MFC 37: True Grit – Edmonton – May 10


MFC-THUMBDate: May 10, 2013
Venue: Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton, Alberta
TV: AXS TV/Facebook
Tickets: MFC Ticket Hotline (780)504-2024 or Ticketmaster 

Main Card: (AXS TV)
135lbs- Anthony Birchak (9-1) vs. Ryan Benoit (6-1)
185lbs- Luke Harris (9-2) vs. Jason Zentgraf (7-1)
185lbs- Sam Alvey (19-5) vs. Jay Silva (8-7)
155lbs- Mukai Maromo (8-3) vs. Kurt Southern (10-4)
155lbs- Garret Nybakken (5-5) vs. Peter Neufeld (6-3)
185lbs- Allen Hope (7-10) vs. Paul Grandbois (5-5)

Preliminary Card: (Facebook)
185lbs- Jared McComb (4-2-1) vs. Marcus Hicks (14-21)
145lbs- Maged Hammo (4-2) vs. Allan Munroe (5-4)
265lbs- Mike Treadwell (0-0) vs. Thomas Treadwell (0-0)

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  1. Cody Rempel says:

    Hicks called out Hope at the MFC 36 post fight press conference, I have a good feeling we’ll be seeing that one on the prelims… also just based on the names here I’d like to see Swain vs. Nelson and Degenhardt vs. McComb!

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  2. Ryan W. says:

    I’d like to see this.

    Rama vs Jared Roshol – HW title
    Coy vs Gerald Harris – WW title
    Dheigo Lima vs Ryan Mcgillivary
    Luke Harris vs Wes Swofford
    Joseph Henle vs Sam Alvey
    Mukai Maromo vs Kurt Southern

    It might be a bit too stacked, but I think it makes sense.
    Rosholt is a respected regional HW prospect, just beat Richard Odoms. He already lost the LFC title fight so I doubt they’d rematch him with their champ, He’d be a good ground test for Rama and a great name on the resume.

    Harris is a UFC vet, a good grappler and honestly the only WW I could think of that they could get.

    Dheigo vs Ryan is a great #1 contenders fight. I don’t see Coy sticking around for much longer so I could see the winner of this fighting someone else for the vacant title. They are the MFC’s two brightest WW prospects and it would be a stand up war.

    Swofford impressed me very much by beating a vet like that, but I’m not sure how good he really is. A fight against Luke would be a great measuring stick for the two of them. Also, I’d like to see the winner of that fight fight the winner of Alvey/Henle for #1 contender. Alvey/Henle has a lot of name value to it as well, which will help the card.
    And Mukai vs Southern would be a great fight. Both lost their last fight and it makes a great deal of sense for them to fight and shoot one of them back into title contention.


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  3. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    Lima vs Dickson….great fight…

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  4. Kyle Stoltz says:

    @Ryan pretty sure Gerald Harris is under contract with WSOF and Rosholt with Legacy. Both I believe are in exclusive contracts.

    A guy who is I heard is looking for a fight at 170 that could be a fun one to add to this mix is a guy like Joey Villasenor. A couple other fun one’s would be Demarques Johnson and Rich Attonito.

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  5. Cameron McQueen says:

    Is Hornbuckle exclusive?

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  6. Kyle Stoltz says:

    Hornbuckle never signed with anyone beyond the bout agreement for the Spratt fight. WSOF tried signing him even announced it but we decided it was too long a contract for us to be comftorable with signing it for him as he wants to be extremely active. Then Legacy was just a 1 fight deal for the Spratt fight. They wanted to sign him for 3 fights but I declined as I wanted him to fight for them once to see if he felt like the promotion was the right fit first. So he’s still out there and both promotions still very interested in him. He most likely will fight in Japan coming up then has a potential huge fight in June. We’re getting weekly offers for Dan, so just going fight by fight now to see which fights make the most sense.

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  7. I'll Say It says:

    What about Harris vs Zentgraf if Luke would even take it. , and Nathan Coy just fought for a small promotion on an Indian reserve a few weeks ago, I wonder if be is even under contract anymore.

    @Ryan why do you feel Lima and Mcgillivary even deserve to be in a number 1 contenders fight, they both just lost to Coy and McGillivary is lucky to be alive after that beating. Dickson would be a great signing for the MFC.

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  8. Kyle Stoltz says:

    @I’ll say it um Luke signed to fight him once he just got hurt, no reason to think he wouldn’t agree to that fight again.

    Coy’s fight wasn’t on an Indian Reservation it was for HFC a pretty legit promotion in Indiana. He fought Kevin Nowacyzk who was just on TUF. I know HFC well they only do 1 fight deals so he most likely is not tied up with them.

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  9. Cody Rempel says:

    As soon as Zentgraf clinched with Luke in the corner like he did, I think Luke would’ve thrown him to the ground and submitted him… That’s to say if Zentgraf would’ve clinched with Luke like that knowing his judo background!

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  10. Kyle Stoltz says:

    @Cody we like the matchup as well. Would be a fun fight.

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  11. MMA town says:

    @cody we get it ur a bias reporter u train with Luke & love busa :)

    Luke vs anyone is a good fight

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  12. Cody Rempel says:

    Yeah, you’re right… I like Luke and train at Hayabusa, but look at most of his fights, as soon as he gets his hands on you he hits a judo throw, gets it to the ground and submits his opponent! Zentgraf used a lot of clinch work against Davidson and that plays right into Luke’s strength!

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  13. Jamie Locke says:

    If these are the names announced for sure on the next show, I think a couple of the match-ups are right there.

    Nelson vs Swain @145
    Harris or Hanle vs Chase @185
    Hicks vs Hope undercard @185

    Who will they bring in for Graham Spencer, Nathan Coy or Rama?

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  14. Cody Rempel says:

    Degenhardt trains at Hayabusa now so he won’t be fighting Harris.

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  15. mma nut says:

    When Zentgraf lands the slightest jab to lukes harris glass jaw he will be going to sleep to the tune of twinlkle, twinkle little stars were i wonder that i am.

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  16. MMA town says:

    Luke’s better days are behind him.

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  17. MIke Davis says:

    Hicks vs Hope!

    jay silva vs sam alvey would be dope

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  18. Danny says:

    What about showtime and hope.

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  19. Fighter says:

    Which promoter is the best in the west?:
    1. MFC
    2. AFC
    3. KOTC
    4. 5-Star
    5. Other
    Who has the better fighters, matchups and best bang for your buck?

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  20. FANS says:

    @Kyle Stoltz, looks like you put your foot in your mouth.

    Well Marcus ranked 12th in Canada and Luke ranked 11th, seems like a fair match up no disrespect to your management style but facts are facts.

    Please take the fight one day Luke :)


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  21. Cody Rempel says:

    Just another reason the Fight Matrix rankings are flawed, no offence to Marcus but I don’t think he should be ranked that high… he’s got a nice streak going but it’s not quite the level of opponents Luke has been fighting!

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  22. Kyle Stoltz says:

    @Fans I’m going to hope that is a joke. I know math is tricky but 15-20 or what ever Hicks record is does not equal 9-2. Fight makes zero sense for us to take. We have already verbally agreed to a fight coming up so it’s neither here nor there. Hicks is doing great lately but this fight is 100% a win win for Hicks and a lose lose for Luke.

    The troll is strong in you though so good effort.

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  23. Kyle Stoltz says:

    @Cody what he fails to say is if you put in ranking for the world Luke is ranked 47 fighters ahead of Marcus not 1 spot.

    I think it’s great Marcus is on a winning streak and really doing well but right now that fight makes zero sense. But if he keeps winning it might down the line but right now it doesn’t.

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  24. Cody Rempel says:

    Marcus has definitely improved over the last year, I’ve heard nothing but good things about him lately and I hope to see him continue his success. He’s really matured as a person and a fighter but I think a gradual step up is best for him!

    Grandbois was a good test and now maybe a little tougher test for the next one like maybe a Derek Parker or Jared McComb!

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  25. MMA town says:

    I just love how bias Cody is.

    Hey all I’m saying is he’s ready & willing to scarp anyone by the sounds of it, @cody no offense but ur 185 at busa chase can fight him to however you didn’t mention that instead you went straight to Jared.M which is not a busa affiliate btw Jared trains with Marcus and would love to Scrap any of the below guys as well.

    Mfc card has;

    All at 185lbs, if Marcus keeps winning perhaps he would have the honor of fighting all these men.

    Just saying it would be fun.

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  26. Cody Rempel says:

    I didn’t mention Chase because I feel he’s a step above McComb and Parker and like I said I think Marcus needs to gradually step up his competition… This is just my opinion, you’re more than welcome to disagree!

    I think Hope vs. Hicks is what we’re going to see and I think it’ll be an evenly match and entertaining fight!

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  27. Allen hope says:

    What’s with hicks wanting to fight all the guys at hayabusa ?

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  28. MMA town says:

    Sign the fight Hope.

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  29. Allen hope says:

    Nobody said I would not fight hicks and I was honestly asking why he wanted to fight just guys from hayabusa ? To be honest I would not really be that motivated to fight hicks but if that was the only guy mark wanted me to fight then I guess that’s who it would be I have never said no to mark in my life I don’t think i would change that now .

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  30. Allen hope says:

    I would like to fight mike kent on that card to be honest but that will never happen .

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  31. FANS says:

    I think it’s not just Hicks that has issue with Busa, thru the last few years busa has began to have a cocky, noseup in the air feel from all guys at the gym as it has been noticed by allot of other fighters and gyms that Busa is most def a snob fest.

    except good old Roger.

    I feel allot of the fans are pumped to see a busa get smashed any time they can.

    Just thoughts.

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  32. AMLEHTC says:

    Man, I used to not mind Hicks and his antics but all his cronies calling people out and shit talking gyms is beginning to leave a sour taste in my mouth. It feels like Kamikaze Punishment are the ones who are starting to be the elitests in Edmonton. There’s really no need for any gyms to be acting like this, anywhere. All these trolls are making this site be the new sherdog forum

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  33. cha'mon says:

    Hicks.vs Hope makes sense. Why wouldn’t they fight comparable records,same weight.

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  34. Allen hope says:

    Well I happen to think we have great guys at the gym and lots of young talent and 80% of the guys are trying to make a living at this sport . And I can see why ppl think we are stuck up its because no body can just come in and train with the pro team on less they prove themselves but I can promise you there is not a team in Edmonton that would not stick up for eachother like the guys at hayabusa . And when it comes to hicks @mmatown your making it sound like he’s been ko guys in the mfc for years . Why would Luke or chase give up fighting on the main card which is live on tv to fight on the undercard against a guy that 14-20 because I’m pretty sure mark p won’t put hicks on the main card .

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  35. #one says:

    Massive ego’s in edmonton is the problem just train and keep your head out of the bullshit drama.

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  36. AMLEHTC says:

    Well that and the senseless mudslinging that constantly seems to happen for no reason

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  37. Cody Rempel says:

    UPDATE: Added Smealinho Rama vs. Chris Barnett for Heavyweight Title

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  38. #one says:

    all the high level fighters in edmonton should be helping each other to improve and move on to the next level

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  39. Mma Police says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  40. PUCK says:

    To be honest I find a fight between Hicks and Hope quit interesting…both are very game and I tend to think it would be a slugfest? Thoughts anyone?

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  41. Mac 10 says:

    As soon as hicks felt hopes power he would try and take him down . Hicks has won 3 in a row he would not risk getting ko and everybody knows hope has the power to do it .

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  42. Allen hope says:

    I don’t have to many fights left in me and I’m looking for fun fights guys like paker or mcomb guys that want to stand and bang it out . But like I said if hicks is The only fight the mfc has for me then I guess that would have to be it .

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  43. I'll Say It says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  44. Bobby Karimi says:

    You talk as if Harris has a history of pulling out of fights, he doesn’t. He suffered a concussion that forced him out of his last fight, prior to that he missed time due to a serious knee injury that forced him out of action/training for a long time. Luke also did re-injure his knee trying to rush back to training/action.

    I don’t understand the “will Harris actually fight” BS.

    I have no issue if someone doesn’t like Harris, thinks he’s overrated, or even doesn’t like his career path, that’s an individuals opinion which they have a right to.
    But to imply that he’s basically scared is unintelligent and ridiculous.

    I wish more people would talk to Luke Harris’ training partners and watch him train. He’s a very talented, strong, and dedicated submission fighter.

    Zentgraf is a tough fight, but I think Luke will sub him. Best of luck to Luke!

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  45. MMA town says:

    Much respect for like to fight his opponent previously scheduled.

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  46. I'll Say It says:

    Bobby I didn’t say he was scared but seems to me he always gets injured. And people talk how great he is and how great his ground game is how did he loose his last fight?

    I’m not saying his grappling skills are not good but this is MMA, I don’t know him personally but hear a lot of bad things about his personality.

    And all I’m saying does anybody remember his last Aggression fight???

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  47. PUCK says:

    Ya I would love to see Harris vs Blaber or Harris vs Baker

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  48. LMA Marcus Hicks says:

    OK so Ive heard about this thread,so if its alright I thought id jump in for a couple moments & then like ive said & shown Ill be in the gym till after my nxt fight before i comment again. First and foremost,Allen i want to fight hayabusa guys cause its considered an elite or top Gym not just in edmonton but Alberta. Lots of well skilled guys,good tests.I dont know if uve ever noticed but i like fighting tough guys,im just actually training now and taking smart fights working my way to top guys. It doesnt make sense at all for Luke or chase to fight me right now(doesnt mean i cant ask for or say yes when asked if ill fight). Guys like Blaber,Westcott,Apparently Allen(Hope)who are superstars only in their own heads yeah i think these guys should fight someone with my experience whos lost to better or top guys,is training now on a win streak & is more than willing to fight any of them,I see them as tests to validate for myself i am where i believe i am. The end of that. NOW the Alen Hope issue,Allen brought me up on a thread somewhere on here out of nowhere and said no disrespect or whatever but he would fight me,brought me up OUT OF NOWHERE! i didnt respond,beak or be disrespectful,I saw Allen at night club,we were both sober & i asked him about his post,he said yeah he put it,I asked if he wanted to do it May 10th at MFC,he said sure,I said so ur saying right now,ur giving me ur word ull fight me in May,we shook hands and Allen said yes. No hype no disrespect,I thought just too competitive guys agreeing respectfully to fight. When i saw Scott Zerr i mentioned the fight,they said they would be interested in putting it on. At the press conference that was to hype our fight,i thought we already had a fight,hence Scott Zerrs comment after at the press conference that hes sure that fight will be accepted. Allen i thought we were all good,u think i wont stand with u,mayb u should talk to 2 of my last 3 opponents,I took Paul down cause i was fighting terribly(easily my worst fight since i started training),i feel i left too much weight to cutting trying to build muscle and strength. no excuses but thats what happened. Allen ill knock u out,u hit hard ive faced better and harder punchers. & lets be honest im better everyhwere than u so if u want me to stand with u and prove a point i will,ull either get knocked out or gas getting the SH/T kicked out of u. Mayb ask some of the guys who have visited our gym in the last couple months or train there. I LOVE 2 STAND! That was litterally grandbois only chance was standing made a smart business decision. Im officially done my trashtalking lol. @Cody I agree about proper progressions upwards,I think ull approve of my nxt fight at the end of this month. & Allens replacement is a good test if Allen doesnt keep his word,handshake & doesnt lose his Vagina & fight me.& guys/fighters from our gym dont talk shit on these forums,forums dont impress people or win fans or hype ur gym,WINNING FIGHTS DOES! &btw thnx to those who support me,Im trying to work hard to improve everyday. My progression continues………… sorry for the usual Novel like post,but like the nickname implies i talk ALOT! lol

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  49. LMA Marcus Hicks says:

    @MAC 10 OH btw Ive never been koed or even actually rocked or wobbly in a fight. Most tkos were me finding excuses to give up as most would tell u.i used to be a fat lazy kid who ran his mouth alot. Now I train & trust me Allen IS NOT THE GUY to KNOCK ME OUT! sorry now im done lol

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