Fivestar Fight League 4: Resurgence Weigh-in Results


Fivestar THUMBFivestar Fight League is holding its fourth event in Grande Prairie, Alberta. The show takes place at Jackpot Grill.  If you’re in Grande Prairie tonight, swing by Jackpot Grill and pick up tickets and support local mma!

Yesterday Fivestar held the weigh-ins for “Resurgence” here are the results:


Main Card (PRO)

Light Heavyweight – Raphael Bergmann (202.5) vs Jon Ganshorn (203)

200-pound Catchweight – Dave McLennan (201) vs Cory Knipe (199.5)

Bantamweight – Derek Abrahamson (135.5) vs Tang Thongpheng (138)

Featherweight – Travis Mathews (146) vs Justin Bloomer (146)

Light Heavyweight Nick Campbell (203) vs Tyler O’Brian (188.5)

160-pound Catchweight – Zach Gait (160) vs Cameron Loutitt (160)

Preliminary Card (Amateur)

210-pound Catchweight- Kyle Francotti (210) vs Leroy Noltcho (210)

Featherweight – Dane Newell (146) vs Rylee McKay (146)

Lightweight – Phillip Moore (154) vs Robert Pierro (155)

140-pound Catchweight – Bryant Burrin (139.5) vs Tate Rawling (137.5)

Feathweight – Dylan Leilke (146) vs Mathew Gador (145.5)

Middleweight – Brad Laboucan (186) vs Chris Cardinal (176)

11 Responses to “ Fivestar Fight League 4: Resurgence Weigh-in Results ”

  1. Louis Fisette says:

    did Tang miss weight or did they agree to a catch weight??

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  2. Due to road closures and road conditions, Tang Thongpheng wasn’t able to arrive at the weigh ins until 11pm last night.
    The commission and his opponent were made aware of this situation and notified before hand. Both Derek Abrahamson and the commission were very understanding of the situation.

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  3. Hammer Fist says:

    Did Nick Campbell’s opponent think it was a middleweight fight. I don’t know who he is, but I’m guessing this will be a one-sided mismatch

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  4. Tyler M says:

    Is there a way to purchase and then watch this online? I wasn’t able to get up there but I still want to watch my brother fight.

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  5. no play by play on this one? or live results?

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  6. Tyler M says:

    I’m trying to find it, nothing yet though.

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  7. Tyler M says:

    Thanks Keith!

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  8. Hammer Fist says:

    What do ya know, I was right. Great job by the commission

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  9. Tyler O'Brien says:

    @Hammer Fist why don’t you keep your 2 cents in your pocket. No doubt it was a miss match I knew that before I accepted the fight. Nick was 2 weeks from fight night with out an opponent, any fighter can relate on how much it sucks to train 2/3 of your camp to find out your off the card cuz your opponent gets injured I stepped up despite the odds I did it for Nick I did it for Fivestar I did it for all the Fans in GP who enjoyed watching the fight and your gonna beak me for that? Give your head a shake

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