belong to Pat COOLIGAN’s team. (See Xavier DESROCHERS vs Ian LOVELAND)”. This fight was supposed to be Nick Denis vs Ian Loveland. Derochers was a huge underdog who came in at the very last minute to save a main event. Zero problems with this and I am sure Xavier, Pat Cooligan, OAMA, WRECK, Loveland, and all who watched figured that Loveland had a big advantage. Wreck sold a title fight and Xavier saved it a day or two before.

    “Fact – Randy beat Eric PEREZ to get the WRECK title. A fighter that stated it was his last professional fight and that he had really lost his will to fight. From his interview post fight, anyway!” Pre-fight, Eric was top 10 Bantamweight on a long win streak and looking to get to the UFC.

    Last, while I would love to see Wooley vs Turner, I have no problems with this fight. I hope to see Wooley get the chance to fight somewhere.

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  39. Woodrow says:

    Adrian- if i can line it up would u be willing to rematch nick mamalis at 125 lbs? I realize everyone wants to you fight a top Canadian and prove our countries #1 Flyweight.

    Please dont anyone take wrong but a few of the guys you stated on UFC radar have turned Nick down so im getting frustrated as you are.

    SFS 1 that fight from what i remember was awesome and alot of people think you won that fight.

    Im sure ill get flamed but i def dont intend for this is any sort of insult or disrespect by this post.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 9 Thumb down 1

  40. hmm says:

    How about Josh Hill-Namalis?

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  41. Woodrow says:

    125 lbs definately

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  42. Chad Pearson says:

    That makes sense! That would be a great bantamweight fight.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 8 Thumb down 3

  43. Gnp says:

    @Woodrow…I was there ringside when wooley fought Mamalis….he definitely lost the first round and was rocked …but took the next 2 rounds in my opinion….It was a close fight but wooley should have got the win

    Josh Hill vs Mamalis would also be a great tilt at 35….

    Well-loved! Thumb up 8 Thumb down 0

  44. Robin Black says:

    In my humble opinion, from a skills and attributes and mental strength perspective, Adrian Woolley can compete with every 125er on planet Earth.

    He is also currently operating on a level of classiness rarely seen in our community.

    If Woolley Mamalis II is the only fight out there that gives these 2 great fighters an opportunity right now then LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN!

    Alex, can you put that fight on WRECK if I help find a sponsor to pay for it?

    Well-loved! Thumb up 24 Thumb down 1

  45. Robin Black says:

    Made a couple of calls.

    Might have someone willing to pay the purses if Adrian and Nick will fight for 2k apiece.

    These boys need fights!!

    Well-loved! Thumb up 18 Thumb down 1

  46. These debates are getting me pumped! Great input from informed fans!

    Check out the Promo if your on the edge of your seat:

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