MFC 37: True Grit – Edmonton – May 10


MFC-THUMBDate: May 10, 2013
Venue: Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton, Alberta
TV: AXS TV/Facebook
Tickets: MFC Ticket Hotline (780)504-2024 or Ticketmaster 

Main Card: (AXS TV)
135lbs- Anthony Birchak (9-1) vs. Ryan Benoit (6-1)
185lbs- Luke Harris (9-2) vs. Jason Zentgraf (7-1)
185lbs- Sam Alvey (19-5) vs. Jay Silva (8-7)
155lbs- Mukai Maromo (8-3) vs. Kurt Southern (10-4)
155lbs- Garret Nybakken (5-5) vs. Peter Neufeld (6-3)
185lbs- Allen Hope (7-10) vs. Paul Grandbois (5-5)

Preliminary Card: (Facebook)
185lbs- Jared McComb (4-2-1) vs. Marcus Hicks (14-21)
145lbs- Maged Hammo (4-2) vs. Allan Munroe (5-4)
265lbs- Mike Treadwell (0-0) vs. Thomas Treadwell (0-0)

125 Responses to “ MFC 37: True Grit – Edmonton – May 10 ”

  1. lol says:

    fight Misha

    ” doesnt keep his word,handshake & doesnt lose his Vagina & fight me.& guys/fighters from our gym dont talk shit on these forums,forums dont impress people or win fans or hype ur gym,WINNING FIGHTS DOES! “

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  2. Bobby Karimi says:

    @Marcus I’m responsible for Allen not being your opponent this fight. You know I love you :)
    @i’ll say it, I have comments in response to your last post.

    I will comment on both issues when I have a min, just been very busy the last while and haven’t had a chance to comment nearly as much as I’d like.

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  3. Fans says:

    Bobby who’s hope fighting then

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  4. LMA Marcus Hicks says:

    Thnx Bobby, ur always been a straight up guy with me. @LOL first of all at this past freedom fight i wanted to fight Misha & agreed to to the fight & u cool guys turned it down. Now u guys want the fight cause im winning at 185lbs,oh and from that video i wasnt cleared by doctors and it took me a year to get cleared by a neurosurgeon u fahqin tool,so quit actin like i was afraid of Misha,who at worst would have taken me down & humped me for 3 rds. He had trouble taking down Madman whatever his name was who sucks worse than anyone ive ever seen. So sorry to break ur hearts LOL,but i like 185lbs & when Dewees couldnt get here for the fight in GP,they asked about u,like ive said before ill go to 205lbs for a big name i believe i can beat,not a who cares and no one outside Ontario knows or heard of that i believe i can beat. Back then beating u benefitted me,beating now is like jerking off yeah ill enjoy it,but no one cares other than me. Thnx for coming anyways. Look forward to ur post Bobby.

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  5. LMA Marcus Hicks says:

    OH yeah LOL at LOLs screen name

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  6. Dan says:

    Hi Marcus, I help Misha Cirkunov get fights.

    Fact – Misha never turned down a fight with you. He gladly accepted. And he would gladly accept again.

    FF turned you down as they did not want to run the risk of you pulling out the day before weigh in’s AGAIN.

    You have done this in the past a few times.

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  7. LMA Marcus Hicks says:

    OH I see. Well respects to u Dan for answering & not beaking or using some gay screen name. & I agree with the worry of some of the half assed stuff that has happened in the past. But in that case i cant control what doctors decide. & i was given the impression or told that u guys turned it down for FF. Anyway i have a fight @185 & thats my future,if it benefits us at the same time to fight then i guess it will happen. But I know they/U are trying to get Misha on that card in GP with his teammate. But like u guys would have said to/&about me before theres no value for me going back to fight at 205lbs vs someone who has no name draw except this forum & in Ontario. I get it Misha doesnt like me,if i cared at all i wouldnt like him either. But this is a business not a personal pissing contest. again thnx for the response Dan. btw im one of the likes on ur post,i like honest straight forward posts not just beaking & hatin

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  8. Oama says:

    Misha would smash hicks. He is terrified to fight him. When he saw him in person, he ran away from fighting him as quick as possible. Hicks will make any excuse why he WON’T fight Cirkunov

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  9. Boring says:

    Is anyone else bored out of there ass hearing about this misha ?
    He’s boring and he’s never faught anyone special and hes been submitted twice despite the fact that he’s just a grappler.
    Maybe he was a prospect like 5 years ago but now he’s just an overhype.
    His friends think he’s better than Marcus Hicks, wow. Dare to dream.

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  10. Cody Rempel says:

    UPDATE: Added Sam Alvey

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  11. Bobby Karimi says:

    Want someone that will for sure bang it out with Allen. You’re smarter than that, if Allen were to clip you or you figure it’s in your best interest (which it would be) then you’d go for a takedown on Allen, as you have in your last few. We all know Al just wants to throw leather so… diff opponent for this fight. :)

    @Fans, will let everyone know this weekend most likely. Will be a fun one.

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  12. I'll Say It says:

    @Bobby what about Hope vs Swafford he looked lime he like to bang for the short time his fight went on lol.

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  13. Bobby Karimi says:

    @I’ll Say it

    From what I can remember Luke’s only pulled out due to injury 1 time.

    1) Zentgraf due to concussion, MFC36
    2) When he tore his knee in 2010 he wasn’t scheduled to fight at that time. Luke was set to possibly be on TUF actually and the knee injury/recovery hurt that opportunity.
    3) If there was another fight then I can’t remember, sorry.

    And his last Aggression fight was against a tough 3 time Bellator vet, who was his toughest opponent to date. It was a fairly even fight, with Luke having some difficulties getting the takedown but it wasn’t like he was getting lit up. It was early in the fight and Luke has a history of getting the fight to the ground most of the time.
    Obviously I’m biased as Luke is a good friend of mine, but I feel Luke woulda pulled it out.

    And man there’s nothing wrong with adversity, over coming adversity is a sign of strong character.
    Luke is a multiple time BJJ/Judo champ who’s trying to make a successful transition to MMA. He’s never gonna be a golden gloves level striker, but he works at it everyday and 2013 Luke would KTFO 2012,2011,2010 etc version of Luke.
    The guy puts in hardwork and has a strong team of guys.
    If you live in the Edmonton area, come by Hayabusa and anonymously visit and take a peek in when they’re training or he’s instructing etc, maybe you’ll be surprised.

    Anyways again I know I’m biased towards my friend, but hey… lol

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  14. Bobby Karimi says:

    @I’ll say it

    Swofford vs Hope would be a fun slugfest.
    Here’s the problem in my opinion and I’m just being honest, Allen’s record is just not good enough to make sense for MFC and for Swofford. Unless it’s a last minute replacement fight.

    Allen Hope is (7-10) and Wes Swofford is (8-3), that doesn’t look good on a card as well as if Swofford were to get caught, and we all know Allen has ko power therefore having a chance if they stood and banged, then it’d be quite harmful to Swofford’s career.

    Allen would take that fight all day, Swofford and MFC prob not :)

    Now for instance when Allen took the fight with Terry Martin on I think 2-3 days notice it was cuz everyone else turned it down and Allen stepped up to fight Martin, with Martin accepting as he wouldnt’ have had a fight if he’d not fought Allen.

    But yes, sure would be a fun banger of a fight!

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  15. Cody Rempel says:

    UPDATE: Added Garret Nybakken and Paul Grandbois

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  16. mike Kent says:

    Bobby at the risk of starting a huge argument ill ask this question: why is Allen fighting mma ? I’m not being smart or rude at all. If he only want to stand and bang with someone then why not pro boxing or isn’t frank lees putting on muay Thai events now ? To only ask for opponents that won’t grapple no matter what seems like you don’t really wanna fight mma. If anyone gets clipped good they normally try something else lol

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  17. Zach B says:

    @Mike Kent

    I guess you could pose the same question, as in why Wrestlers just want to wrestle and why jiu jitsu guys just want to use jiu jitsu. Should they just stick to wrestling and jiu jitsu tourneys. styles make fights.

    For someone who refuses to fight hope you sure like to stir the pot.

    and IMO after watching the Chemmelli fight and Krahn fight. i believe that you guys are not too far seperated by skill, would make for a great fight.

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  18. mike Kent says:

    Wrestlers that just want to wrestle and bjj guys that just want to grapple don’t go into fights asking the guy not to strike .

    I actually talked to bobby karmini and said I would fight Allen on his card he’s putting on July 6th but he’s not fighting on that card.

    I had a broken rib and literally never trained for the last three weeks before I fought cody so and with my rib being fucked a strong breeze would have taken me down and held me there. I wouldn’t look to that fight as a reference as what to expect lol. The chemilli fight I was healthy.

    The reason I didn’t want to fight allen is the same reason you publicy turned down a fight with hicks on here. Becuase at 8-0 at the time it was the dumbest fight I could have taken.

    I don’t really care anymore and would fight allen . I would fight him july 6 on his card in yarmouth if he decided to fight.

    For someone who just broke there face and is out for the forseeable future you sure love to stir that pot with me . Why don’t you shut up until your healthy enough to fight me and sign a contract. Besides your buckland fight you’ve beaten nobody impressive but have good record. Wow remind me of me

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  19. mike Kent says:

    Bobby and Allen are looking for someone just to bang I wasn’t even trying to be rude to allen it was a legit question.

    If you a bjj fighter like luke harris he doesn’t go into fights expexcting not to strike and just grapple. He strikes until he can implement his strengh. Like I said I wasn’t being smart. Would love to fight u though once your healed up zach . Good luck in your recovery.

    If allen wants to fight me I can’t think of a better time or place then july 6th in his hometown in front of a sold out crowd that is dying to see us fight. That way me and cody can fight first then me and allen .

    I never said I’m wayyy better the allen ever. I said with his loss streak and at the time my win streak it doesn’t make sense. marcus would beat you if you fought but you won’t take it becuase it would look bad on your record. Me and allen would be very entertaining

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  20. Allen hope says:

    I would just rather fight somebody that would stand and bang because I’m coming to the end of my career and I want fun fights . Don’t get me wrong I still train wrestling and jitts and I’m really not that bad at it I would just rather stand and bang that’s what I like to do and that’s what the fans like .

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  21. Mike kent says:

    That’s all I was asking thanks Allen , let me know if you reconsider July 6th , no b.s ill sign the contract tonight

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  22. Kyle Stoltz says:

    @Mike I know someone who will fight you. Just saying.

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  23. Kyle Stoltz says:

    Also July 6th would be a good date.

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  24. Mike kent says:

    Lol Kyle everyone wants to fight me lol I’m super popular. If you talking about your client Luke Harris then I would say sure . Long overdue and Luke’s a great fighter and I’d accept right away

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  25. Kyle Stoltz says:

    @Mike we accept. @Allen can you shoot out some contracts for this? Perfect timing for us as 2 months after the Zentgrat fight.

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  26. BDC says:

    I like that fight a whole lot get it on harris n kent

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  27. Mike kent says:

    Allen talk to dean ( yea i came to my sense quickly and am still with dean ) for the details but if U want this on your card I’m 100 percent in.kyle I know that u and Luke think ive ducked you in the past it was just bad timing and I’d like to put that whole MFC shit to rest that happened a few months ago and make this fight happen. If i put any of my critics complaints this year to rest it will be that I won’t take tough fights. Fights as good as signed in my mind

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  28. Kyle Stoltz says:

    @Mike not going to worry about the past. This is a perfect time frame for this fight. So lets try to make this fight. I think fans would love to see this fight too.

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  29. Demitri (trev) says:

    Luke’s done his contract with MFC after this fight? Good!

    Lookin forward to luke vs kent. I think Luke’s got more talent but I also think mike can overwhelm him. That happens with grapplers…..

    Mike- I thought you were moving west to train. Wouldn’t hyabussa be ideal for you? Lots of great guys there, including luke.

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  30. Kyle Stoltz says:

    @Demitri he would be able to take this fight.

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  31. Fans says:

    Luke will get retired by Jason most likely.

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  32. Kyle Stoltz says:

    @Fans, thanks for your opinion. I always take the opinions to heart from people who post with fake names. Can you say spineless.

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  33. Mike kent says:

    Demitri I moved west to work about a year ago , ft. Mac . Train with bowmans mma their a great gym, if I lived in Edmonton I would probably have a few other choices in gyms rather the. Hayabusa lol not because there not a good gym but because they’re home to Luke , Allen hope , blabber , kb bhalar . A lot of good MW . If I trained there I would be cutting potential match ups in half . I know Luke’s a great fighter and and grappling is in a different league but its mma and that’s what’s great about this sport , you get to challenge yourself against decorated guys and see where u stand . I think I pose some problems forsure for Luke . Probably not off my back lmao ! It will be fun .

    @kyle like I said get Allen to contact dean and ill sign contract this weekend . We got a fight forsure. I love how this is being talked Abouf on this thread , makes me warm inside

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  34. Allen hope says:

    Haha slow down guys let me first get my show approved by the NSBA . I have the venue booked for July 6 and I’m just waiting on the NSBA . I’m pretty confident it will happen July 6 but let’s not talk contracts just right yet but as a promoter and a fan I would love to see that fight . And after my last show I promised I would never fight and promote on the same card Because we all no what happen to me that night :)

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  35. Zach B says:

    Actually kent I train at complete , your right I can’t say anything right now with being injured. i was just making a point that all the hope / kent talk than you bring his name up again . Ill stay out of it and best of luck in your upcoming fights.

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  36. Robin Black says:

    These are the days of our lives.

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  37. Keelan Smyth says:

    Was hoping Elvis or Coy would defend there belts on this card

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  38. Tyson Dekyle says:

    How bad is penner’s MFC dispute?

    Would like to see him drop to middleweight where he belongs and fight Elvis for the title

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  39. I'll Say It says:

    Coy is not with MFC anymore and won’t be back

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  40. Updated:
    185lbs- Sam Alvey (19-5) vs. Chase Degenhardt (8-3)

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  41. I kinda like this mark pavelich fella, hes got a reeel purdy mouth aint he.

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  42. Cody Rempel says:

    Wow… big step up for Degenhardt!

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  43. RickyBobby says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  44. AMLEHTC says:

    Actually I think Canada has some of the best 135ers in the world. Also, Birchak tries too hard to talk himself up

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  45. Fan Zone says:

    Honestly , this heavyweight fight isn’t great what would be great is a guy like pitbull arloski type guy to represent a good opponent for MFC as this opponent seems like a good record but u skilled.

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  46. R*pe Choke says:

    That Zach Blaber guy sounds like a legit dick!

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  47. Mark Drummond says:

    I think he’s pretty cool.

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  48. RickyBobby says:

    Rama is gonna get a rude awakening this fight… Degenhardt is gonna get smashed to much of a step up in talent for him…Harris will submit savage

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  49. mma dude says:

    zentgraff will retire harris

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  50. mma dude says:

    harris gets ko d

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