Extreme Cage Combat 16 – Halifax – March 9


ecc1Date: March 9, 2013
Venue: Exhibition Park in Halifax, Nova Scotia
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Fight Card:
155lbs- Ricky Goodall (9-7) vs. Iraj Hadin (6-5)
***Lightweight Title Fight

145lbs- Mike Malott (2-0) vs. Jon Williams (4-5)
185lbs- Pat Carroll (0-1) vs. Scott Marckini (2-0)
135lbs- Ryan Connor (2-1) vs. Dylan Mercer (0-0)
155lbs- Maverick Cowx (2-0) vs. Matt Heim (1-2)
135lbs- Andrew Quigley (0-0) vs. Boyd Sharpe (0-0)
145lbs- Steve Goodfellow (0-0) vs. Josh Walker (0-1)

12 Responses to “ Extreme Cage Combat 16 – Halifax – March 9 ”

  1. Main Attraction says:

    Jon* Williams is 4-5

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  2. Cameron McQueen says:

    Five fights?

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  3. @ClinchCraig says:

    Talked to Steve Goodfellow the other day and he said his fight was at 145lbs. Can’t see Clement vs Carroll being 185lbs. I thought Carroll was looking at 155lbs and Clement is usually 155lbs. Could be wrong tho. Hopefully we see a couple more fights added to this card.

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  4. Main Attraction says:

    1 Week. Can’t wait! This card is going to include the filming of the Finale of the Reality/Documentary series, Cubicle to the Cage. The Promo is below:

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  5. Update, two more fights added to the card

    135lbs-Ryan Conner vs Dylan Mercer
    155lbs-Maverick Cowx vs. Matt Heim

    Also Mike Malott will now face Scott Marchinni

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  6. Main Attraction says:

    Correction* Pat Carroll is fighting Scott Marckini

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  7. Derek LeBlanc says:

    Thanks for the update Main Attraction. Martell had orginally sent me Malott but I got a text correction while I was sleeping

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  8. Main Attraction says:

    its all good. PS I am Malott ahaha

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  9. Thanks Mike. Great that you are getting back in the cage!

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  10. snyper mcgrath says:

    Mike Malott needs to be brought out to Edmonton where no one knows who he is. AFC Unified?

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  11. robocop says:

    Hadin wins!

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  12. paperboy says:

    Scott and iraj will win the final two bouts of the night

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