Battle of the Brads Off Again; Karkula Gets Xcessive

Michael Karkula finishes Loyd Galindo (photo: Mike Fischl)

Michael Karkula finishes Loyd Galindo (photo: Mike Fischl)

The on-again off-again matchup between Brad Causey and Brad Cardinal has slipped away once again. Brad Causey has had to pull out of the Xcessive Force Fighting main event in Grande Prairie, Alberta on March 30th due to a training injury.

Causey’s vacant headline spot will be filled by the unbeaten Michael Karkula. Karkula, a member of Sam Zakula’s Toronto-based Tap Star team, is 4-0 over a four year career with his latest victory coming at Instinct MMA 4 over Loyd Galindo. Karkula is a quick finisher with all four of those wins coming in the first round. However, Karkula will be taking a big step up as Brad Cardinal will be his toughest opponent to date.

Brad Cardinal is 16-8 overall and is unbeaten in his last three bouts. ”Bonesaw” Cardinal is coming off a No Contest fight with Chris Horodecki at Score Fighting Series in October 2012. The CMC Lethbridge fighter had been winning the first round in many fans’ eyes prior to the fight being called off due to an accidental head butt. Prior to that fight, Cardinal finished Tim Skidmore and Travis Briere in quick fashion.

The Cardinal-Karkula main event will be joined by a recently announced Middleweight fight between Clay Davidson (7-4) and Simon Marini (9-5).  Both Davidson and Marini will be looking to get back in the win column after suffering losses in their last bouts.


4 Responses to “ Battle of the Brads Off Again; Karkula Gets Xcessive ”

  1. I'll Say It says:

    A guy with 4 fights vs a guy with 20plus fights this makes no sense at all, what about Ronson who is looking for a fight.

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  2. Robin Black says:

    I have Karkula as a very small favorite based on a comparison of their skill sets and Mike’s huge athleticism advantage vs Brad’s huge experience advantage.

    Brad can’t match the physicality and their skills are comparable.

    For Brad to win he will do it with strategy and deceptiveness and experience.

    This is a fantastic fight and it says a lot about both guys that they are willing to take this one.

    Love it.

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  3. Robin Black says:

    Cardinal is a fantastic fighter. Smart. Good mind. Uses his reach really well. Great grappling.

    We know how good he is.

    Most people aren’t as familiar with Karkula’s skills and its tougher to know his tendencies. He’s done well sparring at Nova Unaio and in Montreal and done well in international grappling. Sam is also a phenomenal corner.

    Still this is an enormous step up in competition for Mike.

    He has trained with top top world class guys but this is the toughest opponent.

    These guys match up well and this is a great main event.

    Awesome for Brad and his camp to accept a skill guy with so few fights, and awesome for Mike and Sam to accept such a dangerous experienced guy.

    XFF great job putting this one together.

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  4. I'll Say It says:

    Nice break down Robin as always, but I still do not agree with this fight but I guess with nothing really happening in Quebec or Ontario guys will just have to take what ever fights they can get.

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