ECC 15 Carnage Quick Results: Kent stops Krahn


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Derek Leblanc is cageside in Halifax, Nova Scotia for ECC 15:Carnage tonight. Here are his quick results:

Mike Kent defeats Cody Krahn by TKO (Ground and Pound) in Round 4, 1:46
Syd Barnier defeats Stephane Pelletier by split decision 48-47 (Pelletier), 48-47 (Barnier), 49-46 (Barnier)
Gavin Tucker submits Lyndon Whitlock by Rear Naked Choke in Round 3, 2:27
Jerome Wilson submits Matt Heim by Guillotine in Round 1, :51
Aaron Myers defeats Chester Post by TKO (elbows) in Round 2, 4:08 (Post announced his retirement after the fight)
Maverick Cowx defeats Travis Lee by TKO (ref stoppage) in Round 1, 2:40


129 Responses to “ ECC 15 Carnage Quick Results: Kent stops Krahn ”

  1. Jeff Harrison says:

    Will topmmanews be posting pics from this event?

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  2. Mike kent says:

    Jeff talked to the photographer today and he said that’ they should be up soon , aggro photography , he’s really good

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  3. Allen hope says:

    Sounds to me there was lots of confusion and I personely don’t blame either fighter I think there should have been a new contract written up and sighed by both fighters after they agreed on new terms . If they both sighed to fight at 185 for a 5 round fight and it was changed to a 195 catch weight fight not for a tittle and no new contract was written up that means the NSBA sanctioned a eligal fight because all pro fights need to have a contract in place that’s why we have contracts . I personely think it should be a nc .

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  4. Allen hope says:

    The fighters job is to show up and fight and it sounds like that’s what they both did if you have a manager this is the kind of stuff that they are suppose to take care of that’s why any athlete as a manager .

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  5. mike kent says:

    There was a contract in place , you can make a revision to contract without making an entire new contract.

    The Contract i signed was for a 5 round fight and when it was changed to a non title 195 fight the only thing that changed was the weight.

    Like i said , it was announced by the comission at the weigh ins, at the event , i knew three weeks out. i dont wanna disrepect cody or his team but i personal beleive that it was nothing more then an oversight by them not to get the exact details of the fight they were walking into.

    My contract that i signed was for the exact fight and rounds i fought and i won within the allowed time , i dont see how that calls for a no contest. If cody and his coaches and managment didnt ask the follow up questions once the weight was changed then whos fault is that? i Sympathize with them being mad and disapointed and i imediatly agreed to a rematch but cody has already been on here saying i won fairly .

    Everyone else may feel like this is a B.S win for me but im actually proud of this win more then any other. Cody is a good fighter, i took a fight in less then premimum shape, got a solid beatdown in the opening 3 roudns, injured my hand early and came back from that and stopped him in the 4th round which is longer then ive ever fought , all positives for me to take away from this. none of that matters becuase all anyone sees is the controversy but im still happy with the win.

    Something that may interest you Allen Hope My old friend from way back. I was talking to peter martell and he expressed interest in putting on a card in yarmouth sometime in 2013 and me and you main eventing it , if thats something that interests you after me and cody fight soon maybe you finally get you fight ?

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  6. Allen hope says:

    For ones in my life I agree with you mike haha I’m not saying you never won and I’m not saying you never did what you needed to do to get the win I’m just looking at it from a diffent view . Well we are planing a show for July 6 in Yarmouth but I won’t be fighting on that card . And plus I have a agreement with the mariner center that I’m the only person that is aloud to hold fights there . Since I did that last show there’s been lots of guys calling and asking if they could hold a mma event there and they have said no and I already no Peter has tried .

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  7. BDC says:

    You can make a revision to a contract with out the parties agreeing to it and putting each peoples intials ( at a min) beside the revision. Not saying thats what was done but thats what should have been done.

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  8. mike kent says:

    ok then man i tried . keep ducking me

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  9. Demitri (trev) says:

    Mike I am pretty impressed with how you handle this. You shouldn’t have to influence people on your win. You showed lots of heart, fought with an injury and came from behind to win rather than folded. Excellent job

    I do feel bad for Cody. Their management group from what I hear is excellent. It’s to bad this misunderstanding occurred. For Cody to say he will manage himself is a big mistake. The guys at old school apparently really take care and look after their guys, it was just a bad misunderstanding that won’t ever happen again

    Good luck to both in their rematch. One I cant wait to watch!

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  10. Just Laughable says:

    Old School credibility/knowledge/Connections and personal touch died with the retiring of Mr Hirsch.

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  11. Derek Misk says:

    Dean made a mistake. We all make them. Was it costly? yes. But we have all made costly mistakes

    He is one manager who truely cares for his guys. To suggest anything else is ridiculous. Ask all his fighters, they have nothing but the best to say about him.

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  12. Dean Panas says:

    Thank you sincerely to Demitri, Derek and others who have stood up for me. It means the world to me!!

    I had a pretty heated conversation with Peter about the whole situation. I told him how bad I feel for Cody and Mike. Neither one of them deserve to have any negativity sent their way. I told Peter that we are the ones that should be taking any heat because we are the ones that were working with both fighters, me as a manager and him as a promoter.

    Derek Leblanc messaged me last night and I will be talking to him today. It is my understanding that he is doing an indepth story on the situation.

    When something like this happens I look to myself first and see if there is anything I could of done differently. The obvious answer here is yes. In the future I will never take anything for granted!! I will be asking questions that I am sure I know the answer to. I will make sure that who is ever at any weigh ins with the fighters knows what questions to ask and make sure that everything is dealt with properly.

    This is a terrible situation that I wish never happened. I hope people can learn from my mistake and I hope it is something that never happens again.

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  13. Chad L says:

    I’m sure he cares about his guys and that’s all good and fine but I don’t think he knows enough about the fight game to be a manager . Getting guys fights at this level is the easy part calling your fighters and telling them you care that’s pretty easy as well . But what you need is a manager that takes care of everything excep the actual fighting part in which this manager never did and also this manager should never have his fighters always fighting eachother that’s not right your manager is supposed to be apart of your team . This manager is nothing but a fan of the sport trying to do something he has no clue how to do and at this level of the fight game you do need somebody that knows what’s going on .

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  14. mike kent says:

    After everything that has happened and especially with a rematch pending yesterday i contacted dean and told him i decided to part ways. Dean has been very professional and extremely helpfull every step of the way since i have been working with him and i was very pleased with everything he had every done for me . This is impressive considering we all know that i am not the easy person to manage because i like to off on my own and say things some times with out thinking.

    I just feel that you need someone in your corner that can fully commit to you and back you 100 % and with my last fights with Tim Chemilli and Cody, Dean was unable to do this. This was not his fault , These are both match ups that i chose so i put him in a very difficult position. He could not back me 100 percent in either fight becuase he is figurivly speaking in both of our corners . This is going to happen again in the next bout with cody so to continue on doesnt make sense.

    When people were saying i missed wieght by 10 pounds for this fight and with all the contract disputes dean wasnt really able to fully throw himself behind me or cody and thats a bad spot to put him in.

    I will say this. Dean as a manager is top notch , always there to help , has great connections and helped me tons getting into the Alberta scene and im very gratefull for his help. He doesnt deserve to be bashed at all.

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  15. Allen Hope's tube of vagisil says:

    All that talk and you aren’t jumping on the opportunity to fight Kent?? Does your mirror reflect the image of a roast beef axe wound vagina when you stand in front of it??

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  16. Mma mp says:

    Cody khrahn stop your bitching and coplaining. you thought the grass was greener on the other side when you left the mfc, so now live with the consequences, you lost because you didnt have the gusto, mojo, conditioning to do well in the championship rounds were it counts. you were given every oportunity to succeed in the number two organization in the world, but you have proven like the hagues, machans valimakis etc you dont have the sheer skill, guts and true grit to compete in the high level of mma the mfc has been heading. you wana take easy fights, pad yor record, then nourish your grand delusions of splendour and gradeur elsewhere, mfc is not place for you. while others snore, mfc score!! expect big things in 2013 and beyond!!!

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  17. Allen hope says:

    @my tube of vagisil mr kent is only trying to take the focus off him having to rematch Cody because the truth is he does not want that rematch at all he will take this win and run with it so the best thing for him to do is start a beef with me when in reality he won’t fight me either . But thanks for your concern now get back in my mediation cabinet .

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  18. mike Kent says:

    I know we gave been gettung along so good today friend and I don’t want to risk starting a big fight with you but I have to completly disagree.

    Nobody thought I would go up and fight tim and challenge myself , I didn’t win but showed up to fight . You told me I’d just fake injury and not fight cody, we had a good fight. I’m not taking any win and running with it. I went to codys dressing room right after fight shook his hand sand told him if he wanted it we wqould do a rematch right away and that’s what were gonna do . I wqnt be fighting anyone before cody !

    I was just letting u know that the possibility of me and you fighting in yoir home town was discussed and I am open to it , could be huge. That’s some months away becuase I’m rematching cody 100 percent , I’m just planning on fighting a lot in the next while. I may not be canandas best ot near it but I am definitly not afraid to fight anayone win or lose ! Your choice friend

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  19. Allen hope says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  20. Demitri (trev) says:

    Parting ways with Panas wont be good for your fight career. He certainly understands the fight game. Like it’s been stated, he just made a mistake. I understand the whole situation with one guy fighting his managers other guy. It’s been done a lot in mma and never an issue.

    Mike your going to throw away a guy with lots of connections because he won’t cheer for you in a fight because your fighting his other guy? I think that’s crazy to throw away those connections.

    And it’s not dean telling you to fight his guys. YOU are the one who wants to fight them, glad you could admit that your putting him in that situation. I just don’t understand why you want to throw the connections and what he could do for you away

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  21. mike kent says:

    geeze allen thats alot of demands for a fight that you wanted really bad , do they have to have a bowl of skittles in your Private dressing room with all the red ones removed ?

    I had a bad year with injurys and pulled out of a few fights , Clearly that is not the case anymore . Me and you were supposed to fight a few years ago and no contract was ever signed man , trust me if we signed for one now i would definitly show.

    I was just telling you what Peter had mentioned to me and in yarnmouth it seemed like a pretty good idea . When i fought Cody if it would have been in edmonton i may have gotten a pay lke 1300-1300 if very lucky. In halifax between purse, ticket sales and sponosrships i almost made ten grand , i get more sponsors when i fight in halifax then some UFC low end fighters , its rediculous and sell 7000-10000 in tickets. If me and you were to fight in yarmouth it would be very worth my while to give in and fight you . in edmonton not really the case but will see.

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  22. mike kent says:

    demitri i respect your opinion and understand you POV but i dont think you unbderstand. I dont need a cheerleader or anything of the sort. But me and cody shared managment during this last fight and it went to hell quick. its not deans fault its ours that hes being pulled in two different directions and put in positions where he knows info on us both and trying to negotiate for two people for the same fight and has to remain very neutrel, I seen how hard it was this fight and how quickly things can turn bad. i am rematching same guy same fight and dont want same problems so i respectfully am parting ways. i think the workd of dean and would recommend anyone use him for he is honest , hard working and very connected but this next year is going to be very busy and ill be fighting cody and maybe if i win and Tim loses even consider asking for a Chemilli rematch which wpould be the same thing, i know why i do what i do , im glad you show interest in my career thanks but im not doing this out of being pissed at dean ., quite the opposit , sick of seeing him used as everyones personal door mat

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  23. Allen hope says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  24. mike kent says:

    lmao wicked offer man, let me think about it


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  25. Aaron Robinson says:

    Damn, Mike I like you and I thought you fought a great fight against Tim and again against Cody but damn Man you make it hard for me to continue thinking that way when you write stuff on here. I know you don’t care what I think and I don’t blame you for I am a nobody but man relax a little bit. Your gonna rematch Cody you wanna rematch Tim your gonna fight Allen Hope (btw everybody is sick of hearing that and nobody cares about where the fight takes place or how much money you make back home etc etc, just do the fight) Also I don’t know where you get off thinking you deserve a rematch with Tim, despite what you think the first round didn’t go your way and the first time Tim put his hands on you the lights went out. Rematch Cody, everyone wants to see that fight and congrats on the win, battleing back after losing 3 rounds is something to be proud of controversy or not.

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  26. mike kent says:

    lol i dont think i “deserve a rematch” tims fighting for a title right now on a big show and if he wins one or two hes probally headed to the UFC. I am fighting on regional show and know exactly where i stand. Tim beat me and decesivly.

    All that being said he is my only loss and i would take a rematch forsure if givin it becuase anyone who has fought and lost knows it sucks. Tim won round 1, K.O’d me round two and would be a huge favorite in rematchg. Am i deserving no but i wouldnt turn down opportunity. we all wanna second chance to right our wrongs.

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  27. Aaron Robinson says:

    Well said, I have no response. You win this time lol.

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  28. BDC says:

    This is a mma site naybe we shuld keep it somewhat related to the sport. If you wana fantasize about Hope keep it to yourself…or just fuck right off

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  29. Hope's Diarary says:

    Lol ok.I’ll be sure to partake in a respectable manner akin to all the other participants from here on in.

    P.S I knocked out Mike Kent four times in training today and my dlelling is getting guud.

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